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Killer of hell

The Rho Reporter

Do to some turn around issues, i plan to make things straight.

1st-The Rho Reporter was created by Not2Sane. All thanks of brewing should go to him.

2nd- The reviving of The Rho Reporter goes to amyklae of laconia, a powerful mysterious player in RHO.

3rd-Goes to Kronnoss for creating some of the stories posted in The Rho Reporter.

4th- To oxmyx, Stopie, and Davey2011, for giving away some of their time to be interview personally.

5th- To all players of RHO , without whom the world would be nothing.

Here are them all, and let them be remembered....Hail and Farewell.(Saying created by amyklae of laconia)


Dosn't seem that any ones stats on rho for conquest is great any more.
Seems to be mainly yellow or abandon conquests, mixed with a few green or red.

Killer of hell

Ghosts is what we can live off to survive...amyklae of laconia is not strong in points or cities...but for what he can do.