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Sorry for the lack of newspapers for the last couple months. I have been too busy.

But here is another issue, as Fidibus, my leader in Wargasm, reminded me to make another!

So things have changed in Myonia a lot since my last issue.

1. LOL went down within a week of having Wargasm attack them
2. LoD rose very quickly and then shrunk again after some went to Wargasm
3. NPA has still managed to hang in there and are still kicking (although Unity is bigger so that is a bad sign for them :eek: )
4. Wargasm has risen very quickly to become a powerhouse on the server (and no I am not biased just because I am in Wargasm)
5. The alliances Drunken Monkeys, Black Rain, Romanian Fighters have been taken down by Wargasm, Wargasm, and internal problems, respectively
6. Beta Crew grew after LoL collapse but then has shrunk again after being attacked
7. No longer is EN v. LOL going to be the greatest war ever on the server.

The greatest war will be (and we all know it will happen so do not yell at me)

Wargasm vs EN

It will be good, that's all I can say!

***NOTE. I know this paper was short but there really is not much to report as everyone knows what has happened or events like DM and RF collapses were so long ago I cannot remember exactly what happened. Also, I will be adding an interview with Fidibus soon!***

Hope you enjoyed!


No offence ment but one of the most bias papers I've read...

could be called "The Wargasm Tribune" :p

Either way looking forward to ongoing and upcoming wars :pro:


To be honest.. we haven't missed the newspapers...
the drivel above is so full of inaccuracies it's more like a comedy mag.

I am glad I refused you entry into Eviction Notice.. otherwise I would have missed out on this :D


Wow! DD????

You are nothing but a propagandist! And perhaps a dreamer? Most of what you wrote is nothing but misrepresentation of the facts.

Furthermore, a war between EN and Wargasm would be a cake walk at best and even as low as a stroll in the park for EN. We have the best fighters, we have the most experience, we have determination. No offense to be taken by your leaders, but who really is leading your alliance???? I never figured that out during my short stay there, however, I have and will always have respect for one, Fidibus!

As for one of your newly acquired larger members and his desire to take me out (rumor I have heard from more than one player), bring your A game sir and I promise you the fight of your life in Grepo. May the best man win!

As for Wargasm and its chances of taking this world? NEVER, my money is on EN!

As for some of the active players on Wargasm that I know and respect, there is still time to correct your misguided decision to join Wargasm.

Wargasm had a chance, a small opening in becoming the dominant player in this world many days ago. The door not only opened but taking the risk to attack EN while EN was busy eliminating the other dominant alliances in this world was a HUGE failure by Wargasm leadership. Now that poor judgment NOT to attack will haunt Wargasm to the end of this world.

So Greco7 and others, it is getting close to the time you take your alliance to another world and re-think your strategy from the expriences you so blundered in this world. Also it might help if you open the door to your leadership positions just a little. Fresh blood, new ideas, and experienced successful players are plenty and your team no longer has the skills necessary to compete with these other talented players.

I could go on, but readers should get the drift of my post. I am not trying to be brutal here, I am just calling the story published above nothing but untrue and the real power to be in this world is not Wargasm.

But the end is not here, so we shall see if Wargasm can rise to the occasion. I am open-minded, but when reality slaps you across the face, one must begin to accept the conclusion. A positive conclusion in this world for Wargasm is at best odds of 1 to 1,000,000 or more.

This post is a much more current and accurate description of the alliances position in this world. Do NOT kid yourselves, Wargasm.

And DD thanks for the humor in any event. One needs a good laugh on occasion! But what is important here is the alliance who gets the last laugh.
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LOL, I like your newspaper DD. Good stuff. I have to admit, there may be a slight bit of pro-Wargasm bias. These EN guys sure think they are good.


Is there anything Wargasm hasn't done in this world? Maybe the rest of us should just throw in the towel.


well, lets see about my version.

1) LoL went down after a long time of EN hammering and bad inactivity

2) LoD grew with ex-LoL members and had the same problems as LoL and eventually followed in LoL's footsteps

3) NPA is taking a pretty bad hammering from EN and Unity, but are still hanging in. A very good group of players, 3rd in average points while being pounded, very nice indead :p

4) Wargasm has gathered players from fallen alliances and while beating up alliances 1/10th their size they have gained enough points to be rank 2nd. No problem though as Unity will soon overtake them.

5) Drunken Monkeys and Black Rain were taken down by an alliance much larger than them and Romanian Fighters fell due to all the leaders being in VM

6) Beta Crew grew a bit after the LoL disband, but have done much better than expected against Wargasm

7) If Wargasm and EN/Unity fight, it won't be as good as the LoL vs. EN fight, because the LoL vs. EN fight was a fight for rank #1. The Wargasm vs. EN/Unity fight will be a fight by Wargam to see how long they can hang on.

devious greedy dee

1. LOL went down within a week of having Wargasm attack them
this has got to be by FAR the best post on this forum hahaha. I was actually drying my eyes cus I was dripping all over the keyboard as I was writing this post. SHEER CLASS.
anyway when it does happen and we all know its going to I would PAY REAL MONEY to read the newspaper after a couple of weeks of war against EN/UNITY.
oh wait a minute can you still write them whilst in VM


This is so inaccurate, its sad. Lets put the truth to the pavement DD. EN vs TLOL will forever be the best war on this server. Keep in mind, TLOL was at war with LOD/EN/UNI. We held our own, as any other alliance would have been disbanded under the constant barrage of attacks. It wasn't until we were already wounded, that Wargasm pounced on us which in my mind was pathetic. The only reason they did so was because guys got tired of simming and decided to pick up what cities they could. Majestic hit the nail on the head in saying Wargasm missed its chance by joining the assault on TLOL, rather then against EN. That being said, Wargasm has had no real challenges on this server and seems no real desire to engage in conflict. The fact that you stated above that TLOL went down within a week after having Wargasm attack them is true, but don't make it seem like it was because of them. EN/UNI was the real reason we disbanded, because they were so persistent and precise with their onslaught. Your alliance was just the nail in the coffin, as no alliance could withstand 5 alliances of that size attacking them. If the tables were turned though, and it was TLOL vs Wargasm, your alliance would be sitting on the rim. Don't forget you were once TLOL up until everyone and their mothers attacked us. We kept you alive did we not? The way I see it is, En/Wargasm are 2 different types of establishments.

EN went to war with alliances, and took in their best members after they broke up. Wargasm however, sat back and sucked up the scraps. Wargasm did gain some great TLOL members in Orion,Doug,Taishan ETC. but like it was stated in the above post, the proof is in the pudding & EN/UNI have the not only the best attackers & defenders but the most experience. Members of this alliance have since day one been engaged in wars, which gives us the huge upper hand. I say enough with the posting and lets get on with it. I need some BP.


I like what he says^^^

and err, were is all the BP from the mighty wargasm's exploit's?

the players that wargasm picked up are running from us anywhoo! :p

Hammer of War

Well well well... I'm a player in Wargasm 2 and well what you wrote there about the world and the situation there is a bit more than unrealistic... To be correct and fair EN and Unity are two really strong alliances (just look at how many battles they won...). And well we get new players from other alliances with each passing day they rarely have new members and they are much more active than we are and more over they get bigger by having more and more cities conquering like a mad man :p
So we don't really stand a chance against them :p Nice dream by the way :p


I know EN is better. I still think they will win, and I am in Wargasm. I am sorry for the way this paper came across. Anyway, my money is on EN as well because I recently looked at Wargasm's crown in the Hall of Fame. I respected Wargasm for that crown, UNTIL I learned that they did not win the world, Orca did, and then they got all seven WWs which Orca also did. Not sure how that is really possible for them to both get all 7 and win but anyway my respect for Wargasm is nearly gone.

In response to the comment by devious greedy dee: It is a true fact. But all Wargasm did was clean up the remainders of what EN left. That came across wrong, as did my whole paper.

Also, I tried coaxing Fidibus SO SO SO many times to attack EN instead of LOL, but we did not. I still think to this day maybe a different alliance would have had a chance to win the world if Wargasm would have helped LoL, but alas, now that they did not, they appear weak and EN will win.

It is sad how this entire forum is run by EN basically so when one Wargasm supporter comes on he is ripped to shreds.

Anyway, this will be my last paper as the world will most likely be all EN now, for ever more. So if a EN guy wants to take up the mantle, have fun. Sorry I had to go out this way. Just reporting it as I saw it.


Well the way you saw it was void of all logic and reason. So you can't be too surprised that people are quick to comment. As I said in another thread, Wargasm leaders are simply just stupid. The best chance they would've had would've been to team up with LOL, NPA, and do a full assault on EN/Unity. But hell I couldn't even get people to co-operate in a single attack in LOL so it would've been doubtful anything would've happened even if they used half their brain and cooperated with the other alliances. I know it would've been a lot more exciting world if that would've happened but ohh well. You reap what you sow as they say :)

devious greedy dee

In response to the comment by devious greedy dee: It is a true fact.

so you obviously feel wargasm had a big hand in it and that's fair enough its your opinion albeit a dillusional one.
but I suppose the real question is though would they have disbanded without your attacks?
im 99.9% sure they would have. im also 99.9% sure that 99.9% of the people on here would agree :) IMHO


In response to the comment by devious greedy dee: It is a true fact.

so you obviously feel wargasm had a big hand in it and that's fair enough its your opinion albeit a dillusional one.
but I suppose the real question is though would they have disbanded without your attacks?
im 99.9% sure they would have. im also 99.9% sure that 99.9% of the people on here would agree :) IMHO
I didn't even know Wargasm had been attacking us until I saw on Grepo-Stats they were sucking up one of our inactives!

If Wargasm hadn't attacked, we probably would have gone on for another few weeks due to the fact that TLoL broke because of mental reasons. It would have been possible for some of the best players to get out of the situation we were in, but nobody thought we could do it and when the #2 joined with the #1 and #3 alliances in attacking us, we just gave up hope.
What I can say is that:

The newspaper was too much exaggerated, even throught I am at Wargasm, 1st-Wargasm did not make TLOL collapse, TLOL collapsed after a numerous of wars to them mostly with EN, when Wargasm came they was just falling and falling but, when they saw even them attacking they saw that there were no way to defend theirselves after having about 6 from top 10 alliances attacking them, I can say that their war against these alliances were heroic and was the biggest and the greatest war in Myonia till now.

Its true, Wargasm rose very quickly, most of it they earned by recruiting members from alliances that were falling just like W.T.F, Black Rain, Drunken Mokeys, Red Rockets, and now from TLOL and Legion Of Death.

Wargasm have never been in a big fight, We cannot say that they will fall quickly or not on what we havent still saw, they havent still shown theirselves so be patient and dont bet so early

Even that I am a Wargasm, I cant say that we made RR, DM and BR fall, we played our part, it's true that we were good at those wars, we were to weak when we started attacking Red Rockets in the start of Wargasm moving into O65, and we made it even throught those alliances were fighting in another front too. But what I completley deny to accept is that Romanian Fighters were taken down by us. NO. We didnt have any contact with them when they Disbanded, they were completly on the other side of ours.

But what I want to say at the end its. You never know who will win the world and who will be the best in EN v Wargasm or will it be the greatest war at Myonia EN v Wargasm. Time will tell.

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Who told Grepo is a war game in long term?
Active simmers will win this world the same as all previous!