The Liquidators


Hey everyone, just started out a new alliance in o78 in which I am looking for active members. Experience is not needed but preferred, especially for a higher role.

No I'm not going to recruit just anyone, I am not planning on forming an MRA. If you fulfil the requirements said above, please reply to this thread or pm me with your in-game name. I will give you a short interview using the in game message system. Please note I will be playing a balanced style of play, not overly aggressive nor overly defensive.


We are The Liquidators

We have no fear, we are a selective recruiting alliance and do not give in to MRA's or larger alliances

To join us you MUST be active and preferably experienced however it is not a necessity.

To pact with us, you must have an alliance that is willing to give us 100% and we will repay that. However no pacts are made lightly.

NAPs will not happen, unless you are begging for forgiveness and we somehow decide to take pity on your weak and terrified trembling

Acts of War:

- Attacking our members
- Spying on our members
- Inviting our members
- Any other acts we consider to be hostile
*** Underneath this there is our current diplomacy and recruitment settings

Thanks, matty
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