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The Weekly Ephesus

Interview with HopelessDreamer1

How did you come to be in the top 30 players?

"Well I'm not anymore now but I joined this world early and just used the administrator to keep my building queue busy at all times. Right now I'm just building/researching my way towards conquest as soon as possible."

What made you choose Honour and Power as your alliance?

"I got an invite from a player I knew and worked with in Delphi who was starting an alliance here, so I thought I would give it a shot. I'm really happy I did ^^"

How did Honour and Power get back in first place so soon after Lords of Loyalty got in first?

"We've always been close together in points but one of Lord of Loyalty's main leaders (name removed) left and there was a lot of chaos in their alliance, we took the opprotunity and have been hitting them hard, limiting their growth."

Interview with Rising Legacy

What is it like to co-found an alliance with your brother?

Well I'd never founded an alliance before anyway, but co-founding one with ShadowMelik was actually quite interesting. We both had slightly differing ambitions, but both interwined perfectly. It's the same even now. So I guess it's quite fun and interesting (and challenging, but that's expected.)

What out of all your history in Grepolis, are you proudest of? (example: alliance, victory, war etc.)

Well my first proud achievement was making myself somewhat known in the Byzantium World, joining Spirit of 45 (ranked #1 at the moment). My personal proudest moment was watching Honour and Power begin to grow and flourish. That was an oddly fantastic feeling.

What do you think made Honour and Power grow all the way to #1?

The members, without a shadow of a doubt. The players here are amazing. There's almost always a brilliant atmosphere, usually playful, but always fun. But when things get serious (admittedly it's not been overly serious yet) they're genuinely there no matter what, always willing to get involved. So yeah, the members kind of make this alliance what it is, and that's why we're currently number 1.

Alliance Rankings

Major Changes of the Week

(Santa Army What happened to all the reindeer? continued from last issue)
Santa Army does not seem to be losing any more points, but it doesn't look like they shall return to greatness.

(I LoL at LoL not really ;) continued from last issue)
Lords of Loyalty is in 3rd place now, but have grown about 14,000pts from last issue. They do not seem to be going anywhere.

Silent Hunters? More like Out in the open 2nd place alliance Hunters.

Silent Hunters are now in 2nd place (after LoL fell to third) and are gaining points quickly, and in bulk.

Honour and Power (and a teensy bit of brute strength)

Honour and Power are dominating ocean 55 and are in first place by over 23,000 points. If another alliance wants to catch up to them and steal away first place the time would be now, unless we want to see a repeat of PB in Corinth.

Spread out alliances?

When checking the Alliances that led the major oceans, I came across something. I saw that every alliance in the top ten pretty much each controlled their own ocean. Could this lead to few major wars and little activity in Ephesus? (read next week for more details)

For the next issue, I am doing a war special about the wars in Ephesus.
Please contact me in Ephesus about a war and I will make mention of it in the paper. I cannot make this issue without wars so please contact me in Ephesus.

Ad #1

Placing an Ad​

If you wish to place an ad, contact Sparta in Ephesus. Only 3 ads per newspaper though.
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how is it? I tried to listen to all your criticism.


its too bad you left so early, if you hadn't they might have risen again.

cabz bii

he only joined for x-mas he has to go and build more toys till next year


Tis an improvement. I think maybe some of the headline texts are too large, as are some of the articles themselves. All in all though, an improvement.


Alliance rankings link is pretty funny

and nonstatic

I'd suggest possibly screenshotting either that or the Grepolis ranks themselves (although is this legal? I saw one pic get taken down)


Alliance rankings link is pretty funny

and nonstatic

I'd suggest possibly screenshotting either that or the Grepolis ranks themselves (although is this legal? I saw one pic get taken down)

The picture was most probably taken down due to it's size. I didn't actually see it myself, but only that one was taken down so this is my assumption.


Thats why you make it a spoiler, this way it is hidden and optional for viewing.