The Phi Express Issue#2



This is the long awaited second issue of The Phi Express. This issue will not be in template form as I cannot be bothered. Lazyness has prevailed once again!

I would also like to thank the leaders and other players who did participate and in return helped me build up this issue. Apart from the obvious stuff such as the interviews and opinions, I, Cheezehead have composed the rest of the paper itself!

None the less, the high standard I wish to achive will still be achieved, hopefully. In this issue, there will be numerous sections and some interesting information about Phi alliances, etc. This issue will contain some interviews, an opinion section, what the end of beginners protection has provided and more!

So buckle up and enjoy!

In this section of The Phi Express, there will be interviews of the top alliance leaders in the four ocean cores of world Phi! Some of the things the leaders said are quite interesting. Let's look at it further:

1. Interview with crack2live, representing Cute Furry Kittens and also representing O54.
As leader of CFK, what have you come to see within your alliance and what would you like to improve on?
Well, since a fair number of my teammates are inexperienced and new players, I'd have to improve their skills and communication. Those aspects are the keys to the success of the whole alliance.

As your alliance is situated in O54, and as you are ranked #1, if anyone were to pose a threat on yourself and your alliance, which alliance would it be and why?
No doubt, the Tiny Teddies. I know we have entered the war with the alliance that is ranked very high amongst people, and at no time will I deny that this war is tough.

Tiny Teddies have some experienced players, as well as growing and dedicated new players from new worlds, so I would say that is one deadly combination. Despite the fact, we will still strive forward in the war, since we're looking for some fun :)

If you could pact with any alliance right now, who would you pact with and why?
Well I think I might pact with ShRoom or -LV-, since they are aggressors. Such allies to have by your side.

How are your overall expectations of world Phi? What goals do you hope to achieve in Phi? Are you delited of the world so far, or are you disappointed? Why?
World Phi is a world that requires good leaders, because the cap is 30. Leaders have to choose the best and most active players. Also, they must know how to choose allies and handle diplomacy. Also the players have to be extra-active. One of the best world if morale doesnt stop by :)

I wanna have fun in Phi ;) I've met many old buddies here, as well as lot of new experienced players. And I am trying my best to be a good leader of a team - one achievement that I long for.

Well, so far so good. I am enjoying myself here :)

2. Interview with theonlythomas , representing The Liquidators and and representing O45.
As leader of The Liquidators, what have you come to see within your alliance and what would you like to improve on?
Well, my alliance was just me and Magic13 until thursday monrning... I didn't think we were going to make it, just like all the other alliances i've founded. But then people started to join and within a day or two i realised that we would ned another alliance (Legion Of Liquidators) We have some great players, and i really do think we will play a big part in the future of phi.

As your alliance is situated in O45, and as you are ranked #1, if anyone were to pose a threat on yourself and your alliance, which alliance would it be and why?
Well, Since the top 3 alliances in ocean 45 are The Liquidators, Die Hard and Legion of liquidators i'd say we have this ocean pretty secure (we are allies of Die Hard). We are currently at war with Waste management, they are certainly our biggest threat. Low member count and a high average, a formidable combinaion.

If you could pact with any alliance right now, who would you pact with and why?
No one, we already have 3 pacts and we are having no more.

How are your overall expectations of world Phi? What goals do you hope to achieve in Phi? Are you delited of the world so far, or are you disappointed? Why?
I think this will be one of teh best worlds grepo has had. The low member count is great and i feel that Phi will be one to remember. I have quit my main world, Theta, for Phi now, so i am dedicated to taking the Liquidators to teh top.

Also, i can let you know that there will be a merge between Die Hard, The Liquidators and Leegion of Liguidators in the coming days. After that, we will be unstoppable.

3. Interview with HILLARION, representing TEMPLARS and also representing O44
Due to their leaders insolence, I have to, sadly, report that I was told I would receive a response from HILLARION. Sadly, he has not responded and all I can say is shame. I hope you don't treat your alliance with this much disrespect as you have treated with this paper. Well done to you, sir.

4. Interview with WAwarrior12, representing Wolfpack and WolfpackII and also representing O55
The same goes to WAwarrior12. However, he did not respond and say that he would co-operate. He merely opened the message and probably disregarded it in total. Shame.

In this section of The Phi Express, players who have been randomly selected, in this case, they are all from the top ten, only because I was too lazy to search through. However, I do feel they have some of the most important and as they are highly ranked, they are more experienced in terms of alliances, etc. It is quite self explanatory.

None the less, lets see what some of the top players in world Phi have said:

1. Magsie of ShRoom:
The world in general:
The server have many players but have few veteran but i don`t matter if your veteran or newbie is just have have in the game that`s why choose this server because my brother help in the game to win it..
ShRoom in general:
My alliance have few members but all of them is elite and have many exp. in the game thats why i choose this alliance.
Ocean in general:
I'm the number one in my ocean but i know that i have to be careful because of my position many player is targeting my city like now.. my alliance help me to defende everyday.. and in the future i think i can work it out..
Ocean alliances in general:
Wolfpack have the biggest point right now because they have many members but the game is long and you dont now what might happen... LOL!!
World alliances in general:
I think Tinny Teddies have the most great member but it`s so few so they don`t standout in the world alliance also ShRoom..
If our alliance have more member the two alliance might be top in the WORLD ALLIANCE..
It might surprise me if some might now is taking another city above 2000 points
2. Emperor Narwhal(Osl112) of Tiny Teddies:
Opinion in general:
Phi world seems exciting and I can't wait to see how it progresses! I think we've had almost everything so far, from diplomacy to MRAs to fun skirmishes. I can't wait for conquering to start ;)

The world in my opinion is at the moment, unbalanced. In my opinion, I feel that the North East is by far the most furious and skilled of the 4 core continents, with over half of the top 10 players being in O54. BP wise, it seems like the majority of top BP players are also in O54. 54 also contains a number of furious alliances, such as TT, CFK and LV; as well as fair few pacts according to info I've been given. The only other ocean that I hear much about is 45, where WM and TL seem to be battling a lot. The other oceans seem rather quiet, for some odd reason, but I'm sure they'll wake up in a bit.

Anyway, I feel that there is a lot to come in Phi world... probably in the very near future ;)

3. Ar1s of ShRoom:
Opinion in general:
Guys have been rushing to war lately. Some have won the a few battles, some have lost. But the war still goes on. I won't mention names or alliances. It's still early and the players are young. Things will change. Some say that the brave will survive. I say they will. They might...

But the ones that work together better than the rest, the best friends with the most charesmatic leaders... they will Dominate and Conquer! This is a note for the rest to know. Shrooms are highly toxic in big doses...


4. SenaQ of Tiny Teddies:
Opinion in general:
This world is awesome, speed 2 and conquest is best for any world as settings .After a long time, I’ve seen many quality players in this world. All big guys, forum mods and old guys like me :) I chose O55 in upsilon and for me there is too many war in there, because I’m the peaceful and simcity player, that’s why I choose O54 at the beginning. But The Pacifists guy teach me simcity is not good at all, and I became more aggressive :D
O54 is very good for me, so many big guys in here. Personally I didn’t even reach more than 10city. I know some of LV and Some of The Bish and The Red-Mist Leader :) they are all good players. I don’t know why we are alone in this war. CFK have lots of pacts against us. War is good thing; we can get BP and get more cities. Some CFK players are good, but their leader, crack2live, shouldn’t just invite all players. It’s not good strategy, they need to be more selective in recruitment. If you have more player, you have to support more player too:)
Overall, the -LV- players are all good as I know most of them from other worlds. It is just a shame that other core oceans have not put up a good fight, and therefore, as I know others have stated so, statistics reflect that.

In this section of The Phi Express, new information about the world will be announced. Hopefully the information will be exciting!

1. Aunty Agony coming to Phi?!
Well, you heard it here first, lets see what she's got to say:

Hello my dears,

A friend of mine asked me to contribute to his paper, and I do so love to contribute. So here we are again, I’m bringing A.A. to Phi!

For those of you new to the forums, Agony Aunt is an advice giver. You mail me – I answer your questions in either an informative or humorous way. Sometimes even both. It only really works if you send in the questions, so feel free to pop me a message in the game or on the forums. Just make sure you title it “Agony Aunt” So I know what it’s about. You’ll find your answers in my bit of the Phi Express.

The aim of A.A. is to inform and entertain the forum goers, so if you think of anything Grepolis related you’d like to know – ask me and I’ll find an answer.

I’ve done this before, in Nu and Sigma forums, with varying amounts of success…it all depends on you sending me in questions to answer :p
If you look over these previous versions of A.A. and see something you like, I may even be able to incorporate it…who knows?

That’s all for now sweetings.
Lots of Love,
Auntie Sapphie.

2. Are the Tiny Teddies mad?!
With the recent announcement by Emperor Narwhal, aka, Osl112, Tiny Teddies have declared war on the Cute Furry Kittens and
-LV- . But what does this mean for Tiny Teddies? Have they entered themselves in an unbeatable situation? Will they run the opposition over without much hassle? Nobody knows for sure.

There has been some speculation that the downfall of Tiny Teddies will be because of the inexperienced leader, CheezeHead. Let's see what he has to say:

CheezeHead said:
It has recently occured to me that many players along the forum have been judging without thorough observation. I don't mind that people have opinions about other players, etc, however, it does come to a point where you get annoyed. None the less, I won't be leaving this world for a very very long time.

I believe this declaration of war on Tiny Teddies and -LV- will prove their dominant forces of ocean54 in the coming weeks or months. However, personally, I believe CFK will be no match up against my alliance. The thing I'm looking forward to the most is TT vs -LV- . I believe both are experienced, and the owners of o54 will be decided between these two. However, you can never exclude the option of an unknown alliance coming out of no where...

Interesting enough, however, lets see what Sapphire Sorrows, leader of Sorrows has to say about this announcement of war early on in the game:

Sapphire Sorrows said:
I think that TT are showing us their strength early on, for their sakes i hope they don't peak too soon.
CFK's leader is kinda sad, i mean he is practically leading his people on for nothing - kos what are they going to get out of the conflict - they lose their leader, and have no goals set to achieve bar defend themselves from TT...not a great way to play a world kos one way or the other you get rimmed with no clue what to do next or you survive and...then what?
It'll be interesting to see development in the conflict between TT and -LV- as there could be some fire between them. Both sides have formidible reputations.​
Sapphire Sorrows said:
Well, there you have it, forum goers. Will this cause this downfall of Tiny Teddies? Or will it truly solidify their presence in world Phi and in ocean54? No body knows other than that of time. The next issue of The Phi Express will hopefully bring you the latest updates and if applicable, the results of the war.

In this section of The Phi Express, Phi will be reviewed as best as possible. Each "review" will start off from the last review in the latest issue of The Phi Express. Let us begin....

The last few days or so has been very eventful for many that have been playing in world Phi, especially those situated in the north east corner of the world, primarily in ocean 54. Firstly, let’s take a quick look at the past.

During the first few days of the announcement of world Phi, many premade alliances decided to join. These include Tiny Teddies, Curly123s horrible failure, the MRA “alliances”, crack2live’s, Cute Furry Kittens and of course Sorrows. However, during the first few days of beginners’ protection, many black horses began to appear. First of all, it was Waste Management, and then came along -LV- and WOLFPACK.

Things looked set as Emperor Narwhal (Osl112) was leading the way representing Tiny Teddies every way possible. Not far behind was another local and fellow island mate, Zerubin representing Cute Furry Kittens. However, things started to change. The number one rank kept changing from Emperor Narwhal to Zerubin to Zachthegreat01 back to Zerubin and back to Emperor Narwhal and then to Brianklim, who currently holds the title.

Things didn’t change much until the end of beginners’ protection. This is when the true aggressors began to shine. At first it was -LV- leading the way represented by Kurb. None the less, Tiny Teddies soon kicked in and began dominating the battle field. Since then Tiny Teddies have been leading the way, closely followed by -LV-.

As statistics show, and as Emperor Narwhal has touched on this point previously, most of the “action” has been occurring in the north east of the world. None the less, hopefully the rest of the world can catch up and not be put to shame to a few premade alliances.
Hopefully by the next issue of ‘The Phi Express’ other corners of the world can have something decent to talk about and boast about. And on that note, I challenge the other alliances in surrounding oceans to try and knock off the North East alliances in the battle point rankings. We’ll see by the next issue if it had been done or not.

And so, for obvious reasons, the action and the majority of players that are at the top of the rankings in Phi are from the North East corner of the world. Statistics do not lie. None the less, hopefully, we’ll see some variety in the not too distant future.

This section will just contain random things for bored people, like myself, to try and occupy some of their time. All images, etc, are credited to their rightful owners.​
What can you see?!


This is CheezeHead, coming to you live from my room!

Anyway, I hope you all liked the paper. There was more I could have added, but there's no fun in telling all my secrets in the first try. Note, this is my first ever attempt at a proper newspaper, so, I do expect some bashing. :D But yes, I hope you all enjoyed it, and keep your eyes out open for the next issue.

Adios, amigos.


Sapphire Sorrows

I see mexicans and old people and an indian.

Is there a prize?


nice paper. +Rep for you

EDITwhoever -repped me, pointing out it's not paper. firstly i did chuckle a little (only a little). secondly have the decency to put a name to it.
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Curly123s horrible failure, the MRA “alliances”
Erm, I wouldn't say 300 members in about 3 days is "a horrible fail" :p, sure we didn't achieve our ambitious target but that's still not too bad.

(CnC time) Apart from that, a good paper I would say. Nice formatting of the titles, I like that, not too biased, and good clever formatting. However, I wouldn't have actually posted the interviews of the two leaders who didn't reply, you should have just left them out IMO.


Sapphire Sorrows

Curly, your alliances didn't last 2weeks...i'd say that's a horrible fail :p


However, I wouldn't have actually posted the interviews of the two leaders who didn't reply, you should have just left them out IMO.
I'd much rather give them negative publicity than not publicise them at all. I'm sure their time will come soon enough.


Thanks, Kas.

There were much more people that I was hoping to contribute with the opinions and interviews etc. I guess I'll just wait on them for the next issue. I'm not giving much away about it anyway. But, there will be a third issue FOR SURE. :)


Thanks for wasting my time Cheeze ;) but nice issue though you did a typo you said 44 was TEMPLARS ocean ;)


Har har har. I love wasting people's time, ESPECIALLY YOURS!

And yes, ocean 44 is not controlled by TEMPLARS, it is obviously controlled by the Secret Society. You know it. I know it. You know that I know that we both know it. And everybody else knows it ;)


Intriguing newspaper but like many others the newspaper will die out after a few months.

Sapphire Sorrows

There is a saying

"if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all"

Really, you should consider that. For about a month. Then you can post again.

Cheeze has put effort into this paper, and it's clear he's going to keep it alive.


Lol, I have half a paper composed already. Don't doubt my abilities, Firelord.

I'm not as dumb as you may think. It will last. Tis guaranteed. :D


There is a saying

"if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all"

Really, you should consider that. For about a month. Then you can post again.

Cheeze has put effort into this paper, and it's clear he's going to keep it alive.
That saying is invalid , in my opinion. I am stating the facts , do you honestly think he can keep this newspaper alive until the hero world? Facts are not insults Cheese and no it will not last. We will see.

Sapphire Sorrows

no it will not last. We will see.
hmm? contradicting yourself?

The saying is not invalid - you just need to learn what it means. I am sure that if you put more positive energies out when you interacted with other's you would receive more positives in return.

But instead of making this thread about you and your desire to shoot people down in their efforts to improve the community (to which you do not contribute) lets keep it on topic. Perhaps someone would like to comment on the merge of LIQUIDATORS etc?


Nice paper, CheeseHead.

I'm new and by the reputation I can see on firelord, I am certain that is most probably unwanted. None the less, I like the paper. Can't wait for the next one :O
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