The Rho Reporter Returns

Killer of hell

Rho Reporter Returns​

The Rho Reporter Returns with news of the ending historical world of Rho.We are here to report the final issues and stories of the oldest players there.Who responded?Who died?Who left?Let us see what happened.

After a long and deserting ending of the world of RHO.Surviving players from around the world still had the courage to stick around.Oxmyx reports to us with a soon to come interview with him about his main thoughts and theories of RHO.amyklae of laconia reports with his desperations of the dying world.Here are some of his accounts-

I never fully understood why the world should just die...i always imagined the world just relapsing to a heaven world, where we could finnaly live in peace....i was wrong though.After we won the world was fine for just a while...but then after we started leaving for the Hero world...everything just fell apart.We became lost for a while.Founders in alliances became inactive...leaving us to fend for ourselves.But slowly, very slowly we came back with enough pride to finish off the world in a new way.We turned to war for our answer...there we found our destiny and faith.So we deleted all pacts, and declared war on everyone.This helped us grow and expand faster then before...with the dying players, it gave us an advantage to use well built ghost cities.Oh yes, we grew all right.Our enemy alliances were still at large though.TCC HARPOON grew a still has its territories...but not for long.Virus completly fell to the ground with only 2 members alive.Though these players have a good amount of cities each...we let become apart of our relaxing alliance.I always thought if i were to be conquered...i would leave for REPLENISH inc.Where i could finnaly relax in peace.But i am still here...what will i do next, you say?I will avenge those who gave their cities for us.I will not rest in till TCC HARPOON falls epicely and utterly under our wrath.

As an all out act of despair and war in the world of RHO, some of the players agreed to show some of their old reports-here is what we were given-

After interviewing the founders of the alliances I have to right this:

The alliance "Birds of Prey" has declared war on the alliance "Allies R us" because the founder of Birds of prey was trying to get stronger, and of course, get some BP, and have some fun along the way. They do have some members far from their core, so they will need to clear that out. The alliance "Sons of Hyperion", has in the meantime, decided to aid "Birds of Prey" in their war. They seem confident that "Alliance R us"'s weak core will lead them to their victory in ocean 56.

The founder of "Allies R us" has givven me a confident answer to my questions. He only replied with:
"I could have stopped the war on the 1st day it was declared.
And I didn't...", this surly means confidence in his war.

The cities of Birds of Prey are under revolt, the war isn't going well for them.
Alliance R us seem to have the upper hand right now.
The best players of Birds of Prey are under revolt, this must be demoralizing for the lesser ranked players in Birds of prey.

Birds of prey are caching up with Allies R us, they have 4 more cities than yesterday, and have made a 2000 point leap in ABP, and a smaller 1000 point leap in DBP. They have also wen't up a rank on the alliance ranking list.
Allies R us have the same number of cities as yesterday, and they have had a bigger DBP leap (+1200 DBP) than they have in ABP (+1000 ABP).
This has leveled the score to 3:3
Allies R us currently have the upper hand

What I can conclude is that both side are wonderful, and both have a chance of being victorious in this war.
Good luck to both sides.
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