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The Rho Reporter
The twentieth of March, 2012




With nearly 24million ABP, Eviction Notice proves the value of their “KILL KILL KILL” technique, elementary as it may be. After crumbling alliance after alliance and recruiting the cream of the crop in Rho, EN’s incredible leadership, and superior organizational skills create the perfect recipe for success.

Three cheers for EN!




Honorable Mention goes to Virus for their valiant effort, and amusing taunts! If it weren’t for EN, they may have infected Rho entirely.



But winning wasn’t as easy as they may have made it look! Not only were EN first to successfully construct 4 world wonder monuments with ease, they were the first and only alliance to build all 7!!! To continue to add to the awe, EN managed to build all 7 of those incredible monuments in Grepolis record-breaking time, according to knowledgeable sources. Worn out from the victory, EN began to sit back and relax waiting for their opportunity on another server.




A green eyed monster, full of envy for EN’s swift victory began to try and exact revenge-even though the time had long expired for a power move against the great Eviction Notice.


Eviction Notice was full from their feast! They managed to evict tenants from nearly 6,000 cities!! TCC Cartoon, led by USSPADDLEBOAT and Mara1, had managed a whopping 1500. What a war machine TCC was! They took their biggest pride in eating inactive cities and claiming “war” on EN’s 10-15 active western players. Rambo76239 had been taught the ways of the ninja by Kronnoss, and with the help of several TCC Cartoon players, made his way into their team chat-posing as a lowly player named MCD0. While in the chat, he remained quiet; he was a fly on the wall of their teamspeak server.

<12:02:49> "christov23": just noticed he colonized there
<12:03:00> "-=juxo=-": ok
<12:03:01> "christov23": i think
<12:03:11> "christov23": but we dont need that WW anyway
<12:03:18> "christov23": we still have the Statue
<12:03:24> "-=juxo=-": yes but is sucks anyway
<12:03:29> "christov23": yeah man
<13:02:59> "MCD0": we cant win with only one ww
<13:03:39> "Voy": no?
<13:06:22> "MCD0": no
<13:06:37> "Voy": ohw.. and now?
<13:08:28> "Voy": how many WW we must build then?
<13:11:43> "MCD0": 4
<13:11:55> "MCD0": 4 first
<13:17:05> "Voy": ah oke, but if we want to win then we must build them first to level 10 before the others that do, isn't it?
<14:14:22> "jill": hey
<14:16:03> "MCD0": yeah
<14:16:19> "jill": juxo just posted a spy report rene
<14:17:26> "jill": mcd0 nice to meet you :)

After Johnsarah1’s perfectly executed TCC wonder-bust, the Cartoons were discussing the loss of their monument in team speak. After seeing Christy23’s blatant ignorance, Rambo spoke up and informed the wannabe the requirements to win the world. To his surprise, and long-lived delight, USSPADDLEBOAT, the fearlessly incapable leader of TCC Cartoon, had no idea how to even win Rho. What a calamity! Still oblivious of their infiltration, USSPADDLEBOAT began sending jealousy filled messages to the leaders of Eviction Notice as they began to close in on their victory with the completion of the 5th, 6th, and 7th WW monuments. Mr. PADDLEBOAT sure had a lot to say, and boy-o-boy was he a tough guy!


Shortly followed by EN’s success and TCC Cartoon’s childish outburst of resentment via PM, the haters’ hate began to spill onto the external forums-a place that TCC’s players were completely unknown. Drunk, high, ignorant, or all three, no one can be sure-a few players began making very very broad statements of libel against Eviction Notice and their credibility as skilled players. As if the 7 wonders in record Grepolis time, 6,000 cities, 24,000,000 ABP, and 10 busted enemy wonders weren’t enough proof for the wannabes known as TCC Cartoon; Sworn enemies, and self-proclaimed EN haters even came to defend against the hollow claims! Having already felt the full force of Eviction Notice in all their glory, EN had gained the respect of many of their enemies, and it was plain as day for all to see in the forums!



So, keep it up TCC. Keep running your mouths. We’ve already won. You can have our left overs, the only cities that really matter are on the 7 islands nestled neatly out of enemy CS range in O44 :) Real men say good game when they’re defeated, the same way that many Virus, HoH, and EVO players already have.

If you’re lucky enough you may stir up an encore, and bring EN to another island near you. You cartoons don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. We are the Grepolis equivalent of video game playing kittens, you are the equivalent of feeble children who get beat by video game playing kittens. Lol, stupid edit.



Before you lash out again with your statistically unsupported rants…

How many wonders did the colorful bunch of Cartoons successfully complete?



How many wonders did TCC bust?



So remember boys and girls: Don’t throw rocks at a tank.

Thanks for subscribing to the Rho Reporter-Your Grepo-info authority on wannabes and their fireships, champs and their WW’s, and everything in between.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: For the intellectually challenged, or those that are just lacking a basic knowledge of creationism Mara1 is referring to Boedha1. Mara is to Buddha what Satan is to Jesus. Through many talks with USSPADDLEBOAT, I have come to understand that much of my humor and vocabulary are far above his level of comprehension. That leads me to believe that the rest of the cartoons are probably equally slow, and it’s the blind leading the blind, or he’s just a pee-brain and is probably the grepo-leader equivalent of a three toed sloth, and his followers are just too lazy or unskilled to get along without him. I want to ensure that this is understood and enjoyed to the fullest extent by all involved.)

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The Rho Reporter ®
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Brilliant PNP Rambo, Unbelievable tekkers!!!

Message to TCC :pro: and We are EN, don't like it get out



Well .... First of all, let me congratulate EN for such an emphatic victory.


Now for my first and maybe last post...

Has someone struck a nerve with you Bambie seeing this is the most attention we've had from an EN player so far ? Surprised such a small alliance has managed to p*&# you off so much.

Obviously we're disappointed with how things panned out but for myself its been good fun playing. Maybe lacking in action but we've never really had much to deal with being situated where we are.

Hope you enjoyed infiltrating our Teamspeak but is that what it came to? Either you felt threatened by us or you never had anything better to do. Maybe you need to get laid, i dont know but you really have taken this game a bit too seriously. This was an extra level of filth i never knew existed. Gamesmanship zero

As for that chat in TS do you really think you were the one to inform us how to win the WW? Well you keep telling yourself that.

Johnsarah wonder buster, dont make me laugh. I dont think i need to explain why we decided not to persue all 7 WW. Clearly we couldnt even keep up on one WW so ......

Heres some stats for you

Eviction Notice losses to TCC HARPOON -

TCC HARPOON losses to Eviction Notice -

Rambos 10 TCC HARPOON conquests

Death Reaper - Had left the game
Lost 808 x2 - Went away for a week, forgot to activate VM and got kicked (Rambo quoted our forum, not for the first time and knew when Lost808 would return)
Eusikim x3 - Never asked for support and was kicked
Beckilos - Never asked for support
Lolip - Never asked for support
Oempie - Fair do
Limborecla - Fair do

Good day and fairwell, im sure the majority of you guys will leave now you have your certificates.


LOL @ Christy. Thanks for your half hearted congratz, and thanks especially for trying to $#!* on me specifically. You got my attention by running your collective mouths when they're all full of ;) I wasn't just gonna sit around and read your libel, and let the rest of the real players here read it too, without sharing my side. I'm shocked that you'd even attack me for defending myself, or do you prefer it when the people you and your friends taunt just sit back with nothing to say-like punks.

"Boom, crush. Night, losers. Winning, duh."
Charlie Sheen
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Your welcome

Just thought after some name calling and taunting i'd take a stab at you. This is the first i've spoke out so did you expect me just to sit back and say nothing.

Never the less a nice PnP, made me laugh


ye me was very funny also i no why u never persued the wonders it was because u new u would never finish them


and also John basically TCC are led by a few warmongering, blood hungry, precision timing, troop building maniacs... they are a bit like the mongol horde... they keep on coming... and build none of the beauty that we have achieved.
When they are blood lusted out.. (which I doubt) and want to join us in another world.. (also doubt) I would gladly take them... I know others would shoot me... (no doubt)

contact me.. the door is always open


and also John basically TCC are led by a few warmongering, blood hungry, precision timing, troop building maniacs... they are a bit like the mongol horde... they keep on coming... and build none of the beauty that we have achieved.
When they are blood lusted out.. (which I doubt) and want to join us in another world.. (also doubt) I would gladly take them... I know others would shoot me... (no doubt)

contact me.. the door is always open

Another world? Ahhhhhh server 35. The server which they named after you ;)


We jumped to 35 as a test run to see how the invite system can work and the alliance invite system... learnt a bit.. will be doing another server very soon, what's your in game name Strike? (probably "StrikeHard" lol) message me if you're interested.



I was shocked as how you were all dead close to each other. Either you all timed it or someone got hold of all your accounts and signed you up at the same time :eek:

Haha most people do think that. But naaw I gifted that account away, IGN: Crawler1, came up with it whilst player COD LOL. This server or the next?


COD ...I am useless at that.. thought I was good until my teenage sons proved totally I was a noob..

It will be a hero world... for something new


Well congratulations that you won. Very skilled players and aggressive offenses, however other alliances did try to fight back. Most alliances knew that they couldn't move in to your territory, so they strengthened their own territory. Also due to uncommited players, no one cared about WW in TRT or most alliances. Some people in alliances are just caring about themselves. EN came to be when you destroyed enemy alliances and the strongest players joined you. Other members just ended up as ghosts. All main opposition alliances are here today and the reason that we "fools" are still playing is because of multiple reasons. Some players do not want to give up all their time spent, and some want honour within the losing alliances to you. There some other reasons personally from different players, thus I cannot explain it all.