The Phi Express Issue#2


Yeah, and they don't even sign their usernames so you know who it is. Cowards. LOL

None the less, I have an update..

The next issue will be out in less than a fortnight :O It'll be bigger than this one and also will have a lot of new things. :D


Have to laugh about this--I'm told by the person who down-repped me for this comment that your pnp "was crap." Since they haven't posted here just had to pass on the information...:p
The same thing happened to me once. I said a PnP was epic, and they ended up saying "r u dumb". Some people are just plan out retarded, I mean it's only our opinion. :rolleyes:
the only saving grace is that the people who do such things usually only remove 1 rep point :p


sorry i only read it cheeze had a problem with internet and wouldnt let me reply its still down im just at a friends