The Weird People You Meet in Amisos.

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As a relative new comer to this world, life on the rim has been very lonely

That being said, I had no idea what the politics and the world map looked like outside my ocean
So as I wait 6:22:49 for my farm to build from level 16 to 17, I took it upon myself to make a map of the world.
However, there were some restrictions I had in place while creating this map

1) Microsoft Paint is a powerful tool, but it lacks color variety, and being colorblind doesn't help, so I may have repeated colors
*They are not to mark or distinguish political lines and affiliations
2) No alliance could occupy more than 1 Ocean
*Oceans were determined based on # of Points said alliance had in the ocean(Majority Rule)
**If an alliance happened to hold the majority in two different oceans, Their ocean was determined based on the ocean they occupied with the most points. The second ocean was given to the alliance with the second most points in that ocean

*This map was created on 10/9/2017

If you have suggestions for updating the map, or don't like the color your alliance was labeled or in, message me in game or on the forums



October 16th Update
*Top 12 Roundup
**Top 12 was based on Overall Alliance Fight Points and NOT Total Alliance Points
***Top Fighter and 5th Fighter of Each Alliance Mentioned
****Brief Overview for each Alliance Completed

If you have any questions, message me in-game (IGN:Loves You), or on the forums
I am located in Ocean 63, and I am really close to cracking 2100th fighter of the world:p

Will most likely do a End of Month/Beginning of November Round-Up, so if you are an Alliance Leader, I may be in contact with you soon to ask a few questions

1) We Mean No Harm
Total Fight Points: 1.582 Million
#1 Fighter: Dr.Mraa (Top Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: IAmWillJB (24th in the World)

Looks like they have had to absorb a few internals, such as David Stad, and Malici0us Intent, which have slowed their growth. Despite Nymeria poaching two inactives from Malici0us, this alliance seems to be in a good place

Comically surprised they are the Top Fighters given their name! Welldone

Total Fight Points: 1.559 Million
#1 Fighter: Valoris I (2nd Top Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: weakslug (11th in the World)

Their recent altercation with ..the king landing.. went in their favor, and they were able to pick up some defensive points and retaliate the next day and pick up some cities.
GoT name is alittle overplayed, but your holding your banner with pride, and kicking butt doing it

Total Fight Points: 1.309 Million
#1 Fighter: DWSinAZ (12th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: xChampers (22nd in the World)

They recently got rid of some players, and for good reason.. because they were not fighting and most likely not communicating; (*Speaking from personal experience with some of their EX-members on other worlds)
I totally approve of this decision, and all power to them


Total Fight Points: 1.005 Million
#1 Fighter: eduinbrutus (6th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: lokkagutt8 (76th in the World)

Everyone always tell me about the (NWO)New World Order, and this emerging clandestine totalitarian world government that spies on us, and transcended Geo-political boundaries. But then again, Phoenix is eating them for breakfast, so I should probably be funding this effort to fight the NWO
Like the Lion vs Tuna fight from the Movie "The Other Guys" they are fighting the NWO at their own game and winning

Total Fight Points: 891,000
#1 Fighter: Akilar (17th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: Kruzik Mar (56th in the World)

Not much to report, as their is not much fighting to be seen or heard from their waters
Treading Water Looking for easy marks

6)..the king landing..
Total Fight Points: 868,000
#1 Fighter: Glamhadril (25th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: Mattius Agustus Cicero (74th in the World)

The half of your team that is fighting Nymeria is losing. The other half that is fighting the Winterfell Alliance is winning
Two Minds in 1 Body; One side is swimming, and the other side is drowning


7)The Black Knights
Total Fight Points: 820,000
#1 Fighter: The Extreme Destroyer (10th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: InglriousB (49th in the World)

They are fighting my alliance, the Black Suit Pirates, and needless to say I think they are winning
I still like wearing my suit though, it looks good in the mirror
Sprinting through Mens Warehouse to find the best suit for Prom

Total Fight Points: 704,000
#1 Fighter: azz22 (35th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: Kingslayer117 (95th in the World)

By the looks of it, they are still cleaning up their ocean
Still trying to get their last floatie off before they venture off into the deep end of the pool

9)The Knights of Nike

Total Fight Points: 700,000
#1 Fighter: Gibv (8th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: babaok (24th in the World)

*Insert Noise of Bomb Dropping*
Once great swimmers, they got tired, and have sunken to the bottom of the pool

Total Fight Points: 636,000
#1 Fighter: d ruffin (89th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: veinem (367th in the World)

Total Fight Points: 363,000
#1 Fighter: jredge (13th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: Llucius the greek (68th in the World)

Namelass or Formlery known as "The Crusaders" was the old alliance is actually a separate alliance from Nameless, but in an attempt to shield themselves they have attempted to take on the identity of another.

That being said, Nameless has taken their place as top dog in the ocean, and have establsihed themselves as the dominant force in 53

They have taken off the ankle weights, and up for FAST SWIMMING

Total Fight Points: 568,000
#1 Fighter: yellowtie (62nd Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: memnoch MKD (131th in the World)

They have their own part of the world, and they are happy

Playing in the kiddie pool with all the toys, having the time of their lives

Total Fight Points: 533,000
#1 Fighter: Defiant78 (39th Fighter in the World)
#5 Fighter: *Malaga* (206th in the World)

Dead Ringer means "Exact Duplicate", so not sure what they are duplicating, but maybe they meant something along the lines of the 2005 Comedy Movie: The Ringer; where a normal man cons his way to win the Para-Olympics
Learning to SWIM

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