The Original Rate The Player Above


Let me bring another one of my template threads in. And yes, there is another one, but for all I see that one is full of spam and has no criteria, forget about ratings. So here goes.

A simple thread where you simply rate the player above you in different categories! After you have rated 5 categories out of 10, then you give them a total score out of 50.

The categories:
Points: /10 (Rate the number of points out of 10)
Opponents Defeated: /10 (Rate the players battle points; maybe unable to for the next few days)
Position: /10 (Rate the position of the player, eg. how many farms nearby, how dominant is he/she on the island)
Reputation: /10 (Rate reputation of the player, in game and on the forums)
Alliance: /10 (Rate their alliance; if he/she does not have one, ignore this section)

From those, you shall get a total. If your username is different to the IGN, please put your in game name at the bottom of your post :)

Couple of rules though:
No going off topic. This thread is for ratings only. If you wish to discuss these ratings, please create a new thread.
Make sure you haven't left anyone out and don't rate anyone who just writes "Plz rate me", rate the person above who has rated another player
If you disagree with a rating, take it to PM.

Thanks... and go go go!

(Ps. Credit to Osl112, oh wait, thats me)
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points 5/10 average
opponents defeated 0/10 bp hasnt started yet
position 3/10 farm is close but alot of other players are there
reputation 10/10 11 bars and all posts have been nothing but informative except when talking about the narwhals
alliance 7/10 the narwhals dont seem to have started yet look like penguins will dominate
overall 7/10
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Win :p Oh yes, I should mention that. Right, no more OT.

Points: 7/10 Growing well :p
Position: 6/10 No problem for the future, but not active enough...
Reputation: 5/10
Alliance: 5/10 Not too struck


Points: 9/10
Position: 5/10 Dominant, but their are strong, well known names there
Rep: 8/10
Alliance: 07/10


I am: Emperor Narwhal


yes i beat jarp! no offense you and rooster jones are still my mentors


No off topic!!!!!!

Stick to the rules guys, I don't want to have to report you.


Osl112(IGN some narwhal emperor)

Points 6/10 Small, but since Lambda is just out I'll let you off ;)
BP: 0/10 Protection hasn't ended....
Position: 10/10 Core, 45, exciting ocean!!
Rep: 9/10, Going good, g'luck!

Thomas The Magnificent


Thomas The Magnificent:

Points: 275, eh... 6/10
Position: O,45: almost in middle but not quite...7/10
Alliance: Penquinz...TBR is better, :) but 7/10


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123 Koan

Points: 9/10 Small, though the world just came out
Opponents Defeated: 0/10 Protection still here!
Position: 10/10 O55 Core
Reputation: 6/10 Nice Job, keep it up
Alliance: 6/10 Looks pretty experienced, though not penguins....

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Points: 9/10 (Rate the number of points out of 10)
Position: 6/10
Reputation: 1/10

Points: 7/10
Position 8.5/10 - Doing well in relation to your island, shared with 1 alliance member, the 2 Lords of Eternity could be a problem depening on how well organised they are.
Reputation - 7/10 - Getting better, however still a bit of carry over from the incidents on beta :p

I be Furwhal btw for whoever rates me.


Points: 9/10
Position: 8/10, looks like you will get some nice ABP
Reputation: 8/10, one of my favourite mods. definatly have my respect
Alliance: 6/10. I honestly dont see you guys being here for the long run


Points: 7/10 Just got your academy per chance?
Position: 8/10 Dominating, just?
Reputation: 8/10 What can I say?
Alliance: 5/10


IGN: Emperor Narwhal


Emp Nar...
Points:7/10(ranked 92, not too bad, could be better :))
Position:8/10(Lots of Chaos around you. almost in Core,probably 1 of first to join)
Rep:10(I cant give you anything less than that)
Alliance:7/10(good guys in there... just need a few more to dominate)
Overall 32/40



Bahh, Koan posted while I did.

Points: 9/10 Top 100.
Opponents Defeated: NA/10
Position: 6/10 Relatively close to a farm, 1 allied polis, only potential foreseeable problem is the CHAOS members. If they are well organized, they could be an issue.
Reputation: 10/10
Alliance: 8/10 Narwhal's are good, not as dominant as we could be.



The categories:
Points: 9/10 ~ Last time I checked he was in the top 12

Opponents Defeated: 0 /10 ~ Who can you defeat at this time in the game?

Position: 8/10 ~....

Reputation: 8 /10 ~ He is the leader of one of the best alliances

Alliance: 9 /10 ~ Top alliance last time I checked

(You might want to skip me)


*(You might want to skip me)*

Well, that sounds like a challenge,
Number of posts 333 is one of my favorite.
Has a matter of fact location.
Cool forum name.
Another of these people, who hides their game name?
Or is not playing in this world?
So who could tell?
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J.n.c 1993

Nah I won't skip you Tryfan ;)


Points: 5/10 you was rank 403 when I just checked

Position: 8/10 a good position sort of near the core in Ocean 55

Reputation: 1/10 well on here it says he is infamous lol and leads an alliance by himself.

Alliance: 1/10 your in your own alliance with yourself as a member.

Overall I will give you a 4/10 ( No offence ) but get into a stronger alliance, and start getting better rep on here and on the game then you'll get more ratings :)



points:1/10 too many in this stage so points lover
position: o44 with just 2 others members from hs alliance,one very week,endri93,and a woman,leeabitch never heard of her,probably a noobie.
reputation:1/10 never heard of him
alliance:1/10 just noobs.
overall:the guy is a big zero.