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The Name Theives


I know that it's a bit early but I wanted to get the word out to my friends (and anyone else for that matter) that I plan on making a premade alliance on the first conquest world after May 1. That'll be the time that I can finally start playing Grepolis again and I plan on going all out by starting my first premade.

About Me

I've been playing Grepolis since January and I have always been considered a highly-esteemed member of any alliance that I join. I started in world Gamma in which I made my way into The Wraith, a developing alliance on the rim of the world that peaked at Rank 19. While in The Wraith, I worked my way up the ranks reaching the positions of diplomat and co-leader. I later left along with the rest of The Wraith in order to join Fusion, The Wraith's ally and the current #2 alliance in world Gamma. Outside of Gamma, I served as Forum administrator and senate member in Sanity, the largest rim alliance in world Phi. I spent a short amount of time in Omega after that in which I joined a very good alliance and became forum moderator. Unfortunately, personal issues made me leave Omega before I could spend any more time in this alliance.

World Requirements:

Conquer System: Conquest
World Speed: Any but preferably 2x
Unit Speed: Any but preferably 2x
Member Cap: Any but preferably no more than 50


Direction: Southeast
Leadership: Leadership positions will be earned through activity and none will be given before the world starts.
Recruitment: In order to join, you will need to have to send an application in to the alliance leaders, have it approved by the leadership council, and have a majority vote from current alliance members. Skype will be a necessity.
Diplomacy: Very limited. We won't start any pacts until well into the game.
Other: Name and coat of arms will change on a weekly basis to imitate that of a great alliance from Grepolis history but profile information will remain constant.


If you wish to join this alliance please submit the following information in a reply to this thread
Grepostats Link:
Other Worlds You Use:
Worlds That You Have Used In The Past:
Any Former Leadership Positions:
Favorite Quote
(can relate to Grepolis but doesn't necessarily have to):
Any Suggestions On Making This Alliance Run More Smoothly:
Any Suggestions On Other People Who You Think Should Be Invited This Alliance:

What Is Your Skype Name:


Errorhurts665 (me)
Nobody else (yet)


None (yet)

Open Invitations:

If I have sent you a personal message asking you to join This alliance, you aren't required to submit an application.
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Thanks, I plan on working my hardest in order to make sure that this alliance succeeds.
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