The Pink Death Premade

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The Pink Death

Welcome To The Pink Death Premade Thread

With the Pink Blades of our Swords we will craft andthe blade so swift we will conquer and prosper

Info and Stats on me
I have been playing since the opening of Rho I achieved 98k in Rho I quit Rho, I was in Eternity Snake Force. I then moved to Phi 2 months after it opened, I am in Mobios I play under the account name of Sparticus991 I also am leader of Project Origin in Delphi

Will be updated soon

App To Join
Ingame Name:
Previous Account Name(s):
Current Account Name(s):
Grepo Stat Link(s):
Recommended Recruit(s):

The Pink Death
The Pink Death were in Phi until we merged into Tiny Teddies.I was a member there but I didnt join Tiny Teddies.

Preferable Settings:
World Speed 3
Unit Speed 2/3
Revolt or Conquest: Revolt
Alliance Cap: 30

Thats all for now Thanks for reading
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