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Well ive had a fun morning, got attacked :) . nothing new there in grepolis!

but this altercation was funny so i thought id share it

The attack alarm sounded and raced to my laptop in a fit of excitment, this is it the fun begins :). i loged in and found the city under fire. my first action is to check travel times to see if it tells me whats been sent, all three attacks are LS speed.

what the heck i think , worth a try so i cast a sea storm. sea storm 1.PNG awsome it worked ill have some more of that sea storm2.PNGsea storm 3.PNG

so far so good i thought with glee , then the mood changed like a bolt from the blue literaly.bolt 1.PNGbolt2.PNG

well as people who know me already will be aware i think this type of bolting is petty. so i had to send a mail.

Its just a Game

seriously bolting is lame its like a slap around the face to me as your opponante and i find it very rude.

ive been playing a long time and its nice to be attacked by other teams its why i play. i look forwards to our up coming battles and i hope we can both play this game and enjoy the challenge.

i wish you all the best and hope all futher exchanges are polite and in the spirit of good sportsmanship with some freindly banter :)

after 4 years of playing i often play the same team as enemies from old servers maybe on a diferant server that could be us, you never know!

take care and once again good luck Zero Point

The reply

lame? bolting is lame but sea storm isn' that's rather funny :)

if it makes you feel better and in good sportsmanship I'll cast a wedding or two your way.

oh...and don't get your panties in a wade if you get an earthquake here and there :0
(also, why don't you use proper capitalization?)

my reply

im dyslexic, an to explain quakes are cool in fact all spells are fine. just that the bolts you sent did nothing to aid you in taking my cities so the only reason to send them was a bit of payback.
the favour would of been better spent eslewhere and that is the truth my freind

followed by casting desire on his 3 attacks.attack 1.PNGattack 2.PNGattack 3.PNG

Well the bp was sweet and the story fun, still ive not given names this post, as its not to humiliate, but to educate !

Bolting is a waste of favour , and in this case if it had been used to cast fav wind the outcome may have been much more favourable for my opponate :pro:


dude was biting off more than he could chew there


Just wait 'til I start bolting you in Olynthus. ;)


whoever it is is so lucky. I rarely get one positive luck in a three attack sequence :p


Nice BP, I'm jealous. If it was me, I would have been annoyed that I activated militia /:


Nice BP, I'm jealous. If it was me, I would have been annoyed that I activated militia /:

true but if the attacks had been bigger id of felt daft if i had not so it was the lesser of two evils in my mind anyway the bp more that made up for it :)


enjoyed the read
would have +rep but it seems i need to spread it still more