Newspaper The Pharae times - issue 3 - written and edited by a hell hound

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    The Pharae times - issue 3


    1. Introduction
    2. What Hug This thinks of True Fear
    3. What True Fear thinks of Hug This
    4. What potato's are True Fear and Hug This?


    The next issue is here with even more bad jokes and puns that make you MAD. I know that you all have a true fear of them by now ;) Sorry about the delay last week. Now a quick note about what is up with this paper (as you may have seen from the contents). what i did was MM both HT and TF with a set of questions (as will be specified below). i then have looked over all of the answers i received and used them to paint a picture of what the alliances thought of each other. With that being said onto the first section!

    What Hug This thinks of True Fear

    For this i asked Hug This players 4 questions (lets just forget that i asked the same question twice :oops:). Those were:

    1. What is your opinion on True Fear and its leadership?

    2. compared to other wars you have had in your time playing grepolis (or ones on this server) do you find the war with TF more or less enjoyable than normal ?

    3. what is your favourite part of being in Hug This?

    4. Of all the alliances you have fought in this server so far which one do you think deserves the most respect?

    I will now proceed to break down the general consensus of the answers.

    1. So not to my surprise the results of this question were rather predictable. About 90% of the HT respondents think that James is an idiot and see TF as a very weak alliance. But, their was a more positive opinion from those who had been inside TF before. But, apart from those people most HT this players seemed to have the opinion that James is a deluded idiot. They are also confused as to why he attracted such a huge following and do not understand why people follow him server to server. One thing i did notice was that those who knew Ahr-ex seemed to like her (i think RX is a female but sorry if i am wrong) much more than James.

    2. So, i was not really sure what the answers were going to be for this one but the answers i got ranged from: "You would call this a war?" to "it would be nice if they attacked us back." As said in the previous sentence a lot of HT players seem to see their conflict with TF as more of a one sided slaughter and many pointed out how they were never hit back. This has made the war not very fun for most players.

    4. Honestly i was asking this question mostly to check if those players complimenting ex-SdSu players were the majority and i was right. the vast majority of players complimented SdSu for their fight and continuing to play the game well with a small amount also complimenting Oblivion and MAD DOGS. Nothing else to really add here.

    3. Now the split here was 50/ 50. some of the respondents just replied with joke answers (which were really funny) and others gave serious answers. the serious answers were fairly unanimous with almost everyone having their favourite parts being how the leadership always seems to have a direction and a plan as well as what seemed to be a love for the team spirit and banter.

    Summary: It seems that over all the vast majority of HT players seem to have a high dislike for James, a large respect for ex-SdSu players and find the war with TF relatively boring. Now onto TF themselves

    What True Fear thinks of Hug This
    For this poll i also asked 4 questions. Those were:

    1. What is your opinion on Hug This and its leadership?

    2. What is your favourite part of being in True Fear?

    3. As this war continues how enjoyable to you find it compared to other wars you have had in your time playing Grepolis?

    4. Looking at grepolife it seems that True Fear has not taken a real effort to hit back. in your opinion is this a good or bad thing?

    1. This was another fairly even split. One half of the players disliked the excessive gold use of HT players and its leadership. the other seemed to have a large amount of respect for HT and its leadership. One more thing to note is that a fair chunk of players dislike the way that HT players and leaders shamed James + TF on the externals for taking in collapsing alliances. many said that they probably would have quit the server if it weren't for TF but because of TF taking them in they have felt more motivated to continue fighting. I think this is important to note and i think goes a long way in showing the loyalty that many feel towards James.

    2. pretty much all the responses i got here were a variation of the same answer. People adore the team spirit in TF and their seems to be a lot of loyalty to James and RX. Obviously the two of them inspire loyalty inside their players in a good way. This loyalty has probably been what has kept True Fear together against the odd's in multiple servers back to back.

    3. Interestingly their was another split here. honestly i was expecting another case similar to HT with the vast majority of players finding the war boring. but, actually a lot of them have actually been quite enjoying the war with some enjoying the 'duels' they have had with HT players, others curious about domination and others enjoying the slower speed which has allowed them to enjoy RL as well. Not to say that everyone was positive; their was still a large number of people who found the war boring due to its one-sided nature.

    4. Now i was kinda interested in the answers to this question just because i wanted to know what people thought of the lack of offensive action. In this a lot of players had fairly similar answers with most believing that they would only attack when the leadership thought best and not a moment too soon. i think this is again showing the loyalty that TF players have to their leaders. Even if you hate James and his team you have to admire his ability to inspire people.

    Summary: TF is an alliance that holds a colossal amount of loyalty to its leadership and team. that loyalty showed through in these polls and i do not think anyone should underestimate that about James and RX.

    What kind of potatoes are Hug This and True Fear?
    So a little while back DozerZigashi and i were having a PM and in it the topic wondered (as it sometimes does) to how awful the top 12 thread was. i said that i may update it if i get time (at this point Oblivion was collapsing). He then said that he would kinda like to create a top 12 comparing each alliance to a potato but he only managed to do Hug This and True Fear. So i decided that considering the topic of this paper i would post those two potato descriptions here.

    enjoy! P.S If this offends you tell Dozer not me ;)

    Potato comparisons

    Hug This - The Russet Potato. The classical depiction of pure potatoey greatness. What many consider to be the best form of potato. As a potato expert, I must concur that Russet Potatoes are hard to compete with.

    True Fear - An Overbaked Sweet Potato. While Sweet Potatoes are my personal favorite type of potato (actual sweet potatoes, not yams, get out of here you wannabe) when it has been overdone it has lost all of it's flavor. But ever-ressiliant, an overbaked sweet potato will still proudly rest on it's plate as everything else around it gets eaten.

    Closing Thoughts

    And that is it for this week. i hope you enjoyed reading this issue. Special thanks to James and Thizzle who let me MM their teams. It would have been much harder to pull off this issue without those polls. Also thanks to Dozer for letting me use the starts of his potato top 12.

    Thank you for reading and if you have any questions/ feedback please feel free to contact me.

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    Reporter: "This might sound like a daft question, but you'll be happy to get your first win under your belt, won't you?"

    Gordon Strachan: "You're right. It is a daft question. I'm not even going to bother answering that one. It is a daft question, you're spot on there."
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    Nice approach but surely some formatting would be helpful for this kind of thing? For example, the Hug This answers go 1,2,4,3 which is pretty confusing! Maybe put the question and the answer together and bold the question itself?

    But, aside from formatting, pretty nice! I like the personal additions from yourself about what you think could be a good interpretation of the answers from both Alliances.
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    Well done man, really appreciate your work and effort you put here :)... you slowly bring back the good old days in forum. Thumbs up!

    Edit: Just about that war question. It really is little bit boring since True Fear has gone way too defensive, which is actually the main reason they don´t do very well in my opinion. But i still enjoy it a lot because of the very organised(not just because of the success) OPs that we have had.

    But well i have seen it world after world. If teams go 90 percent defensive then its very bad sign for them(not sure if its true with TF tho). Also Revolt setting wars a way different from CQ settings. Last time I played EN95(nagidos). I was part of winning team there called Caustic Soda. It was very good team as well, pretty much the same organised as Hug This here. Only difference is, they made the world very boring because of the hugging. No real war what so ever.

    Also, once read what TF member had to say about all the merges they have had, i got to say that i respect those moves from them because they give players the second chance to improve themselves and keep maybe, just maybe more competitive, but well at the same time it could create a lot more problems to themselves as well.

    And to finish this, i got to say, i didnt answer to these questions. And seeing that most of HT thinks that james is an idiot, then well yea according to what he writes here in the externals makes it somehow true. However, i have never played with james before so i really cant say it is 100 percent true. Maybe he just trolling around? Being leader is very very hard and the fact that james and RX can still hold all the **** together has earn my respect to them. Just wish they will have more balls to make some bigger steps next, rather than just merging around :)

    Stay cool amigos! :)
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    Oct 7, 2018
    thanks :) i agree with a lot of what your saying
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    I'm just happy that a random blurb of the Potato Top 12 saw the light of day.

    Y'all are potatoes. Angry potatoes, sweet potatoes, critical potatoes, potatoes that have been left in the fridge too long. Potatoes are delicious (except the old fridge ones). Embrace the potato life.
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    Looks like this has finally shamed TF into attacking! About time to coalition finally attack back.
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    Apr 22, 2019

    Nice! Another job well done. And I very much like and appreciate the fact that you seem to take a different tact to each & every subsequent issue, which in it's very nature, adds a bit of nuance and originality that often seems to be lacking in today's interpretations of subjective journalism. Thank you for that!. Kudos!.
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    nah. IMO it was planned before this. honestly i expected more negative responses towards TF not attacking back. The fact that people were so confident in their leadership may mean that an OP was coming but they decided to be very quiet about it for obvious reasons.
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    Mar 11, 2017
    lol, I do hope TF players' expectations have been met then ;)

    I am sure somehow James will still twist it, in ways to make it sound as if their OP was a big success [​IMG]
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    May 25, 2011
    Dont be mad at me just because Hugs defence looked like the Bozo T. Clown Fun Time T.V. Hour.

    I didnt even say anything till you mentioned my name (for like the 500th time).
  12. Thizzle

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    Oct 19, 2011
    105 HT - 3 TF. Nice OP. We took just as many cities as you did, during your OP. [​IMG]
  13. jameslongst

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    May 25, 2011
    Aren't you special? Here's a secret: Those numbers mean exactly nothing.

    "Ya everything is just peachy keen, look at the score guys!" Nope. Not all is good, we could tell that just by looking.

    You are supposed to be elite. What I saw was crap. Gold some more troops up and come get spanked.
  14. Thizzle

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    Oct 19, 2011
    Funny, get spanked? I think we are the ones doing the spanking here. You are clearly delusional

    No need to "argue" with you, score says it all. You keep looking, one day you will be left with no cities to look from
  15. jooser

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    Feb 11, 2013

    Here´s actual secret: These numbers mean a lot. And it´s not just about city takes but also weekly growth. Let´s see how ugly it gonna be in 1 month ;). I guess there will be a point when we get close to your cities as well and then ohh boy you better start fighting for your team cause atm all the work has been done by the ex SDASU. Then we maybe can figure out whats really crap and whats not ;)
  16. Nanotechno

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    Mar 31, 2019
    LMAO. You guys OP'd us and took TWO cities that were so deep in your territory that it was disgraceful that you didn't take them before. Not a single city more.

    What part of that is crap on our part? You guys failed miserably. Stop justifying it and start trying to improve.

    While you were OP'ing us, we still managed to take two more of your cities. So be honest with yourself, what have you REALLY accomplished?

    Also this "numbers mean nothing" shtick you're pushing is hilarious. We've taken one hundred and five cities. You have taken 3. To literally everyone else, numbers would seem to mean something lol
  17. Heres20BuckKillMe

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    Sep 2, 2016
    We were just letting those DLU rot there
  18. Thizzle

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    Oct 19, 2011
    Only there?
  19. SycOPath

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    Dec 26, 2015
    Now folks we all need to remain calm.

    OMG did someone say TF run an 2 cities, way to go TF whoop whoop.................NOT.

    Well here's the thing, correct me if I'm wrong aren't you playing a Domination World. So it just goes to show how special you really are making a comment like that.

    Oh my that will mean that all their meat shields will have been for nothing. So much for giving them a second chance.

    So your defence must have looked like headless chickens running around going no where. By the sounds of it matters would be worse for you if the ex-SDSU hadn't been there.

    Thizz you can't go around calling James delusional, when it's clear that he is totally and utterly deranged after the above remarks.
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  20. Golden Horn

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    May 27, 2018
    Hmm so I've joined an alliance in an old feud?:mad:

    It's pretty obvious that this world is too one-sided - and it takes most of the enjoyment out of it.

    Grep ought to have a button labelled "Click here to start Domination Phase" rather than keep folks waiting another 150 days (if anyone has stayed in 'till then)
    - most of the players I know from other worlds took one look and dropped out weeks ago but it's my first look at a Dom' world, so feeling my way along.

    I'm curious to see how Mercenaries and NoName interact - especially with their recent infusion of Order&Chaos players (TheFallenPoseidon certainly has a word or two to say about this).
    They might be able to create a suitable counterbalance against Huggers AND that would make for a more interesting play.;)