The Nameless - a new kind of alliance


Ready for something different?

How about a group of players who value loyalty, friendship and co-operation over 'winning'.

Structured more like a Medieval Guild than the common sort of alliance, the basic unit consists of the Journeyman and his Apprentice. Working closely together, they work to expand the alliance while aiding any who ask for help, regardless of affiliation.

And in another departure from the common sort, members of The Nameless will not necessarily be members of the game alliance, which serves more as a pool of available talent.

We don't care what you've done before, we don't care what others think of your achievements, so keep your 'awards' to yourself.

Membership is by application only, so mail one of us and tell us why you should be considered for entry into the family of the Nameless.

The Nameless.jpg


Some Alliances will let anyone in, not us. This is why we recruit by application, or recommendation only. The application is not hard, there is even a form to fill in, yet in the past two days I've had to reject two players who didn't even bother to do that!

Do they think that this is a game?

I know
it's a joke
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