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    Hi from vacation all! First off I gotta say that I love this fan ficition thread.

    Second, question for WHG’s new forum account:

    How was LOTR not a contender? I rag on them a lot. But the first thing I said at the start was that all they had to do to avoid even risking losing the world was avoid history repeating itself and not run their mouths. Otherwise easy win for them.

    As for Cult having a chance maybe we don’t. Or maybe we do. Guess we’ll find out. We threw our dog in the fight because it’s fun to compete. Ultimately whether we win or lose, we did it our way and had fun getting here. Don’t think it matters much for LOTR though as they’ve made everyone hate them and generally accept the risk of a Panda victory if it means bending you guys over the table. At the end of the day, the only group that ended up helping Pandas was LOTR.

    As for CH making themselves out as elites. That wasn’t them. I hyped them up. And that’s because I know their core group well enough to say they’re good.
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    Apr 22, 2019
    And so did I carefully and thoughtfully.

    if I turn out to have been played /misled . I will own up to that .. Detailed investigations into source are continuing..
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    Apr 22, 2019

    Yes I agree you did us a " solid" earlier on .

    However my point was we did not start in a promising position. Overcoming Malleus Fiennix and Addicts was far from a walk in the park . It was a finely balanced affair. We created our contention status from virtually a no hoper base.

    We helped HOP through an early torrid period and their gratitude was underwhelming. Let us just leave it at that.

    Yes indeed it has settled in to the usual scenario of LOTR vs the server. But let us for once be honest .

    That is a pre ordained "Factory Setting" for most of you . We could send you cards and flowers on your birthday it would make no difference.

    LOTR is the Billy The Kid group that every would be gun slinger wants to claim they shot down .

    LOTR is never brought down by any single opponent and is not out of it yet in this world.

    But my assertion that PANDA are well placed without having to fight a lick . ? BP does not lie. ( Mostly )
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    Apr 22, 2019
    Is there a point ?
    If so make it // Fluffy Tinker Bell ??
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    Jul 8, 2017

    You claim CH have been silent as if it's some god given trait yet you have come on here and spewed out a Steven Spielberg nine page novella boasting how you are this slick, unconventional group and how hard done by you are by all of these numerous malicious threats (of which there isn't really anything as I don't believe anyone actually thinks you are relevant)

    You paint this grand picture in the public eye with your brave and noble stance against LMDs as well as all of this high handed talk which again you seem to be fixated in making it abundantly clear that you are not yet another alliance with a bigger mouth than muscle. How about we all change our profiles to the petitioning of removing BP boosting? And no more spamming? Of which you are both culpable of. And then parade on here that we are Grepo saints. I've said this before but your public persona and my PMs from your own members tell a different story, so this cult-like eccentric you have tried so hard to front as and pride yourselves to be does not work with me

    The most impressive thing about CH is that you haven't got bored yet, honestly. You may end up on the winning side of this world but it wont be through the fantasies you tell on here, it will be because the main runners will blow themselves up. Rarely have I played a world where a whole portion of a core ocean is ignored and disregarded, not to the extent where egos have been built up this high because of it.

    (you* as a collective alliance, not you personally)

    Accurate depiction of the WW race on this world:

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    Apr 22, 2019
    Hi GREPOMETA .. I dont know much about Cry Havoc - But WG is still checking into "the source" and it has to be said it is starting to look suspiciously like PANDA been pulling the chains on that play.Which is what I think Devil was getting at.

    What PANDAS's did not expect however was that WG would warn CULTS they had a spy ( even if it was done with wit and humor).

    CULTS you can stop with the effusive messages of gratitude now BTW. I am SURE you would have done no less for us ^^..[​IMG]
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    Apr 1, 2019
    GrepoMeta, you obviously hate CH...or at least specific members within. That's ok. But I don't hate you. <3 You were actually one of the group from FF I wanted to work with. And reading your posts here you obviously have the same love for language and vocabulary that I do. I appreciate someone who can speak and write in an intelligent manner. Thank you taking the time to note the collective you and not the personal as I don't believe I have ever personally wronged you and I do try to play this game with respect to everyone. Plus the gif was hilarious.

    I wasn't boasting. I was clarifying, though perhaps some of my words were a bit heated. The idea that we have a deal with PANDA was 100 percent false. We have been fighting branches of that coalition the entire server and continue to do so. They've surrounded us in O55 everywhere but North and that has been where a lot of our fighting takes place.

    Our public stance against LMDs has been there from the point we had 8 players until now. We have our reasons. I personally don't spam unless it is in retaliation. I won't speak for specific players in my alliance because I know it happens, but it is not an alliance policy and it doesn't happen at the rate you seem to suggest. As far as bp boosting. I remember there being a specific event you brought up once. I personally don't know so I can't speak to it. I do agree with YOU. It shouldn't happen. CH is surrounded with red. We should be able to find all the bp we need.

    I actually agree with your suggestion. Let's all come together and agree No Spam, No LMD, No BP Boosting. Put it in your profile or whatever you like. I'm all for wiping that stuff out of the game. May the best team and strategy win.

    Though...cult-like eccentric. I'm starting to like the idea. I wonder if I could start a cult.
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    This whole thing has been a ton to unpack. As someone who has been in every top 6 alliance except for Pandas, every alliance has their flaws and virtues, as does every player (Also @GrepoMeta answer my dang discord messages). All I will say is this, if there was BP boosting in CH, I was not aware while I was a member, but it was fairly boring overall (just the slowl gameplay is not for me). However, CH was extremely organized, disciplined, and methodical.

    However, this does not mean that CH are on some high horse looking down upon the Grepo community, as everyone plays the game their own way. As for LOTR, they have the same issues everyone knows of: internal struggles, target on their backs, etc. I'm not gonna go into detail of every alliance I've had experience with (lol alliance jumper), just letting you all know that none of you are better than others because of how you choose to play (Except for PG cause he's a God I've heard).
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    Jun 6, 2013
    WHG: How was LOTR in a bad position? You got a little league team effort out of BZC as they don’t play morale seriously. An MRA isn’t challenging it’s just easy towns given up. And Fiennix wasn’t that good. There’s a reason the minute we showed up, Batalo instantly gave it up and asked to join us. And there’s a reason after he got kicked that he turned to you guys and didn’t just remake Fiennix.
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    Apr 22, 2019
    First .. A statement on behalf of WG

    OK A few things re Cry Havoc .. After you and GrepoMeta get a room.

    Yes It looks like I was played. The source of the leak from CULTS is in fact a PANDA sponsored activist

    Yes I published doing CULTS " a solid " Not that they were overflowing with gratitude.

    55 Is the dullest Ocean segment I have played in in 10 years. .

    No I have no concrete idea what was the underlying intent of them providing me with the unsolicited information

    However I think there was an expectation I would leap at the chance to ruin Cult/ Cry Havoc Wonders sites due to emnity between I and Desperate DannY Boy ..

    It is not my style or that of LOTR to "steal anything" / If we can't kick down the front door .. we do not propose to enter up your back passage ( with or without the lubrication of a leaked confidential memo ) [​IMG]
  12. The Smilodon Fatalis

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    Jun 6, 2013
    How did you do Cult a solid either? We’ve already stated that if we lost our core or LOTR had even an outside chance headed into wonders that we’d be willing to bandwagon with another group that wasn’t LOTR.

    If anything we’ve done you a solid by slowing the fight to found a core and taking some time to vacation and celebrate. We’ve invested dozens of slots into doing this.

    Also enmity is a strong word. You have cities and we take them. For me this is just entertainment. If there’s anyone that word can be applied to it’s probably HOP. They’ve been a solid enough and resilient group across now 3 servers. And they’re actually capable of being a rival across future servers if TBWC continues beyond 113.
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    Apr 22, 2019
    Well we did you a "solid" by not exploiting unsolicited PANDA spy generated information against yourselves.

    The mere fact that in your warped "twilight Zone" mentality you are fundamentally incapable of understanding that speaks volumes.

    Danny Boy and the CULTS. Men among boys boys among men.

    You hype yourselves up . .
    ( This was edited )
    I note that reluctantly . But as this is the Reality Thread it has to be confronted that you have suction pads on your lips Attaching like a REMORA fish on to any group that will join your anti LOTR crusade.
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    Apr 22, 2019
    I am in possession of some rather shocking news .

    I invite all the Alliance Leaders other than those of HOP and CHAOS .. To PM WitchunterGeneral in game .

    Suffice it so say ... The following are owed an apology .

    Cry Havoc Leaders
    PANDA ( consortium ) Leaders
    EVEN ( blasted ) CULT Leaders .

    I have indeed pinpointed the source of the despicable espionage.

    Well I dont know why I was surprised playing in a world where Erik W Clones/Acolytes have slithered on their bellies into positions of power.

    CRY HAVOC We will fight you fairly without LMD .. But I propose you defend yourselves against the LMD virus that has infected 113.

    PANDA Other than evicting your strategic encroachers in 54 . We will fight you fairly without LMD .

    CULTS We will use( limited use ) LMD because you recruited an entire team of LMD specialists specifically to damage us and prevent us concentrating on our main enemies .

    (But) Once we have evicted your encroachers we will not pursue you further .

    H O P Slithering Slimy Snakes that you are
    We took a vote ..

    As a matter of principle ensuring that the slime that smeared 113 into a LMD environment .

    We will work with ANYONE to stop you profiting from your sleazy activities.

    Who thought we would ever see the day . When the Pariah of a World was not LOTR and the evil ( alleged ) WHG?

    But in fact.. THE ERIK W Clone/Acolyte led HOP and CHAOS..

    Take your Time leaders .

    WHG Door is open for visitors... I have biscuits.. [​IMG]
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    Jan 17, 2014
    Tell "him" to unblock me so I can send Witch a pm ingame thx
  16. ccboyer

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    Apr 22, 2019
    "SHE " Has unblocked you.
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    Feb 14, 2015
    lol someones getting worried
  18. ccboyer

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    Apr 22, 2019

    I don't think we are as desperate as this though. [​IMG]

    If ever you wanted to know how slimy little turds communicate - now you know folks. [​IMG]

    RHD M1rza PANDA guy .. Any doubts you may have had must surely have flown out the window now.. ???
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    A lot of reading. I'm sure it hasn't escaped you all that Pandas don't spend a lot of time here either; no serious reason to read a less than serious discussion most of the time. However, I did want to say that I appreciated reading Cry Havoc's perspective. As I am the diplo for the Pandas (which HoP already knows) I will affirm what was said. Pandas have never had a working relationship with CH nor do we have one with the Booty Cult group at this time. Or Hop. Or Lotr.

    As to whether Pandas were tested during the course of the server or not? We were 13th when we started this server. DI kept us busy. Hop keeps us busy from time to time , as does CH and Legion when they want to play. There were others, mostly gone. Many of us have played other worlds, and know that it's a long stretch from world beginning to world end. Whether or not our stats reflect this is not relevant until the time comes to show our metal. I do not believe it is a lock for any particular alliance to win 4 quickly--indeed I hope nobody does. It will make this server much more interesting than it is now where a group of 16 year olds are just trying to create drama.

    As to that .... we had a spy, which most if not all of you have benefited from. We took care of at least one of his accounts today. So currently he's at 1 banned account, and 1 ghosted account to avoid that ban. Hopefully that will be addressed tomorrow. Will be going after more accounts as we obtain proof of who is involved and how they do what they do.

    As to the last post, it's taken us awhile to gather sufficient evidence to take out plockelman. While we all know that Mr. Trump/KingPG is still in HoP, it does not mean one way or the other that HoP has orchestrated this abysmal theatre we have witnessed in en113. Judgments should not be reached without conclusive proofs, and we hope that you will work diligently to back up your thoughts in that regard if you think anyone is violating grepo game play rules. Just because Game Over solicited a player doesn't make HoP guilty of anything. Just means she was doing her job as she saw fit.
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    Apr 22, 2019

    Please let me translate the above.

    WE know that HOP are guilty as sin .. But Pragmatism triumphs over principle with us..


    Let me tell you . An elephant is impossible to describe but easy to recognise. We have testimony from an ex HOP/CHAOS insider now banned.

    However we will not be sharing that with you as you eschewed the opportunity to correspond with WHG to get the evidence - but rather have raced to the defence of the culprit s- determined to avoid the available evidence at any cost.

    That speaks volumes to I and the other Leaders with whom the evidence HAS been shared.

    One example we have not tapped up Neb even though many of our players have very strong historical links with him .

    Were PolPots KHMER ROUGE also just doing their job as they saw fit?

    " out of their words shall ye know them"


    We do not use spies so we have not benefited from your issue nor would we seek to .

    That is something that we do not see as a Fit Job for us ..

    ( Are you familiar with the concept of irony ? ) [​IMG]