Newspaper The Tegea Times, Issue II


What's the weirdest message you've received thus far?
This one.

What are your current goals for this world?
Kill It All

At this time, have you made an official declaration of war against anyone?
War with everyone

At this time, have you made an official declaration of war against anyone? Any official pacts?
Yeah we're having a good fight vs ACHILLES their allies BLACK ZONE CRUSADE, and Avengers.
We're also allied to Quantum Suicide.
What are your current goals for this world?
The goal is to have fun. Which i'd like to think we are. We hope to win the world.

If you had to elect a member of your alliance as your ‘champion’ who would it be, and why?

Couldn't settle for just one. A lot of people help me and make this possible.

The election for Grepolis’ newest addition, Player Council, is opening soon. Are you planning on voting/running? Do you think player council is important, and why or why not?
I'm running. It really comes down to how serious Inno takes it and how serious the winners are. I figure we'll find out soon.

From unicorns to allstars and everything in between – what’s up with all the name changing? What’s been your favorite alliance name to date? Your least favorite?

Free my homie (name omitted in case this gets removed) he ain't do nuthin
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1. Allstars (+ Allstars.)
ABP - 1 (no change)
DBP - 3 (-2)
Total - 2 (-1)

The alliance formerly known as Angela's Angels, formerly known as Moderated Unicorns, formerly known as..... what? I've lost track of the name. A solid core in ocean 54, and there are at least rumors that they are working together with the alliance Quantum Suicide, although The Smilodon Fatalis has not commented on it at this time. update: just confirmed. They seem to be fairly evenly matched to their biggest competitor, ACHILLES - although the exact numbers are difficult to calculate due to the recent shift of alliances.

The major war stats (with both Allstars and Allstars. counted):
Allstars vs ACHILLES
4 - 3

Allstars vs Avengers
6 - 5


2. Bedtime Squad
ABP - 2 (unranked.)

DBP - 2 (unranked.)
Total - 1 (unranked.)

I definitely expected a lot coming from this alliance off of BP, and they haven't been putting up as big of a fight as I had expected them to. I also see suicide shrimp squad getting nice and comfortable behind them - this is certainly an ocean that is going to be fun to watch, but if they aren't pacted with the shrimps then I'd hope they don't let them grow too strong too quickly. There's quite the number of well known names in that alliance.

The major war stats:
Bedtime vs FairyTail
4 - 14

Bedtime vs FairyTail.
11 - 1

Bedtime vs Let Us Sleep
5 - 2

ABP - 3 (-1)

DBP - 1 (+2)
Total - 3 (no change)

Another alliance name change, these are those members formerly known as Knights of the Orient. We woke up one day and suddenly they changed their name to Achilles, and appeared to have severed off from their other two branches: now known as Avengers and Black Zone Crusade (BZC being the same alliance that initially merged into them.) When I saw first saw this, I was excited for them. I thought they looked like a really good alliance - a small, compact group of players. They were even pretty direct about it on their forum:
Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 4.13.16 PM.png .....or maybe, not so direct? Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 4.13.05 PM.png Are they still the three branch alliance masquerading under another name, or are they the no-pact all-war alliance they claim to be? The founders did not comment.

The major war stats:
ACHILLES vs Allstars

3 - 4

ACHILLES vs Avengers
6 - 5

4. FairyTail
ABP - 4 (+1)

DBP - 4 (+3)
Total - 4 (+1)

This alliance is the most improved of the alliances that were on the previous top 5 list, the alliance formerly known as DEMONIC PRESENCE/DEMONIC EXTINCTION. They didn't really seem to have many issues with taking over their entire ocean straight off of BP, but there's been some shifts in alliances. Their aggression against Bedtime is much more impressive than I anticipated, but they seem to be fairly evenly matched. The first branch seems to be a clear-cut winner in this war - it's their second branch that has had some major losses.

The major war stats:
FairyTail + FairyTail. vs Bedtime
15 - 14

FairyTail vs Avengers
0 - 4

5. Let Us Sleep
ABP - 7 (unranked.)

DBP - 8 (unranked.)
Total - 7 (unranked.)

The lowest ranker in the top 5 at the moment, but certainly not to be forgotten. A smaller core in ocean 45, one thing I will give to these guys is that they seem to have tore down and rebuilt their entire core, and still managed to get into the top 5. Either way, their war stats aren't looking too terrific - they're evenly tied with or losing the two major battles against Bedtime and Avengers. Outside of that they appear to be feeding off of smaller alliances and growing at a pretty good rate.

The major war stats:
Let Us Sleep vs Bedtime Squad
2 - 5

Let Us Sleep vs Avengers
2 - 2

Let Us SleepJPEG.jpg

** major war stats do not include mass slaughterings, only stats of somewhat active wars.
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Top 5:
3 Quantum Suicide
4 Allstars
5 Avengers

A lot of shifting alliances and unknown pacts happening in this ocean - allegedly ACHILLES, BZC, and Avengers are still working together. Likewise, allegedly Quantum Suicide and Allstars are working together - the two groups seem evenly matched, but based on the averages in oceans, Allstars+Quantum look to be making the bigger push into ocean 44 than the other way around. Either way, this ocean is looking a lot more mixed up than it was the last time we checked in.
Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.57.21 PM.png

Top 5:
1 FairyTail
2 Let Us Sleep
3 Avengers
4 Fallen Heroes
5 Bedtime Squad
Like 44, this ocean is also looking a bit more mixed up, but with smaller grouped cores. FairyTail look to have a good hold of it right now, but Avengers and Bedtime look to be pressing them from both sides.



Top 5:
1 Allstars
2 Allstars.
3 Beasts
4 The Darkside

This ocean seems to be pretty overwhelmed by Allstars and not as exciting to watch as others at the moment. However the war between Allstars and ACHILLES is definitely an interesting one to look out for - especially if ACHILLES makes more moves to get into 54.

O54 Colors.png

Top 5:
1 Bedtime Squad
2 Suicide Shrimp Squad
3 Fallen Heroes
4 Don't Panic

Ocean 55 looks much less intertwined than other oceans with this many big alliances in it. The alliances in the ocean all look to have their own cores, but the cities and islands don't really look to be tangling together too much. Rather, they just have mass cores and a few cities added on here and there, but for the most part those cities are scrunched up closely to their cores.


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Kuriants (Answer: NOON) Trivey (What do you get when you cross-breed a shark and a cow?)
PM me via forums for your prize with your in game name!

500 GOLD
mention which photo your caption is for.
the funniest caption wins.
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Caption: "I'm a Seal, Arp, Arp, Arp....." obviously clear cut winner right here.

PS. Im not sure what the award was last week, but you can use it on yourself :)


i got yelled at for being cheap....... so I increased the gold prize slightly

i'm adding in two more photos as make things more interesting.... I'll assume comments above this one are going to be for the seal photo.
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#2: "I don't care what I just stepped in. Do you see what's coming at me right now?: