The Watchers, & Creed Vs Just For Laughs: Why Join Just For Laughs?


Note: This comes from my own experiences, this will not be as friendly as other posts. I am pretty well versed in the Watchers and their culture having fought them on several occasions and been a leader in there once (regrettably). Feel free to say that I'm biased here but I'm right, so you'll have to live with it. Also note that this team used to be known as Pandagoatium before rebranding. This term may be used interchangeably. Don't get confused if it happens.

So as Just For Laughs has expanded into O44, a lot of criticism has come to the players who switched sides to join Just For Laughs. This especially came from Watchers and Creed players to their own people that left and frankly I think that's a bit unfair. Let be me clear, Charlie is the biggest douche in Grep and you're 50% more douchey just by accepting an invite from him and are contributing to the problem that most of the people who take the invite privately claim to hate. That said...Where was the better option? Because this exact same statement is also true about The Watcher teams and the core group of usual Pandagoatium leaders behind them.

Think of this from the perspective of a player who just wants to play the game and maximize their chances of winning or at least surviving. The Watchers and Creed provided nothing that indicates that either can happen and it has been that way for them for years. They haven't won a world in three years and they refuse to adapt to the changes in the game even players with just a world of conquest experience can see this. As a former leader there from 113. Here's exactly what you can expect from this alliance and any alliance that falls under their control.

- If you're a player that plays well but doesn't want to lead, you won't make a difference because the leaders are too willing to accept bad players.

- What about if you're good at leading? Well bad news it won't matter, they will reject any new ideas or plans involving cutting bad players. At best you can expect empty lip service about enforcing their own rules but if you push it they'll react with hostility and gaslighting. Everybody else is the problem, they aren't.

- Lets say you try to override them either as a player or leader. Well expect days long lectures about how not breaking that LMD siege is killing the team morale. You're not a team mate or a partner even if you make leadership, you're their subject.

- Their leaders will often boast and over exaggerate about how good they were on worlds from 3 & 4 years ago but when it comes to doing it today they're not up to the task. As is clearly shown by their mass VM. This in itself isn't bad, life changes Grep isn't that important at the end of the day, but its the fact they'll mention it like they're better than you.

- Their leaders never take responsibility. Outside of one person, my entire experience in EN113 pretty much was that every problem in their team was somebody else's fault.

The honest to god truth is that this team in its current state honestly just got a chance at improving in the world and trying to do something in the mid-late game purely on the grounds that the Panda leaders went into VM. So I think its hard to blame people that left these groups because there hasn't been a fair chance to improve it until recently. Consider this an open discussion.


Must say the thing about vm and bad decision making is very true, a certain leader came back from VM called a break on an lmd siege which we had close range support too, attacks were sent that landed hours after siege ended. The very same leader then went totally inactive and had all his cities cleared and taken within hours of calling for said break. There are some actually good players in watchers and alot of very nice people, but some horrible decicions and a refusal to do anything but mra and waste troops has lead to there downfall in yet another world


As someone who switched over from Creed/Watchers to JFL my own personal experiences with Watchers weren't that pleasant. Not many active players contributing, horrible communication, and it felt like a dictatorship. Being in Creed, we were told by Watchers on multiple occasions they would not support sieges that weren't LMD only & would ignore any calls for support. They made us out to feel like their useless little brother. But wont be talked about or mentioned is how much we actually supported their sieges and helped secure a lot of them. That combined with them posting in defense tabs with wrong cs landing times, half *** information and lazy effort it was easy to leave.

Creed has some great people that are extremely nice and I am playing other worlds with, but Watchers and bad leadership ruined things unfortunately. & they'll keep ruining their chances world after world. They kind of remind you of the Cowboys fans, no? Love bragging about the past..


My brief experience in the Watchers was very interesting. I was with them for about 3 hours before clicking VM (for an actual vacay, very rare in grep it seems), and 2 days later I slipped into VM. I didn't log on often during those 2 days so I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary for an MRA. What shocked me was when I returned from a 3.5 day vacation, I returned to 87 MM's (more then I have ever received in a server before this). Roughly half of them were calling for siege breaks on LMD sieges.

It was not a tough decision to go inactive after that. But I cannot imagine how someone would ever choose to play with that team.


@Slowrex I think of them as Michigan fans in the sense that they live in the past and their last win is shared with other teams. Cowboys fans are annoying but occasionally they have some legitimacy behind their own hype...or get a flag picked up in a bullshit no call to win a playoff game.