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I’ll stand on the edge of forever waiting for your hand to touch mine.
I’ll spend a lifetime’s worth of regret in the moment I walk away.
You – the focus of my adoration, your eyes the aim of my heart.
And I’ll waste my chance at heaven for one moment to see your face.

The waves of the sea of desperation crash upon my mind,
Washing away all but my love for you, withstanding time.
I miss you all too dearly, my life-abandoned lover,
For death to steal away the youthful, surely the greatest crime.

I stand upon the edge of forever, staring off to the waters of remembrance,
Wondering that if I were to fall, would I see you once more?
Are you lost to me, trapped beneath waters of nonexistence,
Or are you looking out from the ocean, awaiting my greeting the shore?

I miss you, my dearest, how the night misses the sun.
Deep down I pray I shall see you, when I embrace the light.
But until that time comes upon me, in its own time and will,
I must bid you a solemn adieu, and a first of many last goodnights.
Reminds me of the movie I watched earlier today. It was so sad.

a pebble

Sunsets on Saturn

Encompassed in glory,
Abounding with a joyous song,
Delighting the world with her smile,
Elegantly introducing light to the shadow.

She dances in such glorious fashion,
A language none but her could decrypt,
Yet all are entrapped to observe,
Bound up in the suspense of the next step.

I looked upon her daily,
Admiring the beauty before my eyes.
She knew not my name,
Though in time she would come to hate it.

The moment I bid her hello,
Her eyes granted doors to new worlds,
Her voice became the song
I always wished I had written,

Upon the rings of Saturn we ventured,
Walking atop such beauty,
Encircled by the essence of magnificence,
Yet condemned to the rarity of the Sun.

The cold, brewing darkness filled my soul,
Beauty of the Rings fading in the dark,
She formed into a release,
And with her beating heart I saw clay.

She was my idolized creation,
Constructed through my words,
Imbued with a new person by wish,
Secretly distorted to my predestined mold.

My marionette,
My new toy to twist and pervert,
First, strip away all hope of redemption,
To begin the progression of isolation.

In my hands I took her song,
The lyrics her life went by in stride,
I rewrote them to fit my mind-
The darkness of Sun setting Saturn as its soul.

In my throat I forged my weapon,
And upon my lips I set it free,
Pulling her smile from her face,
Removing the joy from her soul.

Her heart from red to ash,
From pliable to inelastic,
My creation, my manipulation,
Forsook her Forming Hand.

Unquestioning love refined to hatred,
My name a source of animosity,
Myth shrouded my memory,
And words spoken only to poison.

I stood on the edge of Saturn,
Just as she walked past my grasp,
Then, just as the Sun went beyond the Horizon,
I saw her turn and weep.

Her eyes dripped black,
Painting her face the shade of my soul.
I looked within her heart,
And saw it shift into shadow.

I waited my time on Saturn,
My punishment for my crimes.
Out on the horizon I saw the Sun return,
Finally to set me free from my chains.

But then I saw her return,
Yet with her came two shades.
With him came a smile not unlike her own,
Yet within her I could feel my hate.

My creation, my monster,
Carrying forth the cycle.
Destroyed by hate and cruelty,
Soon to see another Sunset on Saturn.

Yeah, this one's a bit different than usual. And longer. It has a purpose, though. It's intent was to illustrate the cycle of abuse and how it can often "poison" another into becoming abusive. Saturn was chosen to for multiple reasons: it is arguably the most beautiful planet, it feels very isolated and is distant from the sun, Saturn is one of the brightest planets (yet can be perceived as rather dark sue to the distance from the sun), and that a sunset on Saturn has wonderful alliteration lol...

So we see this beautiful, young woman, described as brimming with joy and love. Then we have our main guy who, at the time, seems normal, perhaps even happy himself (yet seems a bit off). This was intended as often an individual can appear normal on the surface, yet, once met, they become a much darker, meaner figure.

We then have their relationship start. It begins with beauty, upon the rings of Saturn - to illustrate the beauty and romance that comes with almost any new relationship. But we soon see "condemned to the rarity of the Sun", aiming to show that despite the beauty at the start, darkness is underlying it, will eventually come, or is already present yet unnoticed.

The main guy then has the darkness from Saturn's night fill his soul. If not obvious, this is to show how the beauty of life, especially the girl, became unimportant and hidden by hatred. But since she is the only thing within his grasp to focus on, she becomes his manipulation. And then we see his process of changing her, as abuse certainly does to anyone. Not necessarily the same way, but still. He strips away all which made her beautiful to him in the first place. And let me be clear here - it was verbal abuse, not physical "In my throat I forged my weapon, And upon my lips I set it free"

We then have her losing feeling. Notice her heart turns from red (alive) to ash (dead) and not to black. This was to show that she herself had not changed to what our main guy already is. This is important as I wanted to at least slightly give an out to the possibility that she isn't predestined to become the guy.

She then separates herself from our main guy, with only hatred for him remaining within her. Then our main guy observes her walk beyond the rings of saturn as the sun finally sets - the darkness setting in. Then "Her eyes dripped black, Painting her face the shade of my soul. I looked within her heart, And saw it shift into shadow." - to show her becoming the (future) abuser.

She then returns with a new guy who seems to have the joy she had, yet she also is putting forth a smile (though our main guy suggests she is still dark inside). Then it is alluded to that the new guy will become the third victim, thus continuing the cycle.

Hope you liked it! Or at least got the message. I dunno :3

a pebble

Love's Loveless Story

The death of the individual,
Abandonment of person,
Is this what you require, My Lord?
The dissolution of desire?

For I am blinded by self-
Encompassed within my own.
I cannot love you, Dear God.
Not while I bid myself adieu.

You demand of me my all,
All which once compelled me to belief.
But I now see the veil, Oh King.
My now empty affection grows pale.

“Love me!” You plead!
“Sing to me my praises!” You beg.
Though were I to remain silent,
How might you react, You Distant Tyrant?

Threaten me with death!
Frighten me into your oppressive grasp!
This is what you have laid before me, Loving God!
Never intending for me to be free.

Were I to do the same,
To force my hand upon another,
The world would decry my acts…
But You…you get a free pass.

What shame Omniscience must bring!
Knowing all, yet understanding so little.
Being God does not grant you pardon-
If there be one thing, of this I am certain.


It is probably a good poem, but since i am Russian, I don't feel the rhythm of the English language, therefore I can't judge.

a pebble

Dear God

Tell the night I’m scared of morning
I fear the day it always brings.
The forceful nature of the dawn,
Instructing me when to begin.

Tell the Sun I am its enemy,
Darkness has become my one friend,
Forgive me for the hate I hold,
And forgive me for refusing to let it go.

Tell the sky I wish it to break,
And from its pain spring forth tears,
That in the flood I might find peace,
Drowning in reality’s misery

For in this moment may I be hidden?
Darkness shadowing my shame,
And rain disguising my tears?
Dear God – would you tell them this for me?

a pebble

The Brothers Three

We stood together, side by side,
Brothers strong and three.
With guns in hand, hope in heart,
Marching on that we may be free.

Through battles fought and won,
Speeches and letters of home,
We three fell to two
One lost as the war did roam.

Tall we stood, proud in life,
Though sorrow plagued we were,
Honor the third we swore to hold,
Now sent on to Heaven, we concur.

Each moment on, we fought for him,
Despite the desperate need to end-
Then two brothers came to one,
Lost in battle, was my friend.

The sky did rain that day,
Angels hearing my cries.
All I’d loved I did lose,
Amid all propagandized lies.

In this I found my truth,
That wars are only fought not won-
Only death awaits all who fight,
When all is said and gone.

One last battle do I venture,
One last gun to raise.
For in this moment I shall fall
To join my brothers in the haze.

Forward I march to Heaven,
Though Hell’s Gates do beware.
No more am I an angel of light-
But I’ve already paid my fare.

I’m not the one to tell you fables,
Not the one to speak out,
I wish I were, but I just can’t-
As I sit here losing my mind

Pouring words on pages,
Hoping one sentence would turn out right,
Yet all I can do is fall down,
And look back up at the sky.

I grow empty by the day,
Heart draining by the hour-
Lie in wait for you to come,
But I’m always too far away.

Oh to ride upon the clouds,
The freedom of the light,
Bounding from each world I see,
Bringing life in every stride.

Though this is not the world for me,
Not for a man locked within his mind,
I wish that one day I may be free,
And embrace the life I find.
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