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The Weekly Ephesus

Interview with geko4740(founder of Internal Suffering)

What made you wish to join Internal Suffering?

Im the Founder. lol

(Oops, Fail on my part)

Do you enjoy being a member of Internal Suffering?

Indeed, i do.

Do you think Internal Suffering will grow to be a top alliance?

possibly. atm we are working on a few merges, so we will be up there eventually in my mind, but maybe not for a few weeks.


Interview with A Sense of Place(Another founder of Internal Suffering)

Do you think that Internal Suffering will grow to be a top alliance?

That's hard to say. We have active and experienced players like many other alliances. But the real test will be how we handle conquest.

Has Internal Suffering's growth pleased you thus far?

We could be better, but I am pleased.

What makes Internal Suffering unique from other alliances?

I think the main thing that makes us unique is that we are at war with Silent Hunters. You don't see many alliances like us declaring war on much larger alliances.​

Interview with raptok(Founder of Infernus Phoenix)

Have you been pleased with Infernus Phoenix's growth?

No..., I haven't been pleased, we haven't grown much at all in points. But thats generally because we try to retain our Top 15 ABP ranking (Which we lost recently). So I'm not pleased but I expected it.

You seem to have experience in your small alliance, do you prefer that over a big alliance full of noobs?

:) "You seem to have experience in your small alliance" I like that part :p . We could use more members even if they were noobs because we could teach them to be decent... if you would like to join please contact us... we have an aggressive and active base of members who strive to have slightly more members. But a big alliance leads to dis-organisation so please contact us soon before we get big ;)

(Desperate measures to recruit... We have a high ABP rnaking but moved down after we cleared our islands... :( JOIN)

Do you have any enemies?

Pilgrim Soldiers... nuff said​

Interview with L3G3ND** (founder of I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L.S)

Do you think I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L.S has what it takes to be in the top spot?

we have what it takes to make it to the #1 spot

How did I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L.S come to be in the number 9 spot?

we worked hard and we all trained to become what we are today

Are there any potential enemies you will soon or already are facing?

there are no enemies that im aware of and if so we will handle them gently​

Major Changes of the Week

Santa Army, What Happened to all the reindeer?
Santa Army has dropped down from 1st to 77th. I asked slobo.c for an interview but he seems to have left Ephesus. Does Santa Army have what it takes to regain its lost glory?

I LOL at LoL(not really :p)

Lords of Loyalty have dropped from 1st to a distant 2nd. Do they have the strength to come back to the top? Read next week for more details.​


Placing an Ad

If you wish to place an ad, contact Sparta in Ephesus. Only 3 ads per newspaper though.​


tell me how I did (btw I tried to put in tons of interviews for the first issue)


I will give you 100000000 rep if this is here in 2 weeks time.


The reindeer make me hungry.

Looks pretty good for a first paper...better than your PnP's at least haha XD as I said to dev, it needs more pics and could do with being a bit longer and more detailed. Try to delve deeper into the world, talk to people anonymously, try to pick things out of interviews that you can use for a news article, such as Internal Suffering vs Silent Hunters.

Good start though =]


At least tell me why its bad. I think you still dislike me for my "horrible" PnP's.


Fine, I'll do other stuff too next time. The problem is, I can't plan ahead very far or else the news I come up with will be old news.


Aicy don't be so hard on him at least he gave it a shot :p



Yeah dont be so disdainful, at least give him helpful comments, maybe add something he could put in there that you would like to see. Good job for a first shot.