Theta Personalities Thread


Geez this whole forum and particularly this thread reeks of a high school yearbook / popularity contest.

Get out on the battlefield and crack some skulls instead of yapping to each other "tell me what you think about me".... urgh.

And jarpenguin, you are the worst in this respect. You have a pathetic game ranking, pathetic battle points and, um... 800 forum posts.

Seriously, what do you get out of this? I guess maybe just the jollies of somebody mentioning you in their post, like I did just now... or if not, please enlighten me.


At calam:

No need to double post. Now, let's see here... I see many, many, many, errors in your post. For 1 thing, Theta is not exactly one of my main worlds. I am really only on it to disband MRA's... So, let's see what else, oh yes. On world Beta, I am afraid that I have about 2x your BP. So pathetic battle points my bottom... What do I get out of this my friend well I
Furthermore, you should not be looking at my Theta stats. So my friend, try learning some more about someone before making rash judgements.

You hurt mah feelings ;(

jarpenguin <3

Now, flaming aside, Theta is becoming a house for spam. So let's take this argument elsewhere if you wish to continue.


Worst Alliance: Children of teh Light

Worst Player: rubbish 1 (he invited me after I told him I was a spy)

Most Helpful Player: PINGU!!!! (we don't want anymore MRAs now do we?)


Best Alliance: Just for laughs

Best player: Me Vork, I did this jfl :p


jarpenguin, if I could just get my hands on you on Beta... ooh, you would sure as HELL feel my wrath!


Buddy, you have about 12,000 points in world Beta.

Before I committed suicide I had 50,000 points :)

Darn nub. Now stop spamming with all this Beta stuff. Jebus, I quit beta!