The Wars of Bell


Funny thing about the cities I left behind, I demolished the warehouses and temples so farm/loot them all you like there wont be much there :D

They only thing you are likely to get are Crabs from my beaches unless you are shaved ;)




I think you need to chill out a bit mate.

Also, before you come ranting and raging on here about making that bloke your farm you really should get some stats or at least something to back your argument up. Cause looking at what you got, you are all bark and no bite. One reason why people shall not take you very seriously. Prove your worth before you open your mouth.


Someone please post something about wars or anything interesting going on... apart from all that boring rubbish that gets repeated all the time about past people who are gone and no one can seem to get over without getting a thread closed or making the forum a bore...

Any views/opinions on the new wars breaking out?

Surely the whole Legacy coalition thing has stirred stuff up?

SGT Slaughter

Legacy poached Misfits to form Legacy III then turned EU into Legacy IV. The MRA declared war on allied alliances giving them grief on the hoards of refugees they allowed to join. Soon after the Legacy abomiNATION start falling apart at the seems when they realize they didnt possess real battle skills or their enemy was a tad bit stronger than TR.

Legacy IV collapsed, Legacy III lost players and changed names.



To be surprised i wasn't surprised that Empires United reformed. I do not think that they have an actual place. They are scattered a bit and are trying to fit in. A big mistake becoming Legacy VI i reckon, and now they took a beating they have reformed as EU. They defo won't be welcome about thats for sure.


LOL! I'm sure they do :p

So... who is winning out of this world war?

All i can say about TFC is that DBD is pretty much finished and ran away from us, colonising into 075. We are moving on to bigger and more interesting targets ;)


Again I could bring over the stats of DBD's annihilation (From us) but I honestly don't understand what you mean...


Well I have not much to say but

You Flying Circus guys/girls fight really well ....You all hit my cities like a freight train and won:heh:

Got much respect for you all its was a good battle (SW)

Wonder who your next target is :pro:


Why thank you :)

It was great fun, and now the ocean is blue... but we do see y'all creeping up to the right of us, don't worry i got my eye on you :p

I'm sure you will see who our next target is soon, if you haven't already check Grepostats :D


You at TFC are helping us (I.R.S) with destroying AD/DA aren't you...?


Seems someone wants a War

So I logged in yesterday as my phone warned me of an incoming attack!
Didnt think nothing much of it, popped militia and went away. Checked back to see this...
Shame I didnt have birs researched, I have done nothing since I reset.
My city seems so small and pointless to conquer so figured that would be it,
But no he has the nerve to send more attacks and more un-escorted attacks
along with what I can forsee as a 30+ hour CS which will miss the revolt window!

Then Grepo decides to have an 8 hour downtime for me :supermad:

But now Im back to check in and have these incomings still...
Checking TTs the first is not a CS but LS with around 8 hour TT
The second being a CS but outside of the revolt window :D

Posting most of this for amusement along with intel for whoever may wish to start a War with this noobish player
Seem he need to be taught how to attack ;)

Will update as the nub attacks continue and have arranged enough defence to protect myself but would love to see this player spanked!
Wonder what his alliances leader will think of this as well :p