Newspaper The Pharae times - issue 6 - written and edited by a hell hound

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    The Pharae times
    True Fear VS. Hug This
    Revolt cancelling
    Ocean analysis (with a map!)
    Grepolis memes

    This one is coming up a bit later than normal. i hope everyone is ok with that! I've actually got quite a lot on the paper this week so hopefully it will be a good one! Now lets go into the first article!

    True Fear VS. Hug This
    So first off we have the most important conflict of this server. TF VS. HT. This week TF Oped Hug This twice (i think). Once was nearer the start of the week and the other only happened recently. the current warscore sits at 109-6 to Hug This (who would have guessed?) This means that in one week True Fear have doubled the amount of cities they have taken from Hug This and have currently taken the most cities from the number 1 team. Alright, i know most people just rolled their eyes at that and rightfully so. I'm not sure whether this OP shows True Fears incompetence at attacking or how competent hugs are at defending. But, the numbers don't lie and right now they are starkly in hugs favour. Furthermore, James has gone under fire again this week for spamming Hug This players. Although, spamming is an unfortunate reality of Grepolis it is always a shame to see people using it. As of now i feel like Jamelongst and True Fear is kinda like Bethesda (its a gaming company) right now. They were doing very well and had a fair amount of goodwill built up and then they blew it all away with a string of bad games (like fallout 76). Similar situation with True Fear. Hopefully that analogy won't ruffle to many feathers ;)

    Revolt cancelling
    Another fairly hot topic on the externals recently has been revolt cancelling. Therefore i am going to cover it. Revolt cancelling does have pros and cons which i will list here:

    Pros: Very effective when having a lack of defensive firepower
    halts an enemy revolt
    and from what i can tell thats about it. Chances are i missed one but the two pros i mentioned above are both extremely effective. An alliance like hugs has been on the offensive for most of this server. I can't imagine that many at all have much defence built up. This allows hugs to effectively defend cities with great co-ordination and planning (their greatest strengths) with relative ease.

    Cons: Generally bad BP exchange
    Takes a lot of co-ordination to pull off

    The first con is the one which i think is the most important. BP is arguably the most valuable resource in the game (alongside pop and gold). By losing a city you lose ALL the units inside it meaning you may have to prematurely kill a nuke or support a friend in the hope your troops get BP. This is not really that helpful at all.

    The second issue does not really apply to hugs as much as it does to other teams because they are really well organised. I would also be willing to bet that someone in the Hug This leadership had the infrastructure in place to pull off the cancelling with a high level of co-ordination on short notice.

    That is my personal take on revolt cancelling but please bear in mind i suck at this game so i probably missed something really obvious to the rest of you :D I think that it is a legitimate tactic and has its pros as well as its cons. My compliments to hug this' leadership for being able to pull it off so well.

    Ocean analysis
    First off we have a map (huge thank you to Jooser for providing it. Your the best.):
    White: Hug this
    Red: True Fear
    Light green: NONAME
    Dark green: Old Guard
    Light Blue: Crusaders
    Dark Blue: Mercenaries
    Whatever this colour is: Nightmares
    Purple: Hell Hounds

    If anyone is struggling to see the map here is the Lightshot link:

    Now onto the analysis:

    North West (44, 43, 34 and 33)
    44 has a split along the middle which kinda acts as the unofficial lines between Hell Hounds and Hug This. But, this line is not fully defined due to ex-MD and Oblivion cities being deep in hugs territory and Dave8/ Predator infiltrating Hounds core. This front has been scarily quiet of late with almost no action whatsoever. Although, predator is on VM so that may be part of the reason. It would be golden if any Hug This players could tell me when he is coming back so i can plan him a welcome home party :D Being a good neighbour to your local hugger is always important :D nothing of note is happening in 33 and 34 is under hound control. 43 is a bit interesting though. It has some hound players located in it but also has a large amount of crusader players. Their may very easily be some border conflicts popping up in between these two alliances in future. Then their is Grand Duchy of Lithuania which is nothing more than food that is fattening itself for the slaughter.

    South West (45, 35, 46, 36)
    Nothing to say really. True fear has full control over this area.

    South East (55, 56, 65, 66)
    This area is split between NONAME and mercs. NONAME controls a lot of the north of 55 with mercs controlling the south and most of 65. Personally i think this would make for a brilliant war and would be much better than the HT slaughter fest that has defined this server.

    North East (54, 53, 63, 64)
    My old haunts from previous servers are surprisingly interesting this time around. you would expect this area to be completely shut down by hugs but to my immense surprise Crusaders actually have a fairly strong presence in the north of 54 with nightmares also holding their ground in the east. Hugs could probably clean up nightmares fairly easily but Crusaders is another question. Also worth noting is Old Guard. My guess is that they will be able to hold the line but nothing else.

    Grepolis memes
    So this is a new section i am starting and i imagine it will be fairly self explanatory. Every week you can send me grepolis memes and i will post my favourites on this segment of the paper. last night i opened up a thread for my alliance to get this section started and here are the offerings they presented:

    Sorry if these are a tad slanted in my teams favour and against your team. That is bound to happen when only my team was offering memes. But, what better way to change that than to give me a meme? hopefully this can add a bit of fun to this external community :) I will be offering Res to the best memes.

    That is it for this issue. i hoped you enjoyed reading and lets try and have another constructive conversation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me,


    P.S very surprised that this is not over the character limit!
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    Aug 8, 2018
    @1saaa you can't be serious about crusaders? :confused:

    they are the remnants of 2 oc 54 alliances we destroyed with one OP (wargasm and direwolves).
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    Feb 11, 2013
    You can call me José ;)...

    Anyway excellent work as always.

    maybe later smth pops into my mind and i will update then.

    Sidenote: Still waiting Noname and Mercs leaders to say smth about this world.
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    I was not aware of that. if so then they may not have the greatest future ahead of them but i imagine that they may be a bit more resilient as only the better ones have stayed for the fight.

    Also José. It's worth noting that i did do an interview with Nimr0d in the first issue of this paper. I imagine they are watching us and will jump out from nowhere in the endgame.
  5. Tommy Shelby

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    Aug 8, 2018
    np, you can't know everything. it was just a remark from my side :)

    keep up the good work!
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    Apr 12, 2010
    A little fyi, the cities TF took from HT did not happen during the 'one-man-james' OP.
    If you check the details, 1 is S45, 1 is W44, and 1 is a 1k city.

    Otherwise, good work!
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    Jan 24, 2015
    To be fair, if everyone was a bit more civil on the forums then I think more people would engage. Hugs, TF and HH all guilty of making the forum pretty toxic. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to chime in :(
  8. jooser

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    Feb 11, 2013
    I feel you... and here´s something - Even if people disagreeing with everything, we still can be kind to each other. Maybe indeed this approach could get back more players into externals.
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    May 25, 2011
    No offense meant here, but it seems like you have no idea what went on, how it went on, on even when it went on, and yet you are talking about it at length.

    The numbers are not starkly in Hugs favor. They were rolling over everyone on the server including your own alliance Saaa. They had everything their own way. They met TF and now they are at a dead stop. They havent opped us for a month.

    They got 100 cities from my refugees in 044 pretty quickly. Doesnt it seem like that score flattened out bigtime? You didnt notice that?

    Now they cower and wait to see what awful outrageous thing james is going to do to them next. They go behind my back to ask if my partner can restrain me. Pretty sad really.

    City score isnt everything, and you sir are starting to sound like nothing but a Hugs fanboy.

    With respect
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    Dec 26, 2015
    I have to commend you James your resent posts on the externals show how much you've mastered the art of talking out of the seat of your pants....................oh I think you need a tissue quick somethings dribbling out the corners of your mouth.......again.

    Refugees.....don't you mean meat shields that you merged with and discarded them to fend for themselves.

    But OOC took everything you guys sent her and never lost a city, in fact no cities were lost to you guys during your Op but True Fear and Phoenix Blade both lost a city each during that Op.

    As you say city score doesn't count but the amount of area controlled does and that doesn't include non farming rocks that you like to populate..

    Hug's members thank you for the Op's that keep giving..............keep giving DBP that is.
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    Mar 11, 2016
    Cheers for keeping this up @1saaa, it keeps a bit of interest going in the externals and makes a good read.

    And James...... Lol!

    I know you like the sound of your own voice but can you please stop polluting these forums with your absolute drivel. When hugs come for you you will know kiddo, you will be losing cities left right and centre. It’s not all about you bud.
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  12. Lana98

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    Apr 7, 2019
    To be honest..... I was starting to enjoy posting here, but all this propaganda if anything is gonna put me off even reading the forums.
    HH, I have a lot of respect for you guys, your tenacity and fighting spirit, prior to this issue your papers had always been a good objective read, and clearly a lot of time, effort and dedication has gone into them but 1saaa, as constructive feedback - perhaps interviews from multiple alliances on war tactics, taking into context all alliances adapt to the circumstances, would have given a more balanced view? No disrespect here to your opinion, you are ofc entitled to your views.... but this reads as little more than biased propaganda.... which is a shame...

    Back to Skype chat for me , where most of us are too busy having a laugh and a joke most of the time to even bother with whats being said on the externals. I hope other alliances have the same great team spirit we have in TF, (tbh the more that's thrown at us the closer-knit we actually get as a group), as am looking forward to playing this server for many months to come :)
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  13. jameslongst

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    May 25, 2011
    Ooooh when Hugs comes for me!!! When that happens in ten years it will be so terrifying.

    Please. That whole "Cower before me in fear" thing you guys had at the beginning...remember that? Here comes Hug This MMs? No one remember? With all the super dumb Game of Thrones Imagery. What a joke that seems now doesn't it? And yet I'm out of line. What a load.

    This issue read like a Hug This PnP, that's all I was saying. All you losers jumping all over each other, I'm clearly not scared of you, and I'm not done with you either.

    Tell that unhinged girl that plays with you, I forget her name, to keep her unhinged MMs to herself next time pwetty pwease. I mean they were good for a laugh, but come on. We are grownups.

    Also, since you are my little errand girls, Tell Chilli good job getting into VM before he lost a city. He beat me by about twenty minutes. Thats skilled running. So elite!

    Losers. Bye.
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    Oct 7, 2018
    yeah. i have held back on the interviews lately. and, that may not have been the greatest idea as it has become slightly more weighted towards what i think. Obviously that is not great and as James said this particular paper has been fairly weighted towards hugs favour. I am also trying to make it a bit more lighthearted with the memes. the ones in this issue were kinda weighted towards my team but thats only really because it was short notice so only my team provided :) So, if you want less biased memes PM me (and you may find some res coming your way ;)).

    On that note expect a few interviews next issue.

    thanks for the feedback Lana.
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  15. Ahr-Ex

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    Nov 6, 2015
    Let's be clear about something else. TF did one merge -- with Sit Down and Shut Up -- which has been the single best merge decision I've been involved in during my whole grep career. Thanks so much to pgalland25 , lana98, NotAs.Sweet, Captain Clownshoes, Kegsy, and so many others that will be with us for a long time. We also picked up a handful of strong, active, team players, who we absorbed from alliances that we were fighting or were otherwise failing around us. Slipperycuttlefish (no, you're not in trouble), is the only player we recruited from Order and Chaos, and yet somehow we "merged." Absorbing the players from other alliances with whom you want to be teammates is not the same thing as merging. Right Stannis-Storm?
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    Sep 2, 2016
  17. Nanotechno

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    Mar 31, 2019
    So Phoenix Blade, which you are currently in, is not a part of TF? I think that counts as a merge.

    What about Fiasco United? Feel like you're forgetting a couple lol
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  18. jameslongst

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    May 25, 2011
    And we ditched some losers.

    Look at this guy here again with his nice soft words. You crack me up nanatechno lol. You sound like a TF fan you want the tour? I promise I wont bite. Much.
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  19. Raydium88

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    Mar 11, 2017
    That "unhinged girl" kicked your rear lol... You make this whole entire OP, oh I am sorry... non-OP (aka failed OP) on her, you walk away with no cities... No wonder you're upset!! I'd be pretty pissy too if I were you. All that time wasted, sending and recalling 1000s of spams, all for nothing. I can't say I understand your frustration, it must really suck... but perhaps contrary to your name calling you should show some respect to the one who DID stop you! Yes that's right... You think you're the one who put a stop on us, but look who's hitting a wall and leaving empty handed... As I said, if you can't show some decency we invite you to come back again. We can't wait for the BP!!

    PS: Last I checked VM takes 48h (2 days) to activate. Revolts take only 12h the moment they're stirred. I am just making sure you understand all the necessary information, and have been provided all game mechanic's knowledge, before making ridiculous and petty allegations.
  20. SBLII Champs

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    Nov 27, 2018

    Sorry, the unhinged one is the one with nothing better to do than to click on attack/recall hundreds of times in the span of a few hours. And I find it comical that you forget her name. After clicking on her cities that many times just to send and recall hundreds (if not thousands) of attacks, one would think you'd remember it clearly. It's likely burned into the screen on your computer.

    But, if you are truly having trouble remembering it, just check the Defender of the Day winners. Your 'non-OP' on her resulted in her winning it two days straight.