The next to disband


Some interesting intel coming out of the world today...

1) Tension already building in Cuddles over process for WW alliance player allocation...sounds as if some leaders have their 'favourites'.

2) Quality work by Naturals in securing several areas of the map

3) Huge number of inactives and ghosts in south 54 should make things interesting

4) Rotten eggs from 130 have arrived as Rampant Rimmers and are proving their stripes. Fake accounts and spamming already

5) TF proving that they can work even with key players in vm or limited game time

Things sure are heating up, like i said...this world could get interesting!!!


Been a while since my last post and I must admit the festive period was very eventual...

1) Cuddles are in crises; very little team work is being shown and more and more players are feeling isolated and neglected.
2) TF and co. continue to lead the way on paper, but will they have enough 'support' come WW time?
3) Naturals continue to consolidate important areas yet their large number of small players could be an issue come WW time.
4) The experience of the players in the 'outsider' alliances is starting to show and they could be extremely influential in how this world pans out.

The re-calculation of the WW score seems to have changed very little...while WW period won't begin any time soon, teams would definitely want to start preparing and making the hard decisions on who, how many ww, where and how to defend while making those 'back room' agreements in order to have a diplo back up plan. I'll be touching base with all my spies over the next few days, after which I'll provide an update on some of the juicy 'talk' being this space!!!

PS. To answer the name of this thread...Rabid Dawgs
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Cuddles love to make a player hit vm then when they get out of vm if they carry on losing villages then they boot them so there stats still look good
Cctv m guessing they gonna go the same way as there Di family friends

Nice wra BTW guys looks like your beaten Down


you are like one of my ex girlfriends who doesnt want to leave me alone. You are coming across as obsessed

But... you aren't in the RAMPANT RIMMERS alliance? So how is his post a reference to you? Hmmm :confused:
Surely one of those stalking, fake accounts isn't you right?
Freudian slip right there ;)


you are like one of my ex girlfriends who doesnt want to leave me alone. You are coming across as obsessed
nah, just keeping an eye on my ex team mates. It's interesting how easy some of them crack when things heat up. Without the mass golders and spammers they had no chance in this world. Even over in 141, it's only the gold and bots that's keeping many of them going. Fun to watch actually.

Red-Haired Shanks

Back on Topic

i would love to Congratulate Ocean Veterans on the great work they have done in Pylos, i have been watching this alliance on the Battlefield and in the Events and i believe we have another alliance that will be here fighting for the World Wonders :)

Respect to the Leadership/Players


And just like that Rampant Rimmers have left the building. I guess they really did bite off more than they could chew this world. I guess it's kind of hard when you dont have all the big gold spenders around and spamming has little if any effect in a slow revolt world.

Quote of the day from my inside man..."When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When the going gets tough, Rampant Spammers run away!!! Thanks for coming @kolaiko , finalhoop and co" CLASSIC