The true fall of United Agean Empire (UAE)


Hello all, some of you may have noticed my absence in the last few months. I would just like to say that my time in beta will be coming to an end shortly, but you will be seeing me shortly hit the battlefield again sometime in late june for a hero world. Hopefully some of you will come with me to have one last fight to this game.

Anyway, as promised by the title I believe that it is time for me to truly tell the story of how UAE fell (at least how I feel it happened). For those of you that don't know who UAE was/is stop reading now and if you do please enjoy the next few words.

During late may 2010 the UAE/AoA vs Pheno/ML was heated. I remember as a commander in UAE staying up very late and getting up very early to attempt to stop colony ships among other things. Diplomacy clearly wasn't going to work. My ocean, O43 consisted of mostly inactives or useless players. O43 was cut off from the rest of the alliance, as Phenomen bordered our lowern border, Molon Labe on our East and Titanus et Ares on our West. The north was still Nomads land if i recall correctly. While we attempted to keep our ground while being hit on all sides, I met possibly the greatest strategist - DDay. A good guy, with good morals who happened to be fairly good at planning operations among other things. By the beginning of June, Molon Labes leader Egod had quit temporarily. During this time, Molon Labe seemed to become a bit lasy - falling in rank and in intensity. Within this time frame the other commander of O43 Big John E, was able to create some form of peace with the alliance. I myself cannot remember the exact agreement but Molon Labe became a non-agression pact with UAE, or at least O43.

The actives left in O43 at this time decided that UAE was just going to keep falling and that it was a waste of time to stay. That we should get out as soon as possible. The four of us (myself, Cliffkuo, Trophonius and Heranus) who were at the top of O43 (cliff and Troph being numbers 1 and 2, myself and heranus just off of the top 12) decided to move to Molon Labe. Even though I was in Molon Labe, for the first few weeks of being there I still rooted for UAE in the war. During this time I continued to talk to DDay, whom by this point had become one of my better friends. We talked about real life, our alliances (nothing top secret) etc. The one day I saw on our shared forum that Jarpenquin had taken over one of the largest accounts in the game that belonged to Phenomen, whose name has escaped me. This was before it was legal to trade accounts. Me, confused on what was going on told DDay that night about what was had happened. Thusly I had slipped information that was not for the general public to know about. This outraged DDay, who told the moderators, his alliance and started the rants on the forum. Shortly after 2 major grepolis events happened:

1 - The new rule about "GIFTING" accounts came into effect.

So, hopefully y'all enjoyed my nice little story about the truth and how it really did happen. Not whatever was said before. Oh btw, does that mean that I took out possibly one of the best alliances ever by just manipulation of the mind?

Thanks for the laughs and good times beta! Ill miss you!!



hihi i just popped on ,first time in Eons too.

Ditoo on the" miss beta" ,, i gave my acc to someone when i left ..think they killed it lol..



Oceanus said he'd gift me his account back then ;( I remember UAE fell just as I got back into Beta, I got TiS a pact with them :D. They were the final fall of the original era of Beta really. After that things evolved into the secondary phase of Beta.

Any last battles for Beta though mango? I reckon you should send all your troops at me.

Z Grade

I don't remember gifting ever being illegal, if it ever was, then *gasp* :p


It wasn't... it was just one of those gaps in the rules that was "up to moderator disgression". Mango slightly off tracked it, the reason N3mesis left the game was due to the lack of automatic account screening in grepo at that stage, though the jarp incident was how he came to the autoscreening conclusion. UAE's "mass quit" wasn't much of a mass quit... Only a couple of their leaders quit over the incident. But it was pot calling kettle black, because UAE had made use of that gap in the rule, somewhat more illegally several times before the issue was handled on the externals.