The Morale Debate

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Lets start the Morale Debate.

Do the players like morale?
Is morale profitable?
How often should a morale world be opened?
How much does morale actually help new players grow?

1. Do players like morale?

I can't speak for all players, but I personally don't like morale. It stops growth and lowers the amount of targets I have. Now you might say why don't you target players your own size you simmer!. Now the current world I'm playing in is us52 helorus. The rim on that world is practically non-existent. The amount of players near me I can target is incredibly low. I am an aggressive player, and this really annoys me. There are plenty of cities that are avalible. But they are all from players with one city and have low points that I cant target because I'm getting 70% morale.

Some times a premade joins on the rim, morale plays a huge effect and sometimes there are no targets. Which forces them into the core or to fight other rim allianves. That is a good thing, it brings in war. But what if this premade is small and cant take on the alliances in the core or other bigger alliances? What do they do?

Morale especially on small worlds is an issue in my opinion. It also isn't hard to see which world will be a small world either. Speed 2 worlds are always huge, and speed 4 worlds are always small. The reason us52 is so small is because it is almost an identical copy to the world farsala (us50 I think). Everything is the same except for the fact that helorus has morale, making it even smaller. This should never happen.

2. Is morale profitable

Now for this to be answered we need raw statistics. Which I don't have. But I'll try to do something anyway.

We need to know whether morale servers make more profit or non morale servers. I'm going to assume that non morale servers do. This is for obvious reasons. Inno makes money by selling gold, gold helps growth, morale adds a disadvantage to growth, so therefore less gold is bought. Now I also know for a fact that many big spenders avoid morale worlds which further reduces its profit margin. However morale isn't a cause of making gold spending players leave the game permanently. (I think)

Now we need to find the difference in profit between morale and non morale worlds. After that we need to look at how many new players (morale was introduced to increase new players) start to buy gold either in that world or in the future. And then we need to look at if more new players that start of on morale worlds end up spending more money on gold than new players on non morale worlds. Then we also need to see if the new players that started on morale worlds who spend gold are able to make up the difference of profit that they are losing from making the world morale.

The odds of a new player actually starting to spend a good amount of money on gold is probably extremely low so I believe morale isn't profitable. I think most gold purchases are from players who started quite a while ago.

Note. I am probably missing a whole lot of things that matter, but I know that Inno has minds that are much smarter than I am that can pick up from where I started.

3. How often should a morale world be opened?

Again we need some stats which I don't have, but I think a morale world should be opened once out of every 4 worlds opened.

4. How effective is morale at helping new players?

I think morale is just the amount of help a new player needs. They have done a good job of balancing it. Morale doesn't allow a new player to last too long into the world but It allows them to stay in a world long enough so that they can potentially get interested in the game and begin to explore it. I'm not a new player so I cant speak for them but I feel like they have just enough time to get interested in the game and begin to explore the wiki and see how good this game is.

5. Conclusion

So I think morale shouldn't be changed, but just the amount of morale worlds should be reduced as I believe it is less profitable for Inno (once again this could be wrong as I dont have any stastics and whatever I am saying is purely speculation) and many And less profit means more events. And I can speak for everyone and say that everyone hates the amount of events.

Inno should make a poll whether people actually like morale. And also please dont make the new world morale. I beg. Everyone's been waiting for a good conquest world and please please don't ruin it by adding in morale. I beg. Maybe they could a poll to see if the new world should have morale or not as well/

I should mention that I came up with this off the top of my head and there are probably many things that aren't thought through quite well. And it is probably quite confusing so don't be too harsh on me please ;).

Hagop abroumian

In my opinion they should always make a poll regarding world settings :p
Morale is bad but let's look at Helorus and why it's bad.

The coma posted a poll which offered a 6/4 speed. Claiming that the over speed votes and setting votes would win. Revolt and 6/4 won. However inno didn't approve so their coma was given a 4/4 revolt morale with an 8 hour timer. Now these aren't bad settings in truth. But eberyone is spiteful of the vote so not many joined.


If anything i could change about morale would be that during ww its turned off, apart from that yeah at the beginning of a server can be annoying but its not a disaster.