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Hello I Am The Commander Of The Shinpaku Alliance And I Am Joining Sigma When It Comes Out, I Am Not Sure If This Is In The Right Forum But I Am Sure It Will Be Moved Accordingly. I As The Commander Is Informing You Of This Because I Would Like You To Have The Chance To Join, For We Could Become A Great Alliance Beside Me Is The Assault Commander Swifty91 For He Is One Of Them That Has Gained My Trust With Honor. So If You Would Like To Join Private Message Me.

PS...We Will Be Forming A Chain All Over Grepolis Starting 4/15/2011 At 12:00 AM, Michigan Time This Will Include ALL Servers Including The Upcoming One's
Right Now We Are Already In The Server Omicron.

Thank you For Your Time And Remember This,

"The object of war is not to die for your city but to make the other bas*ard die for his."


Shin Paku

I Have Already Ran 4 Semi-Successful Alliances, But They Where All Named Differently, And Were All Very Different, So I Passed Them On To Leaders Of Great Trust And Decided I Should Quit...

Now I Know I Am Not Going To Quit Because Of The Fact They Will Be Chained In A Way So It Will Take More Time Off My Hands Which Will Also Make It Easier, Another Name I Was Called In The Past Was "The Leader Of Languages" Though At The Time It Was Only Common Languages And Even Today I Am Only Learning Russian The Use Of Hot Keys Comes Into Play And Different Keyboards, So I Would Like To Think That The Nick Name Is Misinterpreted.

Any More Questions Private Message Me,

Shin~Paku !
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