Newspaper The Mu Times Edition 23


hey Madcarew, if you were actually serious about wanting to join TGS its an odd place to come asking.
I know! I know! Silly me...

The problem was that I wasn't getting much information from the forums at Goat and Good, so, in a fit of madness I thought I'd go to a Grepolis forum. I don't know what came over me!

Crazy ol' world.


Well, seeing as you have such a fondness for analogies, I'm tempted to extend yours and ask: what breed is the puppy? Puppies get bigger, you know. Older dogs get tired and sleep a lot.


How's life in your kennel?
Chinese Crested-Chihuahua. Staford never gets tired ;)


After we've started dumping our big dog into puppy heaven, much better.

general paulus

Hi guys! I know this tab is quite old now, but if anybody wants to reply and begin to talk once more it would be great. I don't think Mu people have enough forum activity here. I skipped 4 pages of this forum, but I read the first one and it is informational. DBD is now up there in 7 place and Real Madrid and his guys went to Cerberus. Hmmm, not sure I quite like Cerberus.


Good luck with the finals, Sharky. Seriously. That's some really important shyte right there.

Can I echo General Paulus? We should all talk more. For instance, I want to hold Gigamat's hand and whisper lovingly in his ear. It's all rather frustrating, this unrequited love.

Respect to all though.
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