Pnp The Lost Hurricane

King of Elites

There once was a hurricane, born by Poseidon's hand,
It must've been lost because it made it's way on to land,
And my soldiers weathered it's passing like any small shower,
Not one death was reported, the hurricane was no more,
and Poseidon was not please with the results of his attack.

(2015-08-28 21:25:02) dragon2003 has enacted Sea storm on you
[ally]The Guild[/ally]
[|] [town]69052[/town]
[player]King of Elites[/player]
[ally]Dont Panic[/ally]
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[*] Sea storm

Poseidon rises and his
waves furiously beat against
the ships. It's not a good day
for seafarers.

[|] Destroyed units: