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The Thebes Eye

Introducing The Thebes Eye, a newspaper designed to update players about whats going on in Thebes. This weekly newspaper relies on your stories and will keep you reading for hours.

If you would like to send in stories, here is what we will have in our first issue, PM me:

#Interviews (topic of your choice, though must be related to Thebes)
#Funny Mail (Screenshots please)
#Epically Hilarious Screenshots
#Grepolis Story
#Funny Allies

I may ask to copy and paste threads from 'The Cadmea' or 'World Thebes (en64)'​
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LeBron Games

Omg mate we already have a newspaper TNN. So 2 newspapers for this world? Lets see wich newspaper is the best

garrison thac

You guys could be on opposite sides. Like for example republican news and democrat news. That would be fun.


You guys should include adverts, payed for with... something... we could use it to spread propoganda.


And now a payed message from our sponsors-
Depraved Tendencies, at a city near you soon. ;)


It would probably be better if you worked together on it IMO.

It would mean that you could cover more content, and improve the quality a lot more. With 2 separate papers it seems pretty likely that you will overlap a fair bit.

I look forward to reading the 'Thebes News Eye' in the future.


Edit: Or what Raptok said. That would create a pretty interesting dynamic, though I expect the reality will be more like 'Depraved Tendencies. Losing a city near you soon!'



Well, there are negatives with working together as well as positives:
*More Detail
*More Views
*Less work on each contributor
*Issues can be delayed if one person goes inactive
*Arguments lol

Although I could see the Democratic v Republican sort of thing happening if 2 alliances are at war.

Never know what could happen :)


I think multiple newspapers is the way to go, competition breeds excellence.


is there any way that i could be a part of the newspaper team? i talk to alot of people and am more then happy to snoop around for info considering i know so many peoples :D