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Hellow power ranking fans! We're back for another fun filled episode of 'who's got the largest hops!', also known as the now famous ZPR. In this weeks edition, we have all kinds of changes going on in the otherwise sleepy little world of Zancle. Seal Team One, one of the original alliances, has gone down like Frasier (or Heidi Fleiss, take your pick). Rumor has it that Old Headrush losing 7 cities in one night was the nail in that coffin. They aren't the only ones! Pilgrims, gone. Kindom of the North, gone. And while they still exist, somewhat, as an alliance, dropped from the ZPR is Slaughterhouse, as they were, rightly so, being slaughtered. These are power rankings, not 'name the greatest food source'.

Some of the now gone alliances have been absorbed by IO in their never ending quest to try to make being an MRA happen. (pro tip. Stop trying to make being an MRA happen. It's not going to happen). In good news, IO has just about run out of spaces, so we shouldn't be seeing them swooping in to vacuum up any detrious left over from wars OTHER alliances have fought. Maybe IO should rename themselves 'The Vultures'. So, anyway, as expected (and mentioned before), the bottom half of the rankings are where we expect to see most of the changes happen, and this edition, we aren't left disappointed.
Alliance: Triad
Current World Rank: 2 Current BP Rank: 2 Conquests last 7 days: 73 Inactives: (triad does not publish inactive information)
Does the fact they are number 2 in total points and number 2 in total bp matter, in this case, to the ZPR? Nope. While other alliances were focussing on increasing their size by increasing their number, triad cut some numbers and then took 72 cities last week. That's power. They are now riding the wave of the complete defeat of a long time foe (STO). With that alliance gone, people should begin to wonder where the attention will be focused next.
Alliance: Imperial Order
Current World Rank: 1 Current BP Rank: 1 Conquests last 7 days: 55 Inactives: 16
So, an interesting note. STO, at one point, was the number one alliance in the world. They got there by having some strong core players. But their problem is they spread out, and diluted their core. They also took on a number of players from alliances that were being decimated by other alliances in an attempt to grow their numbers. At one point, they had strong but small contingents in 3 oceans. But they were too spread out, and calls for support often when unheaded. 2 days ago, Seal Team One became no more.

Does this story sound familiar to anyone?
Alliance: Hydra
Current World Rank: 3 Current BP Rank: 3 Conquests last 7 days: 27 Inactives: 25
Internals are still presenting themselves to be a problem for Hydra. The small conquest count represents that. An ongoing question Hydra needs to solve. However, they are having some success in consuming the flavor of the month, Slaughterhouse. Prometheus and IO, however, are doing the same to Hydra.
Alliance: Drunken Farmers
Current World Rank: 4 Current BP Rank: 5 Conquests last 7 days: 33 Inactives: 15
Which alliance is the only top 12 alliance that put up 7digit growth numbers in the past week not through mergers? The Drunken Farmers. Now more than a dark horse pick, the growth of DF is now something everyone should be paying attention to. These guys know what they are doing. They will feed on O35 while strengthening their core. A war between them and Avernus could be world changing.
Alliance: Prometheus
Current World Rank: 5 Current BP Rank: 4 Conquests last 7 days: 25 Inactives: 31
Prometheus has seen IO incurse into O53 since the last ZPR. I wonder how long before this powderkeg goes off.
Alliance: Rhinovirus
Current World Rank: 6 Current BP Rank: 10 Conquests last 7 days: 44 Inactives: 8
Rhinovirus made a strong and smart move towards solidifying their survival in this world. No longer stuck in a vice, this merger between Rhinovirus and Kindgom of the North give this team some stability and a new ocean to call themselves master of.
Alliance: Avernus
Current World Rank:7 Current BP Rank: 6 Conquests last 7 days: 24 Inactives: 9
I'm glad Avernus took a listen and got off their armor clad keisters. Active wars down south are going to be good for everybody, and will be dominating the majority of the movement in the ZPR over the next few editions. Let's see what Avernus can do. 24 conquests over the past week, hwoever, is not a rising tide of thunder and fury. It's the impact wave from throwing in a floatation device. Kick it into gear, Avernus.
Alliance: Nameless Faction
Current World Rank: 8 Current BP Rank: 8 Conquests last 7 days: 29 Inactives: 10
Nameless vs Avernus. So far, not a big war. 15 cities in total has changed hands. Nameless has been having their way with Slaughter House and their points per player is better. I can't believe Nameless left their western border exposed because they were too focused on their war to the east, so I suspect we'll see these numbers balance out soon.
Alliance: Elements of Destruction
Current World Rank: 9 Current BP Rank: 9 Conquests last 7 days: 35 Inactives: 12
They are getting smacked around by Prometheus, but took on some new members and have managed to run out a decent amount of conquests over the past week. They just squeeked in last PPR, and now thanks to some smart playing have moved up to 9th.
Alliance: Don't Panic
Current World Rank: 10 Current BP Rank: 12 Conquests last 7 days: 39 Inactives: 15
See Peaky Blinders, below, minus the attachment to Avernus.
Alliance: Peaky Blinders
Current World Rank: 12 Current BP Rank: 14 Conquests last 7 days: 25 Inactives: 11
The bottom 4 of the ZPR are going to show us the most movement over the next few editions. EOD, DP, TPB, and LC are all running a mid 35k average points per player. For any of the alliances to survive, they need to at least double this in a hurry. COnquests help, but this is strictly managing your build queues. Putting everything into walls and troops while letting your infrastructure suffer is a handicap. Peaky Blinders, now attaching themselves to Avernus, for the time being, needs to find a way past that handicap if they want to survive, or they will be the first victim in the upcoming Drunken/Avernus war.
Alliance: Loose Cannons
Current World Rank: 13 Current BP Rank: 13 Conquests last 7 days: 17 Inactives: 3
Their movement into the ZPR was mostly facilitated by the moving out of STO and Slaughter House, but don't expect to see the Loose Cannons (formerly Neptune's Legion) stick around if their war with Sin Perdon is any indication. They are on a sore losing end of 22-0.

Black Knight112

A war between them and Avernus could be world changing.
I think it is the opposite lol, a war between them and Triad would be a world changing imo.