The Titans Domination


remember that alliance Domination...well we are back :)

Requirements to join TTD :
MUST have over 10k points and 2 cities. if you do not have that then join TDL (Titans Domination Lions) and then u can join domination once u get to 10k in TDL

MUST be aggressive and willing to fight...we don't take pushovers

MUST read the forums and post in them every once in a while.

WE ARE MRA, a refugee camp or, a home for newbies.

WE DON'T TAKE...selfish players, or people who don't support other members

for recruitment mail me, HIHIpeople




the leaders account was hacked and no one could find a replacement so the active players went to TTD

that leader was me :(
You was a leader of Titans Lions, what was your name in game, and who is the leader now of titans lions, I was a leader before all most a year but I left the game so I'm just curious to know what is going on with Titans.


He means the badass domination I think
Yea I was apart of it. A lot of people moved to Zeta, and when that happened our leadership fell apart on epsilon.

Many of us split up and are still active. Daveio and myself are the only ones I currently know about that still play.


funny thing is, that domination failed lmao. merged into the secret I think and they went into NmE