Newspaper The Pharae times (written and edited by a MAD DOG)


Pharae Times issue 2

Sorry for the double post .magick. the paper was over 10 000 words so i had to split it into two posts :(

The rise of hell hounds

As some of you may have noticed a new alliance called hell hounds has been formed which is between MAD DOGS and infernal abyss. this team is fairly new and considering i am a leader in it i would feel awkward and self indulging if i did much of an analysing my own team and interviewing one of my fellow leaders so i will cut this article short. if anyone would like to do their own take of an article on this team PM me and i will add it in.

Order and chaos, a closer look

i went out and interviewed TheFallenPoseidon about his alliance and the interview can be found here:

interview with TFP

Question 1: your alliance was predicted by basically everyone that you would sink within the first few weeks of the server.

what do you think has allowed your alliance to defy expectations and claw back into the top 12?

answer: Well yeah everyone always said we were too spread out which is true and yes everyone said we didn't have a chance and they said we'd sink as soon as BP ends

TBH they were technically right cause I was caught up on Methone :)

However now I am back and ready for action

Reason we clawed our way back from sure defeat was basically cause I had more time to put into this server

Also the players are playing their parts splendidly

We're expanding our territories quite easily and little by little we are rebuilding what we lost

Question 2: who do you consider to be your biggest threat coming forward?

answer: Well we aren't fighting anyone atm
But TF always likes to stick their nose into our business so they'll be a problem

We have no quarrel with HT tbh nor do we have any quarrel with MD lol nor Mercenaries so I thing on TF will be our main focus which is technically half the alliances on this world main focus anyways

question 3: what would you say is your teams greatest advantage against other teams on this server?

answer: We are always underestimated by every alliance/player on this world :)

Besides everyone keeps saying we're too spread out but have they really checked the map??

Do they know where we're really located??

Seems they are all missing something hehehehe but I won't tell them nor will my mates

question 4: do you have a long term strategy for this server?

Answer: Well first off we have no real strategy

Just want to take back what we lost

question 5: what kind of morals does your leadership and alliance stand for?

answer: Leaderships morals and values

Its a war game and we'll do whatever it takes to get our player further along in our conquest

However we are all respectful here....Also Titles don't matter in our alliance.....players decide alliance changing matters not leadership

It gives every player the chance to be a leader and gain leadership experience

Our goal is still winning but we intend to create leaders in this the time we're done they should be able to lead an alliance of their own someday :)

question 6: could you rundown your opinions on the top 12 alliances in this server?

answer: HT have a huge advantage over everyone but that's the way we like. it

TF are basically a compact alliance yet their communication skills def wise is lacking

NN are ok....they seem to be. holding on but I doubt they'll take this server

Mercs.....hmmm now these guys are trouble....If TF doesn't handle them soon Mercs will take on TF and effectively win.

Oblivion are fine to me but it seems they've been getting battered in recent days
They have a few city losses but otherwise I think they are a tough set of players...they'll survive

OaC....well we have a long way to go and I am not fooling anyone into believing that we are the best or anything but I honestly believe we can pull off another impossible comeback :))

Other alliances like Dire wolves are showing potential but without aid they'll fall

MD is getting hit pretty hard and they will fall....unless you guys retreat into O34 Ibfernal Abyss won't give you the ocean though but they can't hold ao34 alone lol

Infinite Army are just another Branch of NN so they say....they've one too many sis alliances and tbh they don't seem to be managing them well

Infernal Abyss now these guys are strange they don't fight outside O34 and here's why...Their o44 presence is a front they are trying to take O34 to hopefully defend against HT and TF

NOE are definitely an alliance to watch

Not sure what they are up to or who they are allied with but they seem to have. it together comment.....they will die eventually as they are being hit all round

OaC are still very spread out (despite what TFP seemed to be saying). this will bite them in the back in the long run on this server due to the awful travel times and the nature of domination. but, they seem to be in a slightly better position now being spread out across 45 with a small group of players in northern 44. this may be part of their strategy. its hard to rim an alliance so spread out if they are well organised because they will always have some cities around the place. i expect this alliance to do well in the future but as of now i do not see them making a huge impact unless they can get a decent core. but, if they can fortify and get some offence TF could be in deep water.



The oblivion of Oblivion

after forming from the ashes of the elite demons Oblivion looked primed to be a key alliance in this server. but, after a brutal offensive from Hug this the alliance has effectively merged into TF. i interviewed Thizzle on the collapse of Oblivion. i also tried to reach out to Haunting face but he completely blanked me :( but, as well as being blanked by Haunting Face i also sent out PM's to multiple ex-Oblivion players to see if i could get their perspective on the alliances sinking. most of those players came back to me so my analysis of Oblivion will be mostly drawn from the various responses i received from Oblivion players. But before that my interview with Thizzle:

interview with Thizzle

Question 1: Hug This has not really accepted recruits/ defectors from other alliances after they sank before (too my knowledge at least). But, after sinking Oblivion a lot of their players joined your team. why was it that that particular part of your policy changed?

Answer: First of all, we did not take a lot of their players. We only took in 4 of their most active players.

Secondly, our MO has always been to headhunt those few players that pulled a good fight against us, tho this server we felt like we needed to hold back a bit to make it more even.

We got info that TF was going for their 6th merge this server, with Oblivion, so we thought we might aswell take in the good players and leave the rest for TF.

So in short, our policy never changed. We just couldnt resist messing with James plan and to be fair it was always part of our plan to take in a few of those players. They remained loyal and told us they werent leaving until Oblivion was no more. And with their TF merge = Oblivion was no more

Hope that answers your question

Question 2: why did you chose to go for Oblivion for your next war (i feel like slaughter would be a better word)?

answer: Because that was strategically the best decision

question 3: so Oblivion was crushed in this war. what do you think really put the nail in the coffin for Oblivion when it came down to their defending and what do you think that they could have done better (from your perspective)?

answer: Their morale breaking was the nail in the coffin. I gotta say tho, out of all our one time OPs, eventho they lost the most cities in a single OP, they also made us the most bp

So they definately fought back - Those players who are now with us, also attacked back during revolt. Not everyone can defend and attack at the same time, so kudos for that.

There was not much they could had done differently, maybe they could have moved west, but where would the fun in that be?

now onto the analysis. i got a wide variety of responses from Oblivion and its players but i am going to break it down into what came up most:

from the responses i got quite a few were salty about what they saw as a lot of gold use (controversial territory i know). what i think this breaks down into is the fact that after Oblivion lost their first 17 or so cities they were all spent. their was no DLU/ birs left to send in defence and due to the slow TT Hug this was able to walk into cities and basically take them with little to no resistance. this combined with the overwhelming coordination of Hug This proved very dangerous.

another key reason was the low player count. Oblivion really only had about 30 players at a time. this has pros and cons. a pro is that it means that everyone their is active and participates well. the con is that if one player leaves it hurts the entire alliance. so when one of the largest players left (out of protest to merging with True Fear) that was a major blow to the alliance. and then when Hug this started to poach players the alliances capabilities were almost sliced in half. this essentially forced Oblivion to merge in with True Fear.

another reason to sight is the slight combination of complacency and bad luck. something to note was before hugs OPed Oblivion they were currently kicking MAD DOGS and True Fear around the block. therefore before Oblivion knew it Hugs were right on their doorstep. then the next part revolves around the fact that Hugs hit Oblivion a bit to soon. from my PM's i was told that Oblivion were in the process of developing LTS for possible targets (many of which were the first cities to be hit) sending out support and preping defence. about two more days and Oblivion could have been in a better shape. would that have prevented all the city loses? No but it would have helped reduce loses and increase moral to a certain extent.

that leads into my final point (which thizzle also touched on). this is moral. the facts are that after the first OP many players (and leaders) lost hope that they would stand much of a chance. because of that, it was easier for players to be poached and for TF to take them in. personally i find that the first OP from a top alliance is always the hardest to deal with and that first OP also tests the strength of an alliances leadership. in that sense i think that maybe the leadership of Oblivion was not up to the task of keeping up the fight. that last bit was just my observations/ opinions and is not backed up by any PM's.

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Maybe should have posted the second issue as a seperate thread?

Nevertheless fun read, looking forward to the next :) A tad confused with me alleged hugging addiction, tho....


Maybe should have posted the second issue as a seperate thread?

Nevertheless fun read, looking forward to the next :) A tad confused with me alleged hugging addiction, tho....
i will do that for the next one :) as for your hugging addiction: well i had to find some way to make my ad mildly entertaining :D next week i will be poking fun at True Fear ;)


Wow, nicely done @1saaa!. Being this is just your second installment, it very much helps paint a far more accurate portrayal of what's really going on within as well as between alliances and not just the various rumors & hearsay that's become all too rampantly familiar to our beloved community, often to it's very detriment.

That being said, thanks again & by all means, keep up the good work.!


Wow, nicely done @1saaa!. Being this is just your second installment, it very much helps paint a far more accurate portrayal of what's really going on within as well as between alliances and not just the various rumors & hearsay that's become all too rampantly familiar to our beloved community, often to it's very detriment.

That being said, thanks again & by all means, keep up the good work.!
thanks! i am trying to do my research into things before posting. for major things like Oblivion i ask ex players just to gain a picture of what is going on. those smaller interviews helped a lot with with my analysis of Oblivions collapse.


a quick note that their will be no newspaper from me this week due to RL. i will still be able to log in but do not have the time to put together a full on newspaper.

and incase you were wondering: no you cannot take advantage of this to rim me (but last week was probably possible due to my hike ; )