The Republic


Greetings my fine friends,

I am founding an alliance, The Republic, after being inspired to do so after my reading of Plato's great dialogue The Republic, where justice plays a central role, with reason being the driving force behind all matters, and where the state and citizens have a harmonic soul.

I am an experienced player and leader on conquest worlds but will adapt quickly to the revolt system. If you want more info about my experience just ask.

I'm simply looking to capitalize on this worlds settings you see, if we get a good group of players in the core (I've spawned in 44) we have a great chance of establishing a solid alliance and building those wonders.

The world is still in its embryonic stages so lets plant the seeds for a great and mighty alliance. leadership positions open based on experience and competence.

What do you guys say? I presumed all you external forum-goers would be the better players so i thought where better to state my ambitions than here :)

Kindest regards,


hey your messing up the forum why dont you put this in the right place. -_-:rolleyes: