Newspaper The Rho Reporter Players of the Month

Killer of hell

Player of the Month

As a quick and plain issue, we have finnaly found our players of the month for world RHO, in their time and deternination for the game, they has finnaly been given recognition. The players of the month for world RHO is....

1st- Boedha1 for his determination and skill for being number 1 in RHO.
2nd-Hell73 for being in second place for his ABP.
3rd- Vassilis100 for being ranked second in world RHO, and for being in third place for ABP.
4th-USSVOYAGER for having the most defensive battle points.
5th-Oxmyx for being ranked 1 in ocean 52.
6th-BatVanio for being ranked 3rd in the world of RHO, and achiveiving his points by himself with no alliance. our your players of the month for world RHO.