Pnp The rise... and fall of True Fear (True Noobs)


I won't be claiming you are. I just find it absolutely notable for someone, admittedly, not playing to be so engaged. And oh lord, know so much in such detail.

Amazon must spend hours on end telling you about his great accomplishments... Sorry, you claimed it was all pure speculation!? My bad, I forgot about that
umm being RELATED tends to do that ya know? :eek:
Besides nice word play.. at least you tried.. but died..


i love the haaters!! someone joined WC just to talk smack whenever i post LMAO if thats having no life i dont know what is.. keep up the talking in the forum!!! didnt you get rimmed last 2 worlds you play? came here fo no.3?
Well I haven't played since idalium on US where I handed my cities off so idk where you get your info lol
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Was the Co-op crew not a sister alliance of The New Day Cop
You might be right I lost track of how many there are lol.

Anyway this thread also bores me now.

AK inactive doesn't bore me tho. Well now... that's just down right exciting. What happens if AK leaves, pdiddy? Who's behind do you polish then? LMAO.

EvilKing, you got any special "insight" as to were AK is? Any sixth sense stuff going on there? Why he left during his own lame "OP" while his inactive friends are also getting hit....



They said they didn't care about the members in 055 just cared about the people in 045/046
They don't care about anybody but themselves. That wont change on the next server. And if they chose the middle of a battle to "leave to play the next server" they are even more awful than I thought.

Good riddance...time to take out the rest of the trash I guess.