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Mr. Mu (August)
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Main Headlines

Noxious Rising

This alliance has been battling a lot lately. It looks like NR is on the top in that war, although overall it isn't faring too well. Cerberus took 3 cities from NR in the past week, while NR took 11 cities from Cerberus, and one from Cerberus Academy. Overall though, NR hasn't been doing too well. They have took one off an inactive in TCE, but another city was taken by TCE from them. Looking at their conquer stats the last couple days, they mostly took ghost cities. They also took two off LoA. With The Goon Squad they have fared worse. TGS have taken 6 NR cities, with none taken back. Greek Warfare managed to capture two cities, with none again taken back. So, against these alliances, they altogether took 15 cities, and have lost 12 cities. We will keep you updated in this situation.


Herminator 3 and Prince Igor moved up a spot while Magiwazir moved down to fourth place. Gillet and the-balrog switched places, with the-balrog coming out on top. Flooder moved up a notch while a completely new person to the top 12, SFHITMAN, came in 9th. Braca1234, also new, came in 10th. Congratulations to both of them! Also, balexandra went down one. Finishing in eighth place, Cerberus Academy moved up three spaces, while Chosen Elite Academy came back into the top 12 and settled into the 9th spot. ATLANTIS went down two, and skarabei went up one. Fire Nights also moved into 12th place.



1 R. Madrid
2 herminator 3(+1)
3 Prince Igor(+1)
4 Magiwazir(-2)
5 Juxta Crucem
6 the-balrog(+1)
7 Gillet(-1)
8 Flooder(+1)
10 braca1234(NEW!)
11 balexandra(-1)
12 Dakraze


1 Cerberus
2 Noxious Rising
3 Greek Warfare
4 The Chosen Elite
5 Lords of Anarchy
6 The Goon Squad
8 Cerberus Academy(+3)
9 Chosen Elite Apprentices(NEW!)
11 skarabei(+1)
12 Fire Knights(NEW!)

Thanks for reading, and sorry it's so late!
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Thank you, SjsharksBoy.

Your efforts are appreciated.

Well done.


You wrote Noxious Rising and then said "these two alliances"... You missed to mention the other alliance was Cerberus, which can be concluded when you continue to read the text.
After that you put a lot of facts together of NR conquers/losses, but you lack the story behind the facts, and that is very obvious when reading your text.


Mr. Mu (August)
Op, sorry. I had originally wrote the title as NR and Cerberus.

Also, I am just reporting to facts. I would not know the story because I am not in NR.


Changing the facts...

Great post sharksboy

Facts on the ground have already changed.

Someone was eaten alive.


Op, sorry. I had originally wrote the title as NR and Cerberus.

Also, I am just reporting to facts. I would not know the story because I am not in NR.
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