The Rim Observer - Issue 1 - Why Am I Doing This?


A Newspaper Thingy
Interviews and alliance discussion.

I'm still doing Newspapers, yayyyyyyyyyyyyy. There's literally nothing more to say, enjoy the read and don't crucify me. I'm just a small boy playing in the rim. He's just a small boy just playing in the rim. Without further ado, we begin.

Grepo Chukey from F2P.

1. Obviously a chunk of players from your alliance left to form snakes, how did you feel about that when it initially happened, and as time has progressed, how have your thoughts changed? Bucks is a bit** nom nom nom

2. As the leading contenders for the crown right now, that clearly puts a massive target on your backs. How do you best hope to negate that? Crown me Nom nom nom nom

3. Moving away from your team, what do you think the role of a leader in an alliance is? Not Vs Nom nom nom nom

4. Pineapple on pizza, yay or nay. Not nom nom nom nom

Truly insightful words from Grepo Chuckey. On his team, FP2, they're clearly holding a strong position in 45, and are extending into other oceans as well. Not only that, they also have a stacked roster, none of whom are golders I am sure. Long term, it would be easy to say that this team is going to win, with them having most numbers and indications pointing in their favour. Though, one must consider how the competition from snakes will play out in the long term. Another consideration is how the allies of F2P will play into the equation, those players are more res for eventual WWs, but they're also far less capable of holding their ground than F2P players. Poppy also act as a wild card here, will they run with F2P for a crown to the end, will they make an independent run to the crown? But the wild card of Poppy will be discussed later.

VIRTUALSELF from Snakes.

1. Obviously snakes started as a group that split off from F2P. Could you start off by explaining a bit about why you made this choice?
I've talked about it numerous times and i'm to be honest a bit tired of talking to deaf ears and people who will spin the truth around, but i can explain again.

First reason being that MtS was supposed to be a small team where we would see if we could win being like 20 people, but i took a small break and came back to 3 branches and a pact.

Second reason is that the leader, Lost, openly used a bot and had his own multi-accounts placed in all other alliances. That anyone can back that guy is beyond me, but i'd just say go figure why the game is dying. INNO can only do so much, at the end of the day it's the players playing the servers.

2. You guys currently seem to be fighting a very tough war with F2P. With that in mind, what do you think the most valuable strategy for taking them on will be?
In reality it's actually going quite well for us, we are 86-81 on the warscore, and 40 of F2P takes comes from handovers. We are eating Grepo Addicts and POPPY are wide open we've just not had the slots yet to launch CSs. At the end of the day this is not domination, we continue to grow and havent even gotten a downwards trend or anything. We lose cities but we take twice as many from Grepo Addicts. We play WW not domination.

We continue to have motivation as we can hit everyone, i wonder for how long F2P can keep their hotheads aligned and keep hitting us few 65 players lol.

3. What do you think is the role a leader should play in an alliance?
A lot of pre-planning before the actual server opens, like picking the right people and avoiding hotheads. Other than that it mostly comes down to keeping the people motivated by making good weekly OPs. Most importantly listen to your own members and lead by example. Nothing worse than seeing leaders who barely play the game or help anyone out ingame.

Another underrated thing that is up to the leaders is actually keeping servers alive and fun. This is why i usually avoid WW as crown rotation is a thing, and leaders often just plan it with each other and then do some dirty rotations. In my head there has to be a loser for a winner to exist, if that means i have to lose for a server to avoid crown rotations, so be it.

I could point out 20 people on this server who only knows that, sometimes i wonder, do people even enjoy the game anymore or do they only play to get crowns? Grepo addicts always cling to #1 alliance, people like Leblob, Ranbir Singh, Momentum etc., all they know is crowns. Ask yourself, how many times have you seen them on the underdog team? Yeah.

4. Pineapple on Pizza, yay or nay. I hate citrus. Is pinapple citrius? Idk man, but big no. Shrimp and clams goes on pizza ;)
There was definitely some shade thrown around in that interview XD Right now, Snakes stand as the number 2 runners for the crown, but they have a much tougher road ahead of them. With hostile players to the south, north, and east, Snakes are going to spend a lot of time fighting. The benefit of this is that if they hold, which they seem to be doing decently as of now, they're gonna have a massive amount of BP to build more cities and provide more for WWs. There's also a diplo angle to consider, with how isolated they are on the board right now, how will they be able to build the bridges necessary to go home for WWs? It's a tough question to ask, but Snakes have a decent set of tough fighters, and a bucks, so dismissing them would be stupid.

Kaiokai of Poppy.

1. Poppy, from what I can tell, seems to be a new team on the block. With that in mind, it's reasonable to say that a lot of people (including myself), don't really know much about Poppy. With that in mind, what would you consider the most important thing for people to know about Poppy? It's really fun to play alongside poppy's, we got a ton of experienced players a bunch of enthusiastic begginers, honestly the most interesting and fun bunch i have ever met we discuss more tits than grepo on our discord, quite a lively bunch.

2. As a leading contender for the crown right now, how do you weigh up your competitors compared to Poppy? WW is like months away, a lot can happen over time, with people quitting this world almost every day from every alliance, coming back to the question I believe f2p has a decent shot at winning the crown.

3. Moving away from Poppy specifically, what do you consider to be the role of a leader in an alliance? Assessment, judge where they stand in this world and make a long-term decision based on that, ie playing the Diplo card right, mergers etc..

4. Pineapple on Pizza, yay or nay. Oh god no

It looks like all those external posts finally payed off, though I'm not sure if being interview for my rag is something that people should actively volunteer for. Now onto Poppy, these guys are the new kids on the block, which makes it both easier and harder to make an assessment of them. On the one hand, new teams like this rarely do well, and their untested nature often plays against them. However, there's always a chance Poppy could be the exception. They've got overall decent war scores against enemy alliances, though the fact that Poppy remain untested cannot be dodged around, especially in the realm of their diplo, which I am going to tactfully avoid talking about. Therefore, I'm gonna plant them firmly as a wildcard team, we will watch your career with great interest ;)


I hope you enjoyed reading this brief little paper of mines. If you'd like to have a chat, or ask me any questions, I exist as a human being and I like talking to people. Have a nice day, and as I said at the start of this paper, please don't crucify me.


Not only that, they also have a stacked roster, none of whom are golders I am sure.


Only 3 days left! Seems all the trash talk is done, sadly. Nobody can contest that Charmers kinda dunked this world

Was this before or after you were having your @$$ royally handed to you and you ran and got Fiasco from another server to save you?