The Resistance: Looking for new members.

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  1. Good afternoon.

    The Resistance is an alliance on this server which believes in strengh in numbers. We value each member, and we make sure that they're playing the game how they want and most importantly making sure they're having fun. We are looking for new members so we can become one of the best alliances on here, and we can't do that without YOU. Yes, YOU! If you're interested in joining, message JakePorter1995 and I will invite you to the alliance. All applicants are guaranteed to be accepted, so don't delay...apply today!

    We are located in Ocean 64.

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  2. Pushty

    Pushty Phrourach

    Jun 8, 2012
    Oh dear.
  3. What's up with that? Haha. I see no problem in it because I like to get to know who's in my alliance. Having more members will make it easier to converse as well as having more people online at a time in case there's need of a few of us attacking a target.
  4. Still looking for new members to join us. We get more every day! Send me a message in-game. ;)
  5. puthia

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    You didn't mention something "vital", your ocean :p
  6. My bad. Our ocean is Ocean 64. :D
  7. puthia

    puthia Guest

    You can adjust it on your previous post (edit) ;)
    So that everyone knows!
  8. Looks to me more like a nice juicy meat factory for surrounding alliances.
    We will take anyone at any time and we will succeed. Oh boy...
  9. Still looking for more members! Message JakePorter1995 for an invitation. :)