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Greetings Athens!

SH101 here, your new reporter for Athens. Hopefully I'll last longer than my esteemed pre-decessors before quitting the game...

With some major changes occuring in the last week, with the main one obviously being the merging of NmE and VW (And the consequent opening of a war of words out here on the externals) I decided to don my standard issue body armour and venture into the core for interviews with the top 4 alliances.

Unfortunately I got no reply from Band of Brothers so here are the other 3:

So whats the real reason for the merging of NmE and VW? Many people have put in uninformed opinions on the externals (including people who dont even play the world anymore) so an inside view would be great.

The simple fact is that this is what we call a wonder world, this means that the alliance that will win this world is going to be large, the wonders are going to require millions upon millions of resources. The logical thing is to create a powerful alliance made up of the best members we can find early in the game so that we can fortify the core oceans and win the world.

Another reason is that The war between Viking and Nightmare was short, bloody and as in most wars did not benefit either alliance. Inferior alliances were using the opportunity to move into our regions of control, this had to have a stop put to it.

A third reason is that both alliances were similar in nature, both alliances agreed that it is better to have an alliance strong enough to stand without diplomacy against all odds.

Secondly, Another source says you have set the rest of the top 3/4 as enemies, is this true? and what makes you think you can cope with fighting alll at the same time?

Yes that source was correct. The reason we can fight all of them at the same time is this, the only one we see as a challenge is 24F and to be honest they so far have been disappointing to me personally, they have grown fat off the remains of other alliances wars and when it comes down to it they simply do not have the same combat experience.

Another reason we can fight all of them is that being the top alliance we have the best recruitment options, everyone wants to be here and if we wanted we could easily fill the alliance to member cap but would rather maintain the highest standards.

NOTE: A couple of other questions were asked but answers not provided, I have had to cut some of the interview out, full transcript available if people want it.

Well, I guess first question should be about your competitors, NN. What’s your opinion on the merging? Why do you think it happened? And what is 24F's official position on the new world No. 1's?

While they may not like to admit it, I'd bet it was b/c of us, although they may say it was more b/c VW were giving them more problems (all to make their new members feel warm and fuzzy inside). I have been telling my crew this would likely occur, although I wasn't expecting it so soon. Seems they didn't appreciate being number 2 anymore.

Our position is same as always, take cities, and while we may not see many of these ex-VW players for some time since most were on the outer sectors of 45, I'm sure we will meet them soon. I think these old VW players will find themselves taking smaller cities to expand to the front now, and morale should make it harder for them b/c of this merge (to my joy). Should be fun times to come.

Fun times? - Always good to hear. Any opinions on up and coming alliances, either inside or outside the top 12? Who's a rising star and who's gonna fall?

Not really sure yet, sun-tzu and 300spartans seem decent, don't know much about the other wars.

What is your opinion on the appearance of NN as world number 1's? A politically and militarily savvy merge? Or a moment of panic from both sides?

How do you think this will affect the worlds gameplay?

It definitely makes NN a major player time will tell but if the players can bind well there’s no doubt they do have some very talented player.

So The world number 1 player recently left your alliance and it seems a few other high ranked players have followed... Is there trouble at voodoo or just restructuring?

We went from 7th to 3rd due to our merger this month we lost few points, some good players true but we gained 10 times the points we lost in last month.

Any wars you'd like the world to know about? How do you feel Voodoo is doing atm? As expected/ could do better/ better than hoped?

No, no new wars, every group could always do better anyone who doesn’t want to improve will be passed by the others so we’re constantly looking to improve.

Who do you think is a good up and coming alliance, either inside or outside the top 12? Who's a rising star and who's going to fall?

I kinda like outer haven I know their leadership and we’ve worked with them in the past you may see them rise in rankings in next couple months. I think the falling stars will be the smaller alliances getting gobbled up in next month or so it’s about the time that usually happens in most worlds.

NOTE: We both ran out of time in this interview so the answers were pretty short and rushed - hopefully next time we'll be able to go more in depth...

As a summary, NN and 24F are both talking the hard line, only time will tell who has the edge. Though neither seem to be paying much attention to the lower alliances - maybe they'll be caught by surprise?

Voodoo are sitting happy in the top 4 atm, but may run into trouble if they catch the eye of the top 2...


It would appear that the World Number 1 player Cobra47 has left Voodoo with what inside sources are calling their 'elite players' and formed a new alliance "In Limbo" which has, in the last couple of hours merged with NN.

How does this change the world dynamics? Is it the beggining of the end for Voodoo? Are NN now too strong? Will 24F be the next alliance to merge? Am I now just making spurious statements and using too many question marks?

Hopefully answers to these questions and more in next weeks (or whenever I have time) issue. Also, potentially interviews with the top 4 in waiting, alliances 5-8.

Weekly Stats:

And finally, on a lighter note:

In this grid there are 5 top 12 alliances. The first 3 people to find them and PM me the answers I will give +rep to. (PM'S ONLY!!)

There is also 1 generally Grepolis related word, no points for finding it, but try for fun. :)

Back to the Studio...
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Great work on the issue, very informative and kept me with a smile on my face... Looking forward to more.+Rep


Well done mate. Thanks for carrying it on.

I'll rep you when i can :)


Very well done mate, I sincerely wish to see you carry this on. +rep 4u


Kinda late to the forum world.... I guess I was too busy playing. Which of those top 3 alliances are still in the game. And whatever happened to the too silent Band Of Brothers alliance. And who is the top player on the Athens server now?