Pnp The War of the Cores

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ya nice job LoG, i have to say you are doing a very good job right now. anyways about that unbiased opinion i think specops should do one. i think he has a shared forum with both alliances but never supports them and can see how much more pressure one alliance is putting on the other. i think we should put peer pressure on him to make one
SpecOps would be a good candidate :)

Interesting idea. A neutral watchman giving unbiased reports on the war. I'll think about it, but I'd need to do so in a way that doesn't give away any intelligence to either side.

I'd rather think of myself as Switzerland than the famous U.S. war correspondent, Ernie Pyle. After surviving his war reporting against Germany, he went to report on Japan and was killed by Japanese machine-gun fire. I wonder who Switzerland thought was going to win in WWII.

He must join otherwise we will take away his pluming

You wouldn't want to find out what 044 would look (or smell) like without plumbing!


And in the battle for control of 045 between Relentless and GO the victory is LE! Lol seriously look it the map of 045 it looks like it would at the beginning of the world.


Do the pictures work for anyone else? I think they need to be fixed.