The Rho Story-Chapter 1

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The Rho Story

After recovering this story from a dead world, i have accounted to post it before you all.Here is the unfinished story of Thr Rho Story-

Things were looking bleak for TRB. They were in a tough situation when they were confronted with the prospects of war with Virus. Their leader, known as Sir Oinksalot, did not want to go to war without Eviction Notice at their side. Eviction Notice had approached them with the offer of being a vassal state. In return for their loyal service, Eviction Notice would grant them access to some of the riches in O55. Sir Oinksalot was a greedy man who saw an opportunity to prove himself. He wanted to show the world of Rho that he was worthy of serving at Eviction Notice's right hand.

Sir Oinksalot managed to convince his alliance that war was in their (his) best interests. With that, the alliance rallied behind him and the drums of war began to beat. As the day of invasion drew near, Sir Oinksalot became worried that Eviction Notice wouldn't stand by them. He hadn't heard from them in weeks. He quickly called a council meeting where they decided to delay the invasion until they were instructed by Eviction Notice on what to do.

Little did this council of men know, that their conversation was overheard by the Legendary Mark Alderson. A figure whose heroism is known throughout Rho. A commander of one of the most impressive armies Rho has ever known. He is a brilliant tactician whom with the stamp of a foot will raise legions to his cause.

Upon hearing Sir Oinksalot blasphemous statements he burst into the council room.

Mark Alderson: "What in Rho are you saying? We are not going to invade because we don't have Eviction Notice holding our hands like children? And what is this about settling for being second best, I strive to be the best. That is #1."

Council Member: "Calm yourself, we will war when the time is right."

Mark Alderson: "You mean when Eviction Notice tells us to."

Council Member: "It is not as black and white as that, but yes. We need them. We are warring with Hounds of Hades and things aren't going too well on that front either."

Mark Alderson: "Balderdash, to be the best entails sacrifice. We must be willing to risk everything to win everything."

Infuriated with the lack of courage and submissive nature of the council. Mark Alderson storms from the room. Little did the council know, that war was coming regardless of what they wanted.

"Let him go. If he wants to get himself killed then let him.", Sir Oinksalot said while thinking to himself, "If Mark Dies, I will be able to secure my position of dictator supreme over TRB."

Mark Alderson is a charismatic young man. Sir Oinksalot feared this knowing that if anyone could truly lead the alliance, it would be him. But with Mark Alderson debarking on a quest to attack Virus all by himself, would lead to his demise. Sir Oinksalot reclined back in comfort and smiled and waited for word from Eviction Notice.

Meanwhile, Mark Alderson plotted his attack. He picked a nice beach head within O55 that was to be his landing point. He knew that the front cities would be stacked for war, but the interior ones would have less defense. Calculating his times. Mark Alderson gathered his men for a valiant speech:

Mark Alderson: "Today is a good day. For today, we set sail for certain death. We are going to attack Virus, and we are doing it alone as our leaders have abandoned us. They want to settle for being number two, whereas as I say Hogwash to that. I dream of being the best alliance in all of Rho. Not some submissive sub-state who beckons to the whim of our masters. To that I say, we are the masters! and everyone should kneel before us. So stay here if you want to be a slave, or follow me forward to death, victory, and freedom!"

With a mighty roar, Mark Alderson's men raised their swords and screamed a deafening battle cry. The die is cast he thought to himself as he cast off his anchor, always ensuring his boat was ahead of the others. Mark Alderson firmly held to the creed that "if one is to lead, he must be in front at all times. Otherwise, he is just a follower."

News spread quickly about his daring attack. Hundreds of his ships were launched towards the target within Virus territory whom were unaware of the impending bloodbath.

Xaphon, one of Mark Alderson's faithful friends heard news of the attack. Unable to sit idly by as his friend sailed into certain death, he dispatched messages to other noble souls who desired Virus Blood. Although they would not reach in time to make a difference in the first battle, they would be able to bring reinforcements. Xaphon being less than a day behind Mark Alderson's fleet ordered his men to arms and set said in aid.

Xaphon's men were exhausted from rowing all night. But the prospect of Virus Blood filled them with the strength of the gods. At day break, they could see Mark's fleet in the distance and began to row faster to make it in time.

They were about 5 kilometers our when Marks Fleet hit the beach. Xaphon witnessed with his own eyes Mark Alderson to be the first man to jump off his boat and storm the beach. The men came off in droves screaming as arrows rained from the skies. This did not stop his men as they took up a phalanx positioning and advanced forward. The undisciplined Virus soldiers stormed recklessly at his advancing wall of shields, but were cut down like trees.The line of shields was like a stone wall advancing forward. The more Virus attacked, the more corpses this wall had to step over.

Xaphon's armies reached the shore and took up a flanking position which was signaled to Mark Alderson by flaming arrows. There were now multiple walls of shields taking up positions on the beach, while Xaphon's elite archers unleashed a hellstorm of arrows upon Virus defenses.

The Beach head was secured, and Virus in retreat. The men began to fortify themselves as small squads broke off to scout the remaining areas. Xaphon took command of the beach and diligently scoured the area as to avoid any nasty surprises. Mark Alderson kept advancing towards the city.

A soothing hymn started to fill the air. Mark Alderson's men became entranced as if each note was an opiate. Some of the men became docile, but other's became violent. Without notice, his men started to lash out on one another. Mark Alderson could only look on in horror. He screamed for his men to stop but he knew there was magic in the air. He heard the melody coming from a tower and rushed forward alone, knowing that the only chance he had of saving his men was to stop that sound. Bursting through the tower door and then rushing up the tower stairs he comes to a large door. With a single kick he knocks the door down.

There standing before him is this muse singing from the window. Startled by his ability to resist her charm, she stops to ask:

Muse: "Shouldn't you be killing your men?"

Mark Alderson: "What sort of witchery is this women?"

Muse: "Tee hee hee. The fun kind." - The muse continues to sing.

Mark Alderson: "Stop singing, or I will cut your tongue from your throat!"

Muse: "Oh, you will do no such thing." The muse said as she approached Mark Alderson.

Mark Alderson grabs her and pulls his dagger from his sheath and sticks it to her throat and demands: "Who are you?"

Muse: "I am Lady Acacia."

Mark Alderson: "Release my men from your spell, or I will release you from this world."

Lady Acacia: "If you were going to kill me, I'd be dead. You may be able resist my magic, not many mortals can, but you can't resist my charm. Tee hee hee."

Lady Acacia slowly takes her hand and removes the dagger from her throat.

Lady Acacia: "I will release your men. Consider it a gift. Tee hee hee. I will see you soon."

Lady Acacia kisses Mark Alderson on the cheek and slowly dissipates into a light mist that disperses through the window.

Xaphon: "Are you ok Mark? What happened?"

Mark Alderson: "Where am I?"

Xaphon: "The battle is won. We took the city."

Mark Alderson: "Where is she?"

Xaphone: "Where is who?" he asked all bewildered.

Mark Alderson: "Never mind. Let's secure this city. Retaliation will be coming soon."

Xaphon: "My men are on it."

Mark Alderson looking off at his men knew that this was no great victory. He was unsure what it was. All that was certain in his mind was that it was just the first chapter an endless book of bloodshed.

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Killer of hell

I have a right to repost this here....i was granted permission. As a reseruction..By oxmyx, and others who have agreed the usage of old and new posts.

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