The Story of Heraklion!


I have decided to write an ongoing story of this world (will continue for as long as i keep interest)

For a time there was only darkness, the only sounds were of waves crashing on the large pieces of earth that littered the oceans. Future leaders of reputable villages were nestled away in any place they could find refuge. However as the profits had envisioned then there was a light on the horizon The gods have listened to the call of the masses! People began to communicate and decide where they planned to live and to colonize, nations were already beginning to form. There was an eerie feeling in the air, as if this had already been done before, dozens of times. Familiar names and faces popped out but no one could quite put their fingers on it. Perhaps in another world in another life..

Whispers of great heroes from other worlds have plagued the communities. Who will rule this young new world? Will one alliance come out with control over most of the world, or will there be a balance of power? will any alliances become so big that their own weight crushes their brittle structure/ government or lack-there-of, or will an alliance that accepts any kingdom into their ranks be one of the few to find success?

As the world becomes closer to having established villages the swords carried by great military units are held more and more tight. Farming villages are becoming scared of the military buildups along the shoreline and are beginning to train their own units for their own survival.

to be continued?.. (let me know if i should continue this or not)


Not bad, I quite liked it the more I read. Could be quite good if it continued to happen when wars start to break out etc.


Sounds good. You should do this in one of the newspapers


Good cliffhanger already T_T. Yeah I say you should continue. And like -Spyder- asked want to be in mai newspaper?