The Weekly Bear Report


The Bear Report.

The bear report is a weekly article about an alliance. Bears will report on public knowledge, failures, winnings and musings. Bears are held by secrecy to not divulge any information or ongoing operations, also integrity and honour are important for the bears.... the bears... the bears...

On alpha, the Bear would roam around different alliances, and at the end of the week, produce a writeup about the alliance. most would include insane and utterly pointless conversations between people and how good they think they are. To people complaining that they failed a CS because they attacked with... transports....

The bears are not a spy, they are reporters. And as such, every week The bear would like to join an active alliance in Sigma, and then produce a public report on that alliance.

Now, we all know that the Bear currently resides in DN. I can say that bears will not use any information to the benifit of DN, because all inforation the bears will give out will be public knowledge, like any reporter.
Rundown: I will ask alliance is I can join them for a week, or until they deicde otherwise, to collect information to create an article. I will start by asking alliances that have not been attacked or Attacked DN., but if you would like a bear report done, send me a message.

Send me messages in game, or here, if I get enough I will start with a writeup of Dixie Normous, and then start to move onto other alliances.

Bears will NOT take part in any battle for the alliance they are in, and if attacked, will invoke all hell on the attacker.

Writeups may or may not be subject to approval of guild leaders as sometimes they can be idiots.
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Once one person says that they don't trust the bear nobody will trust any bear.

People have tried to do this before and it generally doesn't end well. It just takes one person to shout "spy" and you can just say bye bye to sigma ;)

Plus I don't really want you to leave DN, or have you as a "non-participant" what the heck is that all about.


bear is above grepolis, bear is the all seeing and honest/trustworthy bear. all alliances must welcome bear


Oh sorry my mistake I forgot the internet is devoid of reason.


lol looks like fun but Pirates don't carry passengers ;)

sarmea moon

But doing it with Bears is far far better! I've already gotten quite a laugh from SugarCake's other Bear threads:)

There's a reason TW-S stole him:D (And not just as payback to DonkeyThief!)