The Macedonians



The Macedonians

¤ History
Considered barbaric by most Greeks, Macedonia played a major role in the turn of history.

The kingdom of Macedonia had with Alexander's father, extended its hegemony in classical Greece. The latter defeated Athens at Thermopylae in -352, intervened in a conflict between Thebes and Phocis, defeated a coalition of Athens and Thebes at the Battle of Chaeronea - where Alexander was proven by ordering the cavalry - in -338. Philippe is also the initiator of the League of Corinth, bringing together the Greek cities under his command, which must carry the war to the Persian Empire.

Speaking of Ancient Greece, including soldiers and military strategy, the name that appears most often on the lips is: Sparta.
But the Macedonian phalanx, and the Macedonian military training surpassed by far the agogée and the Spartan phalanx.

Men are so busy with endless exercises that allow them to acquire the necessary automation in the various phases of an engagement, but it's not his only interest: the control of movements in the field compensates for the vulnerability of soldiers slightly protected and these maneuvers also have a positive impact on the discipline becomes stricter.

The Macedonian army was professionalized and, thus opening new perspectives, that Philip of Macedon is no lack of use.

¤ Organization

The instance is the executive directive and Senate Macedonian. The founding members are permanent and immutable. They appoint senators. They create the Macedonian laws.

Life of the alliance is governed by the Laws Macedonian.

HRB - Human Resources Department - is responsible for recruiting, managing member of the alliance, compliance and enforcement of Macedonian Laws.

The Ambassador - or diplomat - is responsible for foreign affairs, relations with other alliances, pacts ... etc..

The Staff is composed of the heads of battalions, and decide, in consultation with the Senate, the military strategy of the alliance, the plannifications operations ... etc..
The battalions are pockets geostrategic defensive and offensive, which operates in more detail will remain confidential.

The Priest does the census of deities and is in collaboration with the General Staff.

The Steward is responsible for the tax (which will be introduced later), the distribution of "fridge" and Macedonian Counter Market (alliance).

Scribes involved in the management of the forum, and drafting.

Cartographers (a sea) are involved in mapping members to allow the Staff to work in the best possible conditions

¤ Internal Policy

The inner workings of the alliance is based on the principle of constitutional monarchy.

The Macedonian Senate is the body that makes major decisions, prepares and passes laws. The founders shall serve automatically and permanently.

All members do not sit in the Senate. Access conditions to the Senate resident in respect of Macedonian Laws, seniority, and ranking criteria (see Section "Rows").

Similarly, the above items are also available on criteria, including ranking criteria mentioned above.

Thus, any member of quality, is investing first in the game actively, seriously and implemented, can reasonably expect access to these positions.

We are a serious alliance. And that is why we believe that the appointment to a particular position should not be made lightly, firstly, and secondly, it must be based on merit.

¤ Foreign Policy

Considering that one can not count his true allies on the fingers of one hand, our foreign policy is very selective and focused on applications for qualities only.

Our allies will be like our brothers. Our goal, when we sign any pact, will preserve it until the end of the game, if indeed it exists.

We will not sign pacts never knowing that we do not keep. Once we sign a pact, we will strive to advance alongside our allies.

Here is our charter for our foreign policy, visible on the profile of our alliance:

1 - For any covenants, send a message to the founders. Only the reliability and quality will be considered.

2 - In the long term, we will form a league of alliances reduced and closed.

3 - The number of alliances that are part of this league will be a maximum of 4.

4 - Focus on alliances located at sea 44

¤ Recruitment Policy

We are looking for active players, motivated, experienced. Less experienced players are also welcome, provided they are motivated to learn quickly.

Requirements to Apply:

Geographical conditions

- Being at sea 44 (north west beginning of the server)
- Be geographically close to a (e) Macedonian (only): on the same island or within 2 hours of bireme

Terms spelling

- Submit an application correctly, in good english, well-written.
- Know how to write correctly in english

Game Conditions

- Be active
- Participate in the forum of the alliance
- Be motivated to move quickly
- Accept and respect the Laws Macedonian
- Have a number of points above the average points of the alliance
Recruitment RESTRICTED: we want to limit ourselves to 30 players at first.

For further information, please contact us in the game, by MP.

Any questions or requests are welcome. There are no stupid questions.

Thank you for your attention. Good game!​


Ugh.... Long profile. You'll need luck just to keep people reading it. However you seem to be looking for well written, educated men and women so depending on how many people you get his could amount to something.


Ugh.... Long profile. You'll need luck just to keep people reading it. However you seem to be looking for well written, educated men and women so depending on how many people you get his could amount to something.

lol i gave up reading half way down :p



lol you dont have to say sorry for your effort you put effort into this hope you do the same with the alliance coz looking at this youve got alot of work to do and it dosnt look like its going to be easy :)


FrenchPlayer whats your previous expierence in game?

I play on servers or French I'm in the top 10 in three different worlds and I just tested what you are worth in anglettere