The Vanguard Coalition Plummets, QoQ Keep first spot, QoQ is till 2 million BP behind AnA and SnS

well too bad

#1 Quality over quantity: (3rd BP) FLOAT good points and positioning but they have bad BP. They had a point spike so their BP should spike also but it hasn't been happening. Only today SnS has double their ABP and AnA has triple... They seem to be good, a lot of golders in there like other alliances but here there are a couple more. They still don't have a sister alliance. It may be a good thing or a bad thing. They aren't really engaged in a major war like SnS X AnA. Would lose to #11
#2/6 Anarchaos: (1st BP) SWIM leading their rival in points for the main alliance and the sister, and in total battle points. They are well placed and positioned. They have started a fight with SnS nothing too serious. SnS seems winning for now. They are doing well on O44 cleanup and they have QoQ on another front that may be dangerous. Overall they are doing pretty well. Would lose to #11
#3/7 Sorry not sorry:(2nd BP) SWIM heading their rival in ABP and their sister tops theirs with double total BP. They are also well-positioned with QoQ to their back which hugs them and pats them on the back for every AnA city taken. They are also cleaning up O45 and O55 much like QoQ and AnA in their respective oceans. Again an easy swim that will do good on the long-range. Would lose to #11
#4 Clash of emos:(7th BP)
SINK same as always. Bad BP, bad positioning, no core, bad placement. Say it again? Bad! The only thing that's holding them up is their NAP/Pact/Hug/Kisses with SnS.
#5 Curse of the Reviers:(6th BP)
FLINK meh, yeah so they aren't doing bad nor well. They are being pounded but they aren't dead and they are putting up a fight, unlike SS or LGF.
#8/10/12 The Vanguard Coalition:(5th/15th/19th)
FLINK I thought they would hold up more but they plummeted more. I think if they merged best players into one alliance they could do something along with CoE and CoR. They would beat CoE and CoR in points and BP rankings. Other than that I don't see them surviving.
#9 The Enlightened:
SINK VM pub... If I wanna go VM I'll make sure to be enlightened.
#11 LTS for Hire: Good I got your attention pass the message to your leaders. The name says it. Will play a very important role for frontliners. JK I won't review them unless all alliances agree to NAP them and make them a legit thing. That would be super funny. Then some players would go there and we could see who is the best LTSer in LTS for hire.