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The Pharae times
interview with Ombika (nightmares)
interview with Mikki55
The OP on hug this

This is not a nightmare. this is reality. my awful rushed paper is back again! Please note that the two interviews today were done BEFORE the OP on hugs. hopefully that explains why there are no questions on that. Enjoy!

Question 1: After the original founder of nightmares (Stannis-Storm) joined hugs along with a few other players many including myself thought that nightmares would fade into the background. Why do you think this has not happened?

Answer: Yes, many thought that we will disband inculding myself, but before they left Born of fire merged with NoE and the old leadership from BoF took control. HT started to attack NONAME, which helped us bc we were constantly fighting them and Infinity army. Then we could focus only on IA and winning definitely got us closer.

Question 2: Nightmares is now the one of the three major alliances left in a position to oppose hugs. What do you think are your greatest advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the other two (teams hounds and legion) when it comes down to fighting hugs.

Answer: I would say what's really matters is the comparison between HT and HH + Legion + us. I would say we are pretty us three are pretty similar. We are much weaker than HT, but together maybe just maybe we have a little chance to beat them. We are the remains of alliances that HT broke before us, a lot of player quit, but we didn't and I hope we won't either. But the future will reveal it soon.

Question 3: Rundown your opinions on Hell Hounds, The Hellfury Legion and Hug This.

Answer: Hell hounds is a strong and longstanding alliance. I think they already had some fights with HT and they did quite well against them, but I think you could make a better opinion on them than I.

The legion is the remnants of TF and PC if I know it right. They are definitely strong, but I idk know how good is their leadership yet. Their first fights will determine the future.

HT is the best organised and strongest alliance in the server for sure, but an alliance can have only 60 players and we have almost 3 times as many :D

Question 1: Hellfury's predecessor (True Fear) left a lot to be desired when it came to fighting hugs. What do you think hellfury will be able to do differently in order to fight hugs more effectively?

Answer: Well we are still here. Our players now realise that together we are stronger than Hug This. there is a quiet determination to win this world.

Question 2: Compared to hounds and nightmares what would you say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses compared to those alliances?

Answer: There is no way to compare strengths & weaknesses between us. Our strength is in working together, united in our desire to win. Our weakness. If we don't work together we can be beaten.

Question 3: Rundown your opinions on Hug This, Hell Hounds and nightmares.

Answer: Hug This. arrived here as a working team and it is rumoured with a great bank balance. They might believe they have already won this world.
Hell Hounds formed up early and are united together. good team who's strength is yet to be discovered.
Nightmares are also united & very supportive. They will be the cement that will hold the sand & pebbles of our coalition together.
Hellfury. Brought together from many places and when this is finished will go back to all these many places with a winner's crown?

OP on Hug This
So from Friday to sometime Saturday their was an OP on Hug This. This neat little table summarises the stats from the two days:

(no need to send your camera crew around OOC;))

In day one nightmares narrowly gained the most ABP followed by Hell Hounds (well done guys). At the bottom is Hellfury who only gained 10 000 BP in the first day of the OP (pesky puppies is Hounds Sister).

In day one hugs gained roughly 172 000 DBP.

Day two is where things get a bit spicy. Hugs launched counter attacks taking four cities from Hell Hounds. This gave them the largest ABP gains of day two but when you role together the gains of nightmares, Hellfury and Hounds together they don't come that far behind. Hugs also won out on the DBP gains by a large margin with Hounds coming in second.

Over all whilst a lot of troops were thrown around by both alliances no significant takes have happened. In other words the situation in this server is still pretty much the same. In the coming weeks it will be interesting to see if Hounds, Hellfury and Nightmares can put pressure on Hug This again. It will also be interesting to see who goes under hugs crosshairs next.

But, despite the distinct lack of meaningful city takes one thing which was very welcome was the amount of respect and banter being thrown around on the externals and through PM's. Its good to see that a lot of the previous toxicity has been reduced.

Also here is the MM that Hell Hounds sent at the start of the OP on Hug This (compliments to Hyperardox for putting it together):

It's fitting that the last 3 alliances to oppose you are Nightmares from Hell, because that's what you've brought upon yourself.

This is an adequate representation of your future emotional progression, to the point that you'll be pleading, "Don't Hug me, I'm scared"

Kind regards,
Hell Hounds
Flaming Dogs
The Hellfury Legion
Nightmares Of Elysium

As always here is a quick meme compilation for those who are into that sort of thing (see the fruits of your efforts Dozer)

How hugs feel

A lot of these are pocking fun at True Fear because many were made around the time of the mass ghosting. I'll get a greater variety next week.

So that was another lazy rushed paper :) I'll probably only do these now when theres something to talk about (like an OP). If you have any questions/ criticisms/ just wanna have chat feel free to PM me. Edits were me fixing a few errors with the interviews.
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