Newspaper The Pharae times - issue 6 - written and edited by a hell hound


Yes, I think the data server is down. Oh, well, you didn't want you paper hijacked as another place to argue anyway. :p

kid kota

I might be a little late on this subject ..

But I agree with both point of views .. this has to do with spamming .. its is a legit tactic.
No one can knock anyone from using a tactic they think is necessary for them to take a city or win .. the debate on my part is when to call it enough.. I have spammed before and will again .. but I dont go over a certain number of attacks to one player .. I might spam a player with 20 attacks through out a day and recall to annoy them .. but to attack so much that they cannot log in is pathetic in my opinion.

This is a war game yes, but when I play a certain degree of respect should be shown .. throughout my multiple accounts never have I once spammed someone so bad they could not log in and play .. I believe in honest warfare and everyone having fun :D:p:cool: