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Mr. Mu (August)
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The alliance Cerberus has completed 4 wonders, and all Cerberus members have received their award and reward. This has become a great victory for them, but the they are not done. Greek Warfare or Noxious Rising still may overcome Cerberus if they start working to get all seven wonders. Noxious Rising has 4 wonders at level 9 and one at 10, so they can still win if they go for it. Below, I have interviewed Magiwazir about Cerberus's victory.

How do you feel about winning?

I feel happy that our efforts paid off. I feel a lot of gratitude that I got to share the victory with close friends I made in the game. Also, I feel very fortunate that we had such good opponents in Noxious Rising. Throughout the duration of our time playing they made it fun to play.

I sent each of them a personal thank you for providing the challenge that made this a war game for us and kept us on our toes.

Where do you think you could have done better?

I don't really think we could have done better. We worked together really well and enjoyed it. As long as we were all having fun and making friends here - everything was great. The victory was the icing.

Why do you think you won?

We won because of how well we worked together. Cerberus members are true friends now after years of working at this together. We had a lot of people, but we were solid before they joined us. It was great to have friends in alliances across Mu.

Will you try to repeat this on another world?

I am not sure I will try to repeat this in another Grepolis world. This took tremendous dedication over something like two years. I've pulled some other interests off the back burner and shifted focus - though I still play.

Will you go on a Hero World?

Not likely to join a hero world. Real life demands are shifting to the focus of my life.

Will you fully now commit yourself to getting seven wonders, or will you go at a more relaxed pace?

We'll see what happens on the seven wonders. We have a strong team and if the members choose together we might work on it.

Any last words?

You'll notice that I slowly dropped back from first and second place to around sixth and seventh. Being ranked number one in Mu as a team and then winning together as a team was always more important to me. I take more pride in working in cooperation with other leaders and a great alliance to achieve goals than personal achievement. Having fun also was top of the list.

As I said before - Noxious Rising were great competitors and really gave us a run for our money on this battle. That made about 1/3rd of the fun playing Grepolis for me.

In the words of a Cerberus member we said to NR, "Thank you for perpetually keeping our troop counts low."

To anyone reading this. Thanks for playing! Thanks for the competition.
Cerberus members - thank you friends for fighting so well together.

I couldn't be more proud of the victory we achieved together, or more grateful for NR keeping us biting our finger nails until the very end.

What a war. What a fight. We faced some great battles.

Victory sometimes is about crossing the finish line on a single objective at the right time. Over two years just a few major incidents determined the outcome. The rest assured that we were competitive. Victory was never assured though.

We had many times where the alliance struggled and we pulled it back together.
I feel most proud of overcoming those moments of greatest peril.

Our efforts combined and we were lucky to cross that line ahead!


SFHITMAN moved up five, while Gillet moved up one. Prince Igor went down a peg, while Magiwazir dropped to sixth place. Braca1234 moved up three places,and Dakraze came back into the top 12, as did hanamu and bamkkatw. The Chosen Elite dropped four notches, while Greek Warfare moved into TCE's spot. Some Goon squad became Rogue Warriors(others quit), and moved up to 4th place. Cerberus Academy went up three, while Death Before Dishonor suddenly moved up to fifth place. Angordia was introduced to the top 12, as was Warriors of Mu and The Great Empire. Also, REAL MADRID C.F. ELITE went down three notches.



1 R. Madrid
2 Juxta Crucem
4 Gillet(+1)
5 Prince Igor(-1)
6 Magiwazir (-3)
7 herminator 3
8 braca1234(+3)
9 Flooder
10 Dakraze(NEW!)
11 hanamu(NEW!)
12 bamkkatw(NEW!)


1 Cerberus
2 Noxious Rising
3 Greek Warfare(+1)
4 Rogue Warriors(+1)
5 Cerberus Academy(+3)
6 Death Before Dishonor(-1)
7 The Chosen Elite(-4)
8 Angordia(NEW!)
10 Warriors of Mu(NEW!)
11 The Great Empire(NEW!)
12 skarabei

Thanks for reading! I have been pretty busy so I didn't have a lot of time, but I managed to put this up!​
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Juxta Crucem

The Goon Squad didn't become The Rogue Warriors. The Goons left for pastures new. The Rogue Warriors was originally The Rogue Warrior (me effectively) but some of the old goons and others wanted an alliance to just muck about in.

Mu is a different world now. And whilst I offer congratulations to Cerberus it is with a certain sadness that this world is now a different place. I've had a lot of fun here and made some really good friends on all sides. But they've all left... well, nearly all.