The Nightmare


Picture the worst most horrible thing you can picture , someone creeping up behind you , something in your home trying to get you , a monster growling under your bed

Hehe , this is us , we do not have a threat as we are the threat , you may think that pulling the cover over your head will help but when we tear the cover to pieces and grab you by your legs , do you think that a blanket will help you then

We have already conquered previous worlds , join us while you still can because sooner or later our recruitment will be closed , then if you were to log into one of our accounts , all you'll see is red dots surrounded all around Actium , even the weak will be hunted , no mercy will be given , and all that cry and beg will be kept as slaves but only to do our dirty work then will be conquered and knocked out of this world

Goodluck Actium as we are here , and we are not playing around :supermad:

Tip : For people who want to join , were not looking for points , abp is the first start
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